Germany: Afghans sexually harass 17-year-old girl and fight with teenagers who come to her aid

Last Friday in Stralsund in the area of Hermann-Burmeister-Street and Hans-Fallada-Street there was a violent quarrel between several German and Afghan persons. A total of four people were slightly injured. According to the current state of investigations, the dispute was preceded by a sexual insult against a 17-year-old German girl from Stralsund. Around 6:10 p.m., the adolescent was apparently approached on a playground in Hermann-Burmeister-Street by an 18-year-old Afghan and touched indecently. According to the 17-year-old’s statements, acquaintances called in by her then came to the scene of the crime.Afterwards there was apparently a mutual, physical confrontation between the 18-year-old Afghan and the three young German men aged 18, 19 and 29. The young Afghan as well as the 17-year-old and their two 18- and 29-year-old acquaintances each suffered minor injuries, which were treated by local rescue services. All the men involved were under the influence of alcohol. An investigation was initiated against the 18-year-old Afghan resident in Stralsund on suspicion of sexual harassment, bodily injury and insult. The 29-year-old man from Stralsund also has to answer for the suspicion of bodily injury. Furthermore, the criminal investigation department is investigating the suspicion of a dangerous assault, as the 18-year-old Afghan stated that he had been beaten jointly by several people. Investigations into the crime are still ongoing.


Germany: Statue of the Virgin Mary beheaded and damaged

POL-PPTR: Diebe beschädigen gestohlene Marienstatue
Photo: Polizei Rheinland-Pfalz

After a man from Trier district of West reported the theft of a sandstone statue of the Virgin Mary last Saturday, May 18, the severely damaged sculpture (photo above) was found last Sunday, May 19, in Trierweilerweg street. The statue of the Virgin Mary made of sandstone from Udelfang was stolen from a private property in Trier’s Grana street between the 14th and 18th of May.According to police investigations to date, the sculpture, which is about two metres high and weighs 150 to 200 kilograms, must have been carried off the property by several people. The statue has now been found in Trierweilerweg street.However, it is severely damaged. According to witnesses, the sculpture had already been lying in an access road to the property since May 18. It was broken into several parts. The upper part with head and body is missing. “In addition to its material value, the statue of the Virgin Mary has a very high non-material value for the owner,” says Karl-Peter Jochem, press spokesman for the police headquarters in Trier, “he is very upset about the theft and the damage. The Trier Police Department is now looking for witnesses who can provide information about the theft and asks: Who saw people transporting the statue of Mary between 14th and 18th of May in the area of Grana street and Trierweilerweg street?Who can give information about the whereabouts of the head and body of the statue? Who can give other pertinent information to the police station Trier, call 06511/9779-3200?

Germany: An African man allegedly not legally responsible for his actions spits on and gropes women and girls by the dozen and cannot be deported

It happened in Trostberg, district of Traunstein: He masturbates in front of women in the park, carries out sexual abuse on girls, beats up an eleven-year-old, beats and kicks a jogger, storms doctor’s offices and supermarkets where he spits on others.However, the Eritrean does not have to be afraid of punishment because, like so many others, he is extremely resourceful and knows how to fool the judiciary. A “technology” has seized him, which forced him to these sexual acts, he tells with amusement at the police station. This “technology” is said to have ordered him to grope others as if they were touching themselves.I see !The list of crimes committed by the African is a long one: insult, sexual harassment, exhibitionist acts, damage to property, intentional bodily harm, sexual assault on children, sexual coercion using force and resistance to police officers. Nevertheless, the Eritrean will get off scot-free in the ongoing trial, because of course he is ill and in need of help.The whole of Germany seems to have mutated into a psychiatric institution. Schizophrenics, traumatized people, drug addicts – it’s hard to believe! The medical profession President Frank-Ulrich Montgomery had recently informed the Germans that the “refugees” were ” exceptionally healthy people”. But he has made his thesis without the “technologies” and inner voices, the ghosts in the ear and the devils in the head that repeatedly – to the ridicule of the victims – ensure impunity for those responsible.Of course, the deportations do not succeed in this way either, and the tried and tested “technologies” could actually be used here: On the plane and off you go!

Germany: Cancer suffering pensioner beaten up by asylum seeker with Allahu-Akbar yells so that he went blind — He’s now paralyzed in intensive care

75-year-old Detlef J. was brutally attacked on Thursday evening in Offenburg on his way home. The attacker with a residence permit, Ali M., shouted “Allahu Akbar”, reports the newspaper Junge Freiheit, which is not the first crime of the asylum seeker. According to the tabloid  Bild, he hit a taxi driver in Freiburg last Wednesday.The sick Detlef J., already lying on the ground, suffers numerous blows and kicks in a bestial manner, while Ali M. yells at him with “Allahu Akbar”. The completely helpless man loses his eyesight on the left side and is not able to speak in the intensive care unit. If the asylum seeker had been taken into police custody after his attack on the taxi driver, the brutal assault on the cancer-suffering pensioner would not have taken place. One hour before the attack on the pensioner, Ali M. again became notorious. At the station in Offenburg, the Somali hammered loudly against the window of the station bar and expressed his opinion about Islam.

Germany: 16-year-old girl sexually assaulted – identikit picture

With an identikit picture, the criminal investigation department is looking for an unknown man who allegedly sexually molested a 16-year-old girl on her way to school on the morning of the 8th of June 2018. On Katernberger Street, at the corner of Termeerhöfe street in Essen, the unknown man approached the girl around 11:50 a.m.. At first he involved her in a conversation, then harassed her and followed her further towards school. Suddenly the man grabbed the girl’s hand, pushed her into a bush, touched her upper body and kissed her.She screamed loudly for help, so the man let her go. After the investigators of the Criminal Investigation Department had talked to the girl, a concrete suspicion arose against a 23-year-old man. However, the suspicion against the man could not be substantiated in the course of the extensive investigation. Therefore, the Criminal Investigation Department is now using an identikit picture to search for clues to the unknown man. The CID answers by calling 0201/829-0.

Yet another church vandalized in Nordhausen, Germany

File:Ilfeld St. Georg-Marien 01.jpg

On Monday morning several damages were found in the church at Georg Square (photo above) in Ilfeld. Unknown persons were scorching the bookmarks of several books. The threads burned, the books fortunately did not catch fire. In addition, drinks were spilled in the church and the guest book was cut up. Only last weekend, unknown persons had also set fire to a church in Nordhausen. (tweet below) The police are now looking for witnesses who have observed something or can give information about the perpetrator(s). The police in Nordhausen takes clues by calling 03631/960.

Germany: Turk shoots down man in the street

A 34-year-old man was taken to hospital on this Monday morning after being fatally injured in an escalated dispute in the Flörsheim district of Keramag. Around 6:30 a.m., witnesses alerted the police and reported a dispute between two men in Liebigstrasse, in which a firearm was allegedly used. When the police officers arrived, a 54-year-old man was arrested without resistance and a loaded firearm was seized. According to initial findings, the 54-year-old suspect had waited for the 34-year-old man on the street, made use of his firearm after a brief argument and injured the injured person in a life-threatening manner. After emergency medical treatment at the scene of the crime, he had to be immediately taken to hospital. The criminal investigation department in Hofheim and the police records department of the Police Headquarters of West Hesse have taken over further investigations and assume a deliberate homicide. The suspect, of Turkish nationality, will initially be questioned at the police station in Hofheim and investigated by the police.

Germany: Jesus sculpture set on fire, sculptures of Saints destroyed and urinated and vandalized in church

Unknown persons broke into the church of Großholbach (photo above) in the Westerwald district of Rhineland-Palatinate from Friday to Saturday and did the worst damage to it. The villagers are shocked, the Westerwälder Zeitung reports, ” It hurts. These are values that are simply trampled underfoot,” Michael Kohlhaas is shocked. The Lord Mayor can’t comprehend the incident. The community of 990 souls can’t believe what happened.The perpetrators have left a trail of devastation in the Holy Trinity Church. They throw stones into a side window and penetrate the church. There they tear a Jesus sculpture from a cross and set it on fire. In their infamous act, they damage a number of sacred figures and elements of the church. The unknowns urinate in the central aisle and on the pews.

Germany: Dark skinned men beat up bouncer badly

On Saturday morning, around 01.45 a.m., in the Schlachthaus street in Tübingen, there was a violent clash between several people. After they were denied access to a bar, three men, who were not yet known by name, attacked the security staff member working there first with punches and then with a blow on the back of the head using an unknown object.Several guests of the club, who had become aware of the events, then tried to intervene in the dispute by mediating, whereby a 38-year-old was also punched in the face several times and was injured.The 38-year-old was medically treated by the rescue service on site, the 28-year-old security employee in a clinic. The perpetrators, three dark-skinned men between 175 cm and 190 cm tall according to witnesses, fled the scene before the arrival of the police.

Arson attack on the historic parish church St. Blasii in Nordhausen, Germany

File:NDH St. Blasii 01.jpg

Between Friday and Saturday a tablecloth was lit in the entrance hall of the church in the parish church St. Blasii in Nordhausen (photo above). Fortunately the blanket did not ignite completely. The police were called and it became known that the barrier line to the gallery was also burned. Obviously there had been a fire in several places in the church. To be on the safe side, the Nordhausen professional fire brigade was alerted and used a thermal imaging camera to examine unclear areas for hidden fire spots. The all-clear could be given. The Nordhausen police are investigating the case. The church is open to all during the week. Witnesses who have made suspicious perceptions are asked to report to a police station.