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Germany: Irritant gas attack committed by refugees in public bus – Nine people injured

During an irritant gas attack in a city bus in the night on yesterday Saturday in Marburg, nine people suffered injuries. As a precaution, the bus driver was taken to the university hospital for further treatment. The police arrested three people for the time being. The background to the incident is currently still completely in the dark. The incident occurred shortly after midnight at the central station. According to witnesses, eight younger refugees entered the bus of line 14 and immediately attacked two 18- and 19-year-old passengers, who also have a migration background, with blows. One of the suspected perpetrators used pepper spray in the following confrontation. Afterwards the attackers fled undetected. Eight passengers suffered respiratory irritations during the incident, which were treated on site by the crew of an ambulance.The 33-year-old female bus driver also suffered injuries from the irritant gas. She also received a blow to the head during attempts at mediation. As a precaution, the woman was taken to the university hospital for further treatment. About 50 minutes later, another incident occurred not far from the main station. Two of the victims from the bus were picked up by a relative after medical care. Shortly after their departure, they discovered three of the suspected attackers from the bus in the street Bahnhofstrasse and another clash broke out.A nearby police patrol spotted the incident and temporarily arrested the three suspects of the bus attack. The young men were taken into custody after police measures to sober them up. Investigations into other persons involved in the crime are ongoing. The police ask for help: Who has seen the incident in the bus and has not contacted the police yet? Who can provide information on other people involved in the dispute? Who can provide information on the background to the incident? Please inform the police station Marburg by calling 06421- 4060.

Germany: An African sexually harassed 17-year-old disabled female wheelchair user

Yesterday, an African is said to have sexually harassed a 17-year-old handicapped wheelchair user at the Ismaning S-Bahn stop and once again on the platform in Englschalking. Around 1:30 p.m., a 17-year-old disabled wheelchair user waited for her friend as well as the suburban train at the platform of the Ismaning station. While waiting, a 26-year-old Senegalese is said to have touched the girl – against her will – several times in the breast area, kissed her on the mouth and finally touched her in the genital area.Together with her 16-year-old girlfriend, the 17-year-old boarded the suburban train (S8) in the direction of Munich. All three got off at the suburban train stop Englschalking after the two young people had talked to their mothers on the phone in the suburban train.On the platform, the 26-year-old sexually harassed the 17-year-old again. It was only when two witnesses addressed the Senegalese and resolutely intervened that the 26-year-old left for platform 2. An informed patrol of the Federal Police was able to spot the 26-year-old during a local search, temporarily arrest him and take him to the office. A breath alcohol concentration of 1.48 per mille was measured there. The public prosecutor’s office in Munich I ordered a blood sample to be taken from the 26-year-old man and the district court in Munich ordered a prosecution for sexual harassment.The Senegalese, who has already become known to the police, has been in Germany since April 2015 and has a valid residence permit. The Federal Police commended the behaviour of the two youths, who immediately phoned on the suburban train to describe the incident. The state and federal police could thus quickly be on the spot in Englschalking. In addition, the resolute intervention of the witnesses prevented the man from committing further attacks against the girl.

Germany: Nine injured in tram emergency stop caused by migrants

POL-DU: Duisburg -Altstadt: Neun Verletzte bei Notbremsung der Straßenbahn
The shattered pane in the train through which a passenger fell. Photo: Duisburg police

On the last Friday around 09:00 p.m., the tram line 903 arrived at the underground station “Steinsche Gasse” in Duisburg  to continue the journey northwards. At that moment, people from a group of seven youths stepped outside against a closed door of the tram. The door was damaged and opened. This triggered a warning signal, which led the 50-year-old driver of the train to immediately carry out an emergency stop. This caused several passengers on the train to fall, and one passenger fell through a pane in the train (photo).A total of nine people, five men and four women between the ages of 18 and 52, were injured, mainly bruised in different parts of their bodies. Seven of them were taken to Duisburg hospitals for further treatment by ambulances of the Duisburg Fire Brigade.The fleeing youths are said to be between 12 and 15 years old, due to their external appearance all are supposed to be migrants. Witnesses are asked to report to the Duisburg police by calling  0203 – 2800.

Germany: Knife attack by dark-skinned men on 14-year-old girl – Do-gooders insult the victim’s parents as racists and threaten to destroy their existence

It is Tuesday noon after 1 p.m. when 14-year-old Sarah walks home from school through the street “Krug” in Weissenfels. In the turning to the former brickyard she was attacked from behind by two men. The girl is kicked in the ribs, choked and injured with a knife on her neck and thigh. Sarah screams for help, can escape and runs away. This is how Sarah’s mother Michaela Schmidt (name changed) describes the incident.”She came home screaming,” she says, as reporters of the newspaper MZ visited the family one day after the attack in the southern part of Weißenfels.Sarah herself says nothing, only now and then she looks out insecurely behind the front door where her mother stands. Her mother describes everything that should have happened. When Sarah came home, they immediately went to the police and the hospital. According to Sarah, the perpetrators were foreigners. Adult men whom the girl did not know. The police have started an investigation into dangerous bodily harm.Police spokeswoman Gesine Kerwien of the newspaper MZ confirms that a report has been filed. According to police, the girl was attacked by two men with a knife. The 14-year-old was slightly injured. “The girl described the perpetrators as dark-skinned. They also did not speak German,” Kerwien said. However, the teenager could only describe one of the two perpetrators in more detail.He was about 25 years old, wore a red T-shirt and short black trousers. The police are now asking the citizens for hints about two dark-skinned men who are said to have stayed at the Krug, in the Südstadt or in the direction of Naumburger Street, to which the Krug street leads.One day after the crime, Sarah’s family seems calm. She believes her daughter’s statements, says Michaela Schmidt. A few hours after the attack, the mother had reported the crime on Facebook. She also said that the perpetrators were foreigners. Many people commented on the entry and did not believe her.For many it was incomprehensible that the mother reports about it after the crime on Facebook, although her child has just been injured. “That was a cry for help. Maybe someone had spotted the perpetrators,” replied Michaela Schmidt. In addition, she took care of her daughter before she made the entry.The woman from Weißenfels is also defending herself against the accusation of some of the users that she is inciting right-wing agitation. “I have nothing against foreigners,” she says. She hadn’t expected her Facebook entry to trigger such reactions. Now she regrets having posted on the Internet. Especially since people want to pass on Michaela Schmidt’s statements to her employers, since some users believe that her mother is inciting right-wing agitation.That same evening, she deleted the post. ”The police will accept any hints about the crime by calling 03443/282293.

A brawl between Christians and Muslims in the Turkish dominated Marxloh district of Duisburg, Germany

200 onlookers gathered in the Marxloh district of Duisburg after two groups fought each other. A pregnant woman was injured.
It only took a few moments after the first emergency calls were received by the Duisburg police, when a large number of police officers made their way to one of Duisburg’s most famous intersections. At the Pollmann-Eck in Marxloh, several men of Iraqi and Lebanese origin fought a fierce brawl, it was said late Thursday afternoon. Apparently, there were also religious differences. The police were temporarily confronted with up to 200 onlookers.

Germany: 15-year-old girl sexually attacked in the waiting room of a doctor’s practice by an asylum seeker

After a sexual assault in the waiting room of a doctor’s practice in downtown Erbach early last Thursday afternoon, police arrested a suspect. The 31-year-old will be brought before a magistrate during the course of Friday. The Erbach criminal investigation department is investigating the suspicion of an attempted sexual offence. According to initial investigations and testimonies, the suspected man had followed a 15-year-old girl into the surgery at about 1.40 p.m. in the downtown area of Erbach. Here he is said to have attacked the young girl, whereupon the girl screamed loudly for help.Alarmed by these shouts, the doctor came to her aid. The perpetrator then let go of the young woman and took flight. The 31-year-old suspect could be arrested by police in a psychosocial ambulance for asylum seekers in Albert-Schweitzer-Street as part of the immediately initiated search measures.At the request of the public prosecutor’s office in Darmstadt, the arrested man will be brought before a magistrate at the district court on Friday. The judge will decide whether the asylum seeker will be temporarily accommodated due to his psychological condition or whether he may be remanded in custody.

Germany: Rape of a young girl by two Arabic-looking men – mug shot

POL-E: Essen/Oberhausen/Mülheim: 
Öffentliche Fahndung nach einem bislang unbekannten Sexualstraftäter-Foto- Beschuldigte nutzten die offensichtlich falschen Vornamen "Yassin und Ricardo"

Two years ago, on the 19th of October 2017, a sexual offence was allegedly committed against a young girl in the Essen district of Ostviertel. Two young men, who introduced themselves with the false first names Yassin and Ricardo, have since been in the focus of the investigating criminal police and the public prosecutor’s office in Essen. With an apparently tuned black 5 Series BMW, to which an Oberhausen license plate was attached, the men drove across several cities in the Ruhr area. In Essen district Katernberg the later victim got into the men’s car on the evening before. Together the group drove to a Shisha Bar in Oberhausen, later in the night to a parking lot at the “Steeler Wasserturm” in Essen district Huttrop and finally to a car shop (around 4 am) in the street Lysegang in the Ostviertel, where the sexual offence is said to have occurred.The two Arab-looking men could have a German-Lebanese migration background. Long investigations led the criminal investigation department to one of the accused. His false first name “Ricardo” could now be replaced by his real personal details.  Some mobile phone users could also be identified in connection with the crime, but their names did not match those registered by the telephone companies. A photo of the second suspect, “Yassin”, who presumably also gave a false name, has also been investigated. This photo is now used to determine the true identity of the unknown “Yassin”.According to the investigations, the as yet unknown accused was also frequently on the road in the Essen district of Katernberg, but also in the Essen district of Huttrop and in Oberhausen and Mülheim. The Essen police ask for information, which might lead to the identification of the unknown sex offender by calling 0201-8290.