‘This is no longer asylum. This is what I call migratory invasion,’ says French philosopher Zemmour

Modern French and European jurisprudence has usurped the original idea of asylum rights, initially meant to protect those fighting for liberty, said popular French author and philosopher Eric Zemmour on French television channel CNews’ political talk show Face a l’info.

“It began with an idea linked to [French writer] Victor Hugo and [Soviet writer] Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, prestigious individuals and great freedom fighters who demanded asylum,” Zemmour said. He was referring to the French writer who was exiled from France between 1851 and 1870 as a fierce opponent of the second rule of Emperor Napoleon III. He spent most of those years on the British island of Jersey and later Guernsey.

“In the 1950s, it was a few hundred Soviet families who fought against communism, while in the 1960s it was Argentinians and Chileans who fled their respective dictatorships. Until the 1960s, we are talking about several thousand people at most,” he said. “Now the numbers have become enormous: 100,000 to 130,000 people a year, and in 2019, 170,000 people. This is no longer asylum. This is what I call migratory invasion”.

“This means they found a new system to come to Europe and establish themselves in Europe,” Zemmour said. “Once in the European Union, they are actually ‘shopping’ for the best place to stay, be it France, Italy or Great Britain. Even if refused asylum in say Spain or France, they will just move on to another country [within the EU].”

Zemmour said the migrants are taking advantage of the multitude of legal procedures created for their very interests.

“Why all the endless judicial procedures? Because there are associations of migrants, who defend these people and pay for their legal interventions, in order to nullify the state decisions about revoking their asylum rights,” he said.  

“Today, the right of asylum has left its original definition … We have extended and invented new cases … The legal proceedings dismiss these people, but 95% are never expelled. They stay and wear us out. We never expel them … “

Zemmour is a popular author and commentator whose appearances on CNews channel have drawn in record audiences. His firm stance against mass migration and his opposition to French President Emmanuel Macron has drawn the ire of the left-wing government, which has mounted a campaign to silence him

Overall, fewer than 40 percent of migrants who have been given deportation orders actually leave Europe, according to the European Court of Auditors (ECA). Many migrants who are deported also end up coming back to Europe. 

France is undergoing rapid demographic change, which could see ethnic French people become the minority over the coming decades. 


Germany: Group of Muslims praying on the street beats up car driver because he disturbed them with his honking during their prayer

Three defendants, aged 21 to 27, allegedly beat up a man in a gateway in Hamburg’s St. Georg district last October – apparently because he had disturbed them while they were praying. At the start of the trial on Thursday at the Hamburg Regional Court, the alleged victim, a 55-year-old man, described his point of view. According to this, he wanted to drive through his gateway at the time, where three young men were sitting and praying. ” There is a person who has to pass and we do have Corona”, he allegedly shouted to the Muslims. He also honked his horn.The three men then tore open the doors of his car and beat, kicked and spat at him. “The worst was the spitting,” the 55-year-old said in court. The accused did not say a word about it.

One of them is a Salafist who has long been under surveillance by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Three years ago, the 24-year-old was already on trial. He had tried to leave for Syria together with fellow believers and to become a combatant for the terrorist group “IS”. At the time, a judge called him a “typical dangerous person”. His own parents had repeatedly contacted the police because they had to watch helplessly as their son became more and more radicalised.At that time he did not serve prison time, he was given probation. Now he is in custody because he is a risk of absconding.


Islamist association banned in Berlin – this group expects that the “big battle” will come

Berlin’s Senate has announced on Twitter that it has banned the “jihadist-Salafist association Jama’atu Berlin,” also known as Tauhid Berlin.

The tweet Thursday said police in Berlin and Brandenburg had also carried out early-morning searches of properties belonging to the group’s members.

A spokesman cited by the German press agency dpa said around 800 police — including special operations commandos — took part in the raids, which targeted the districts of Reinickendorf, Moabit, Wedding and Neukölln. No arrests were immediately reported.

A spokesman for the Senate’s Interior Department told the German news agency epd that Jama’atu Berlin was accused of glorifying the “Islamic State, advocating the killing of non-Muslims, and of being staunchly anti-Semitic.

The Tagesspiegel newspaper reported that the group’s followers previously attended the Fussilet Mosque, which was closed down in 2017. Anis Amri, the Tunisian national who carried out an attack on a Berlin Christmas market in 2016 killing 12 people, also frequented the mosque, according to authorities.

Berlin’s Interior Minister Geisel (SPD) said the group Jama’atu Berlin has existed since the end of 2018 and has about 20 members, including two so-called dangerous people. “The association despises people with a different faith or no faith and endorses their killing.” It advocates the war of the so-called Islamic State (IS), terrorist attacks and suicide bombings, he said.

State Secretary of the Interior Torsten Akmann (SPD) stressed that “the group expects that the “big battle” will come, that policemen’s “heads will be cut off”, and in a prayer they said: “Let their planes crash”.


Math: The Latest Battleground in the War Against Truth

By Janet Levy

In George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, set in the superstate of Oceania, the government propagates the absurd equation 2 + 2 = 5. Through steady indoctrination, and under the ever-watchful Thought Police, the citizens accept it as an unquestionable truth. The equation symbolizes the extinction of free thought in repressive totalitarian societies: facts, truths and objective reality are subordinated to political will and twisted to serve the authoritarian goals of the Party and its leader, Big Brother.

Something similar is happening in many American schools. An eerie Orwellian shadow is being cast over math instruction. The focus is insidiously shifting from arithmetic, geometry, and algebra to critical race theory, ethnic studies, and intersectionality. Ridiculous as it may sound, an objective field of knowledge is being thrust into the realm of social experimentation. Students are being taught not how to think but what to think. Instead of developing critical thinking skills, today’s math classes stipulate that students hold particular views about the world and instruct them on how they must extinguish what is posited as “wrongthink.”

Across America, math teaching practices that were considered essential are suddenly being condemned as racist, requiring students to display the steps in solving a problem is now deemed white supremacist; teachers’ corrections, and even the concept of a correct answer, are considered suspect or undesirable; polite interaction, raising hands before commenting or asking questions, and maintaining order in the classroom are viewed as reinforcing paternalism and condemned as “power hoarding.”

This idiocy has swept, among others, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the fruit of the worst practices of monopolistic capitalism but now quick to align itself with left-liberal, pseudo-egalitarian causes. The foundation is providing more than $140 million to ‘A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction,’ an organization of 25 educational institutions that contend that math is synonymous with white supremacy and upholds “capitalist, imperialistic and racist” views. Pathway offers a five-part toolkit and videoconferences to make educators“reflect on their own biases” and commit to advance math “equity” by understanding that students of color use math differently than do white students.

In Oregon, the department of education is pushing Pathway’s course for teachers, which focuses less on math instruction and more on identity politics. The concept of math as being objective is challenged. Educators are encouraged to dispense with the idea of right and wrong answers and develop sensitivity toward the supposed harm and authoritarianism perpetuated by solving for the correct answer. In class, they must come up with two or more answers, no matter right or wrong. All this in the service of “deconstructing racism and dismantling white supremacy.”

This wholesale revamping of math instruction through a naked cultivation of guilt in those who are white or privileged is most unfortunate for the very minorities it seeks to empower. Students from minority groups, who score significantly lower than whites on standardized tests, need enhanced instruction and support, not a shifting of goalposts that does away with right answers.

The latest (2019) survey of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), often called the Nation’s Report Card, indicates that, at the 4th grade level, compared to whites, blacks and Hispanics scored 10% and 7% lower respectively, while Asians scored 4.5% higher. At the 8th grade, blacks and Hispanics scored 11% and 8% lower than whites respectively, with Asians ahead of whites by 6%. And by the 12th grade, blacks and Hispanics scored 20% and 16% lower than whites respectively, while Asians were ahead of whites by 2%.

The rational remedy would be to work to improve math teaching material and methods so that the disadvantaged minorities learn better and score better. But the focus instead is on bringing down higher-achieving students (whether majority white or minority Asian) for the sake of a dubious equity. Rather than find ways to increase access to, and improve education, the emphasis is on rigging the system so that correct answers have no significance. This is clearly a disservice to all students and to education itself: the focus on oppression and victimhood undermines hard work and negates personal responsibility for subject mastery.Math professor Alan Sokal debunked much of postmodern humbug in the humanities through his 1996 hoax and 1998 book Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science. Like Orwell before him, Sokal lambasted vague jargon that detracts from clear thinking. The new buzzword ‘intersectionality’ is the sort of claptrap Orwell and Sokal would ridicule. It purports to address all potential grievance groups a person may belong to. As an umbrella term for the legion of imagined injustices and barriers to learning — race, gender, social class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability — it awards credit for membership in more than one grievance group.

In the name of the ‘intersectionality’ of grievances real or imagined, a campaign against rationality is under way. One of its strategies is systematic guilt inducement. The idea is that whiteness and its institutions are oppressive and must be dismantled. And whites must be made to feel guilty about their skin color.

In a New York school, white parents were recently sent a “Whiteness” Manifestowith eight potential “white identities” and asked to disavow their whiteness by becoming “white traitors” and advocating “white abolition.”

In California, the model ethnic studies curriculum purports to educate students on oppression as it relates to patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, exploitative economic systems, ableism, ageism, anthropocentrism, xenophobia, misogyny, anti-Semitism, antiblackness, anti-indigeneity, Islamophobia and transphobia. It furthers absurd notions such as this one: Jewish students hide behind “conditional whiteness”, thereby gaining racial privilege by dropping ethnic markers if they have light skin. How can such a divisive curriculum foster learning? It can only produce resentment and induce shame. Indeed, what does it have to do with the educational process, academic achievement and the development of critical thinking skills?

The federal government, too, has gotten into this dangerous game. It’s sponsoringtraining for civil servants that exhorts whites to address their contribution to racism and “invest in race-based growth.” Diversity training is costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter (BLM) has wormed itself into schools by establishing a BLM School National Week of Action in at least 20 major cities around the country. Its agenda, premised on oppression and white supremacy in schools, is incorporated in K-12 curriculums year-round. By portraying blacks as victims, not able architects of their future, it aims to “transform schools into sites of resistance to a system that devalues black lives.”

It seems that schools have abdicated the job of teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. They want to focus on critical race theory and foster a creeping anti-Americanism. Rather than develop a unifying American identity, these programs encourage divisiveness and stereotyping. They let the sciences, critical thinking, and other useful academic skills go untended, and hammer home the preposterous idea that failure or success is decided by race, class, gender, and sexuality. Personal effort does not matter, so success has to be redefined for certain groups while the rest are scapegoated for their achievements.

Is 2+2 = 4? Not anymore. The Thought Police of ‘intersectionality’ will decide the numerous right answers.


Study: Young European women massively avoid public places for fear of being sexually assaulted

An overwhelming majority of young women in Europe avoid certain places or neighbourhoods for fear of being assaulted or harassed, according to a European report published on Friday.

For fear of being physically or sexually assaulted, or of being harassed, 83 percent of women between the ages of 16 and 29 avoid being alone in certain places, or going to certain streets or neighbourhoods, or finding themselves isolated with another person, according to the study.

The European Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), based in Vienna (Austria), interviewed 35 000 people in the European Union, the United Kingdom and North Macedonia on their perception of crime, security and victims’ rights.

“Young women in particular avoid different places out of fear for their safety. This is an important issue in terms of equality, because it shows that they cannot use public spaces in the same way as men,” said Sami Nevala, author of the report. This trend is likely to continue, especially with demographic changes.

According to Eurostat, an average for the period 2016-2018, the highest crime rates in the EU-27 were observed in countries with large immigrant communities: Belgium (154.3), France (153.3), Spain (132.5), and Portugal (115.5), while the lowest rates were found in Estonia (17.1), Romania (16.2), Czechia (14.6), Slovenia (11.7), Cyprus (10.5), Slovakia (9.0), and Hungary (9.0).

Since 2001, the proportion of Muslims in the Austrian population has doubled. A study by the Vienna Institute of Demography confirmed the increase in the number of Muslims in Austria. According to this, there are currently around 700 000 people who profess the Islamic faith. Since the last census in 2001, their share has doubled from four to eight percent.

Under the title “Demography and Religion in Austria”, a team led by Anne Goujon from the Demography Institute of the Academy of Sciences analyzed the current religious composition of the Austrian population and possible future developments and made the results available as a working paper in 2017.

Religious affiliations in Austria have changed significantly since the last census: while three quarters of all Austrians knew the Roman Catholic faith before 2001, their share has fallen to 5,16 million and thus only two thirds of the population. The strongest increase in the past 15 years was in the population without religious affiliation: in 2001 it was twelve percent, in 2016 it was 17 percent.

The Muslim population however recorded strong growth. The study assumes four possible scenarios for the religious composition of the population in Austria. Every scenario sees a more or less strong increase in Muslims and non-denominational people – depending on immigration. The decline in the number of Catholics in Austria is also unavoidable in all models.

One scenario (“Diversity”) takes into account the latest developments in migration, which is not only characterized by European immigration, but also by increased non-European migration from countries in the Middle East. Similar to the first scenario, one assumes a decrease in the number of Catholics to 45 percent and an increase in the number of non-denominationalists to 24 percent, while the proportion of Muslims would rise to 17 percent.

Should migration to Austria come to a standstill, future developments would mainly be due to “religious mobility” and “fertility”. This scenario assumes that the proportion of people with no religion will rise to 28 percent by 2046. The number of Catholics would drop to less than half, while Muslims would then make up twelve percent of the population.

The last scenario assumes strong immigration from the Middle East and Africa, which would lead to a significant increase in the proportion of Muslims to 21 percent in 2046. According to this assumption, almost one in three (30 percent) in Vienna could be Muslim. Islam would thus be the largest religion in Vienna in 30 years.