Rush to judgment on Trump? Multiple leftists arrested for Capitol riot

By Monica Showalter

When the Capitol riots happened on Jan. 6, the blame of President Trump was all over. 

Supposedly, he was the instigator.  Supposedly, he’d egged the rioters on.  The tape of his urging his supporters to stay strong and fight was Exhibit A in the press, and with no skepticism whatsoever, House speaker Nancy Pelosi declared Trump guilty and rushed a crazily hasty second impeachment just days before Trump’s exit.  She declared that it was all about holding Trump “accountable,” and she added that her explicit aim at the uselessly late date was to prevent him from ever running from public office again.

Never mind what the voters might want.  In more ways than one, in Pelosi’s addled mind, their votes don’t count.

The press also rushed to judgment — even the Wall Street Journal’s editorial writers, claiming that Trump’s political capital and credibility was now gone and he’d never run for president again.

But as news of the arrests comes out, showing who these branded Trump so-called supporters are, the conventional argument is starting to splinter apart.

The arrests made in the riots case are starting to show the kind of people who like to riot, which is to say extreme leftists.

Start with this freak, as reported by Fox News:

A left-wing activist who told Fox News last week that he’d followed a pro-Trump mob into the Capitol in order to “document” the siege is now the subject of a criminal complaint in connection with his alleged participation, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

John Sullivan can allegedly be heard egging on protesters in video he provided to the FBI, according to a federal criminal complaint. He has also shared the video to his YouTube and Twitter accounts under the pseudonym Jayden X.

He was charged Thursday in federal court in Washington after being arrested by the FBI. He remains in custody in Toeele County, in his home state of Utah, on a U.S. Marshals Service hold request.

The Epoch Times reports that he was a Black Lives Matter activist.  Andy Ngo notes that he’s been busted for BLM riot activity, too.  GatewayPundit reported that he was caught on video bragging about posing as a Trump-supporter.

He had a pal, too, from CNN.  According to this report from TrendingPolitics:

On Thursday night, damning new footage showed CNN’s Jade Sacker inside of the Capitol with John Sullivan, the BLM member who was charged by federal prosecutors for inciting chaos on January 6th.

Sacker co-conspired with the liberal activist in order to cause chaos and make Trump supporters look bad.

The shocking video shows her and Sullivan celebrating and shouting “We did it!” when they got the footage they were looking for. When she asked Sullivan if he was filming, he said was going to delete it. He never did.

Trending Politics ran a tweet of the actual video, and described this:

As you can see, Sacker and Sullivan are overjoyed with the fact that they got footage of Trump supporters “rioting”.

“Is this not gonna be the best film you’ve ever made in your life?!” Sullivan asks her.

Verified twitter user Amuse breaks everything down in further detail in a series of tweets.

“To make this clear. CNN was embedded with BLM/Antifa pretending to be Trump supporters taping them incite a riot. This is freaking huge. If CNN is allowed to maintain its press access anywhere in DC there needs to be a serious overhaul of our entire system,” he tweeted.

Here’s another one, who showed up with furs, and also got himself arrested.  According to the New York Post:

Aaron Mostofsky was busted Tuesday at his brother’s house in Brooklyn by federal agents on multiple charges, including theft of government property for allegedly stealing a police riot shield and bulletproof vest, the source said.

Mostofsky, who is the son of Shlomo Mostofsky, a Supreme Court judge and a prominent figure in the Orthodox Jewish community, was photographed with both items.

Video circulating on Twitter following Mostofsky’s arrest shows FBI agents swarming the home and carting out what appeared to be the fur pelts and walking stick he had on him during the insurrection.

His politics?  According to this report, registered Democrat.

Even the press is starting to notice that the pieces aren’t fitting together.  Rather than a picture of all wicked and crazed Trump-supporters, charging the Capitol, leftist news outfit Bloomberg reported that its survey of various parties involved, including those who died or were arrested, didn’t paint the desired picture.  Conclusion?

Many of those shown in news footage had no party affiliation and voted sporadically, if at all. 

Bloomberg’s survey of the players showed that only the people who died of medical emergencies seemed to be fully normal Republican voters — the rest didn’t vote at all, voted sporadically, voted Libertarian, independent, or Democrat, and in general were fringe players.  Bloomberg, missing that obvious conclusion, seemed to consider these mostly arrested characters “Trump’s people” and Trump’s “base,” in a bid to still pin the riots on Trump.  But how anyone who votes Democrat or doesn’t vote at all could be a part of Trump’s rise and the huge crowds he draws was never actually explained.  Trump-supporters…vote for Trump.  This isn’t rocket science.

More and more, it looks as though Trump was framed.  This, in addition to transcripts not bearing out the claims that Trump called for an attack on the Capitol, as well as the inconvenient timeline — the FBI put out warnings of plans for disturbances days earlier, and the attack on the Capitol began before President Trump finished speaking and probably uttered the words the Democrats literally impeached him on.  

It was a rush to judgment, a failure to look at facts.  It happened in the aftermath of the event, and it turns out that Trump had little or nothing to do with it.  Even House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy blamed Trump for the riots.  But he, too, disgracefully rushed to judgment, so we await his apology, please.

The rush to judgment, incidentally, didn’t affect just President Trump, who got a second impeachment from it.  There were many rushes to judgment in this leftist hysteria.

Here’s a blameless man named David Quintavalle, a retired Chicago firefighter, who was falsely accused of being the person who hurled the fire extinguisher that killed police officer Brian Sicknick, who, by the way, really was a Trump-supporter.

According to The Patch of Chicago:

The retired Chicago firefighter from Mount Greenwood — whom social media trolls called a “terrorist” and accused of fatally wielding a fire extinguisher that killed a cop as a mob of Trump-supporting insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 — was grocery shopping and celebrating his wife’s birthday in Chicago, Patch has learned.

Twitter exploded with unsubstantiated claims Tuesday that Quintavalle — who retired from the fire department in 2016 after 32 years — was the bearded “#extinguisherman” in a surveillance video wearing a “CFD” stocking cap wanted for questioning and “soon to be arrested” by the FBI regarding the fatal beating of U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick.

Quintavalle had all his receipts and proofs.  But this is how the left’s rush to judgment went for him:

By Tuesday night, Quintavalle began getting angry calls from people saying he’s a “f—— murderer” who belongs in jail. TV news reporters had staked out his house. Chicago police dispatched a patrol car to keep watch overnight, as well, his lawyer said.

Some folks got ridiculed for tweeting that Quintavalle wasn’t “the guy” and his facial features don’t match those of the man wanted for questioning by the FBI. One post claimed that tweets disputing Quintavalle’s involvement in the U.S. Capitol insurrection were pushed by trolling Twitter “bots with practically no followers coming out of the woodwork.”

This is a hell of a sorry picture.

The facts will continue to roll out, and the picture that emerges will likely start to show that these rioters were hardly “Trump’s people” as a rule, or people who were egged on by Trump.  They were, in general, leftists, political fringers, and people who like to go to riots.  There remains to be news of whether and how this fiasco was plotted out but expect news of that to roll out. 

That leaves Congress and all the jerks who voted for impeachment of President Trump looking like boobs and losers.  They’ve hitched their star to this leftist impeachment obsession, and now have seen it falling flat.  Now they are about to sully and overshadow Joe Biden’s first days in office with increasingly discredited charges against President Trump, and rest assured: the voters will notice just how bad it is.  This rush to judgment will trash their own legacies for history.

Can a Turkish rapist buy his way out of a German court?

He offered a student a part-time job as a dog trainer, then raped his unsuspecting victim. Now Serdal C., of Turkish origin, (40 years old) could get a lenient sentence for his serious crime. Can a rapist buy his way out of this?

August the 27th 2020: Serdal C. picks up Lisa B. at Kamen station by car. She had placed a small ad looking for a part-time job. Together they drive to a dog training ground in Lünen. The young woman is in good spirits and wants to earn a few euros. But things turn out differently.

Public prosecutor Uta Bayerl (53 years old) explains: “The defendant had the opinion that Lisa B. had bad sexual experiences. C. even lied to the psychology student that he was a psychologist himself and wanted to help her. Then the unforgivable happened: after Lisa B. confessed to him that she had been raped as a child, C. is said to have attacked the young woman.

The prosecutor: “He stood between her legs and pulled down her trousers.”

Now Serdal C. is hoping for a settlement in court, which in legalese is called a “plea bargain”.

His defence lawyer announced that his client was ready to confess to the crime and to pay compensation to his victim. The amount in question is 15,000 euros. In return, he would be granted two years’ probation.

The public prosecutor told the newspaper BILD: “For me, the solution would be satisfactory. At least Lisa B. would be spared having to testify in court. Verdict on January the 22nd.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

Germany: African pushes woman onto railway tracks while fleeing inspectors

A Nigerian man caught traveling as a fare-dodger in Frankfurt pushed a 60-year-old woman onto the railway tracks and seriously injured her while trying to flee inspectors, the Junge Freiheit reported. The victim survived the attack, as no train was arriving at that moment.

The 49-year-old African was spotted by two controllers on the S-Bahn traveling from Wiesbaden to Hanau without a valid ticket. They asked him to leave the train at Frankfurt Airport Station. While he was getting off, according to the police, he suddenly pushed one of the controllers aside and fled across the platform.

There he pushed a woman so hard that she fell headfirst onto the tracks. The victim was unconscious for a while, but, fortunately, the two inspectors managed to quickly lift her up and called an ambulance.

Perpetrator already known to the police

Investigators from the federal police managed to arrest the Nigerian, who is now being investigated for bodily harm and fraud. In addition, the African, who is already very well known to the police, is accused of blackmail.

A year and a half ago, the case of a 40-year-old Eritrean caused consternation across Germany, when he pushed a mother and her 8-year-old son onto the tracks in front of an arriving train at Frankfurt Central Station. While the mother was able to roll over at the last second, the child was run over and died.

Austria: Iraqi man pushed passenger in front of the underground train for no reason, the latter lost a foot and does not get any compensation for pain and suffering

Already in 2019, Zdravko I narrowly escaped death. An Iraqi pushed him in front of the train. It is now known that he will not get a cent in compensation for his pain and suffering.Zdravko I. narrowly escaped death in May 2019. At Vienna’s West Station, a then 21-year-old Iraqi pushed him in front of the arriving train. Miraculously, Zdravko I. (37 years old) survived the attack, but his foot had to be amputated. In the “Heute” interview he said at the time that he was glad to be alive.Now, almost two years after the horrific crime, it is clear that the victim will apparently not get any compensation from the perpetrator for his ordeal. His lawyer Astrid Wagner explains to “Heute” what the reason is: “Basically, this is a problem with the law.

The perpetrator is allegedly ill and therefore not capable of committing a crime. Furthermore, he has zero assets.”

“My brother-in-law is no longer who he used to be,” Zdravko’s sister-in-law Kristina I. explains in despair. “He constantly tries to hide his depressive mood from his family. But I have a close bond with him and see that he has become a completely different person since the incident.”The stroke of fate changed Zdravko I’s life permanently. He used to be very adventurous. “Now he does almost nothing because his foot has been amputated,” says Kristina I.”Although he used to love to go dancing, now he only locks himself in the flat and only goes out of the house when his wife urges him to for hours.”

Almost two years after the dramatic incident at the West Station, Zdravko I. tells the “Heute” talk that he is doing well under the circumstances: “We’re getting by halfway”. With his prosthesis and crutches, he manages to go for a walk now and then. However, he still struggles with pain: “I still have screws in my shoulder and they are very painful. So the next surgery is scheduled for the beginning of February.”After all, the 37-year-old received 8,000 euros from the Social Ministry Service. The ministry also paid for the hospital costs. However, Zdravko I. will apparently not receive a penny from the underground bully himself.

Delivery driver who refused to deliver food to Jews in Strasbourg will be expelled

A delivery driver from Deliveroo who refused to handle food from two kosher restaurants in the French city of Starsbourg because he didn’t want to deliver to Jews will be expelled, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said.

The 19-year-old man, of Algerian citizenship and who stays in France illegally, was convicted by a Strasbourg court of anti-Semitic discrimination. He will be deported after he completes his 4-month prison sentence.

The conviction in the city of Strasbourg came two days after a regional Jewish institution, the Israelite Consistory of the Lower-Rhine region, said two kosher restaurants had reported that drivers working for Deliveroo refused to handle their food. They said: ‘’We prepared the order and the delivery man asked uss: “What is your specialty?” The restauratant owner replied: “These are Israeli specialties”, and the delivery man then said: “Oh no, I do not deliver to Jews” and cancelled the delivery.

The Jewish institution and restaurants, as well as the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism,  have lodged a complaint in this case, denouncing an “openly anti-Semitic discrimination.” Only one deliverer was ultimately involved in the court action.

“I have decided to expel from the national territory the food ‘deliverer’ who said he did not want to handle deliveries to Jewish clients,” Darmanin said.

The Strasbourg prosecutor’s office had opened an investigation into “discrimination based on ethnic origin in the framework of providing a service,” according to a prosecutor’s aide.

A Deliveroo spokesman told media that the company thinks “anti-Semitic acts, like all racist or discriminatory acts of all kinds, are unacceptable.”

“We have no tolerance for anti-Semitic words or actions, which constitute a criminal offense and we condemn any act of this nature with the greatest firmness,” the company said. “If the facts as they are reported are proven, we will act and put an end to the contract of the responsible delivery person.”

France’s minister for citizenship issues, Marlene Schiappa, met the management of Deliveroo France in order “to act collectively against the scourge of anti-Semitism”.

Israel’s Ambassador to France came to Strasbourg to meet one of the two restaurants owners.

Migrants stone royal convoy in Brussels

A protest by migrants degenerated in the capitol of the EU and Belgium, Brussels. Protesters stoned a royal convoy.Around 400 protesters had gathered after the death of Ibrahima, who had died in custody after being arrested by the Brussels-North police. The demonstration for Ibrahima then degenerated at around 4 pm in the afternoon in Saint-Josse, place Saint-Lazare, and continued at Place Liedts in Schaerbeek. The demonstrators even attacked the car of the King of Belgium, Philippe, whose convoy was passing by.

King Philippe’s car is recognizable among all by its number plate, which is number one. However, could not initially confirm that the king had been in the car surrounded by rioting migrants. But according to the Royal Palace, the king had indeed been inside the car “but never in a dangerous situation”. The rioters carried Black Lives Matter signs, also threw objects and stones at police officers and set fires in the street.

In Belgium, one third of the country’s population is of foreign origin. And in Brussels, Belgians are already in the minority

It is generally called  “diversity” , but may Belgians now believe it is “colonization”. In Brussels-City, where the Coronavirus figures have been skyrocketing, nearly 80 percent of the population is of foreign origin.

This is the first time that Statbel, the Belgian statistics agency, has thus mapped the origin of the Belgian population. The census was taken not only by counting current nationalities, but also those of parents. If the first nationality – with which an individual or at least one of the parents were listed on the national register – was not Belgian, one was not considered to be “Belgian Belgian”.

Ten years ago, 74,9 percent of the inhabitants of all of Belgium were still “Belgian Belgians”. Today it is 67,9 percent, according to

On January 1, 2020, the population of the kingdom consisted of 67,9 percent Belgians of Belgian origin, 19,7 percent of Belgians of foreign origin (i.e. Belgians with one or two parents of foreign nationality or Belgians whose first registered nationality is foreign) and therefore 12,4 percent of non-Belgians. This represents respectively 7 806 078, 2 259 912 and 1 426 651 inhabitants.

RTL Belgium reported that the diversity of origin within the population living in Belgium is increasing because 10 years ago, in 2010, the share of Belgians of Belgian origin was 74,3 percent, that of Belgians of foreign origin 15,5 percent and that of non-Belgians 10,2 percent.

The proportion of Belgians of Belgian origin also increased with age. In Belgium, it is 54,3 percent among 0-17 year olds, 66,3 percent among 18-64 year olds and 87,3 percent among over 65s.