Soros pushes left-wing reforms for US judiciary

In the run-up to the US midterms elections, the big speculator and “philanthropist” George Soros has found a new field of activity. He now excels at funding American prosecutors who want to “reform” the US justice system. Republican politicians and lawyers are outraged. They blame Soros for the increase in violence in the country.

An op-ed by Soros, in which he openly admits to supporting progressive US prosecutors, has drawn sharp criticism. “My tools are intended to give a public voice to sensible, reform-minded candidates,” Soros wrote on July 31. His contribution is entitled: “Why I Support Reform Prosecutors”.

Soros wants to counter “injustices in the system”, which he believes are responsible for the increase in violence and murder in the US. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report in May showed the highest rate of gun murders in 2020 in 25 years.

With his cash injection, Soros supports the agenda of progressive US politicians and officials “for a more efficient and fairer justice system”. The financial resources of the criminal justice system should primarily be used for prevention and therapy instead of criminal prosecution.

For Soros, more justice would be achieved if drug addicts were treated as infirm instead of being punished as criminals. He also advocated “decriminalizing” crimes based on poverty or mental illness. And the fact that “Blacks in the US are five times more likely to be imprisoned than whites is an injustice”.

Rudy Giuliani, ex-US Attorney, former New York City Mayor and Trump supporter, was outraged by the Soros statement. He vented his displeasure on Twitter: “If one person is responsible for the record rise in murder and violence in America’s cities, it’s George Soros.”

Giuliani explained: “He’s a big donor to Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the Democratic Party, Biden, Harris and about 40 district attorneys. Blood is on his hands.”

The former New York mayor is not alone in his criticism. The Washington Postreceived numerous letters from politicians and lawyers. Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas Giuliani agreed: “Few men have done more harm to public safety and justice in America than George Soros. Even now, given the carnage wrought by the prosecutors he financed, he has no regrets.”

And ex-Judge Thomas F. Hogan commented: “Soros wants to replace police officers with psychologists, ignoring that the police are almost always the first to respond to mental health emergencies because they are usually dangerous.” According to Hogan, Soros and his followers are convincing American electorates in some regions that crime is not an issue and that violent crime can be ignored. The result has been violence and chaos.

Democrats are all in to secure mid-terms as well as election

The Democrats are meanwhile ramping up their efforts to thwart a rerun of President Trump. A Democratic Party Florida judge Bruce Reinhart, who signed off on the FBI’s raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, is the same individual who had “prosecuted” Jeffrey Epstein’s associates, essentially giving them immunity from prosecution, according to reports.

The FBI raid was conducted in order to secure alleged illegally-held documents held in Trump’s safe. The Obama Administration, however, hid almost half a million documents seized from the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in order to perpetuate the lie that Al Qaeda was defeated after bin Laden’s death, thus paving the way for Obama’s 2012 victory. Obama was never prosecuted for this.

In a similar development, the US Internal Revenue Service are ramping up their services to target Republican voters. They quickly deleted a job posting page from its website when confronted by the facts. The description detailed duties for prospective new agents, including using “deadly force if necessary” during tax audits.

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