Syrian known to the police threatens family father and his children as well as the employees of a hospital with a knife – After being chased across town by the police, he was arrested

Yesterday evening, a man threatened several people with a knife and then robbed a car in Krefeld. Police arrested the allegedly mentally ill man after a short escape. Around 06:30 p.m. the man threatened several employees of a hospital on the street Dießemer Bruch with a knife. Since he was in a closed section of the hospital, he used the knife to escape. He went to the parking lot of a nearby hospital and forced a man to hand over the car while the knife was in front of him as he was fastening the seat belts to his children. He quickly pulled the two children out of the vehicle and handed it over to the obviously confused man. The latter broke through the closed barrier of the parking lot and fled at high speed towards Gath. Meanwhile, police patrol cars had arrived and chased him. When he stopped, the police officers overpowered him. They used pepper spray. The man is a 23-year-old Syrian who lives in Krefeld. He is already known to the police and is now back in hospital. The police and public prosecutor’s office have begun investigations into the background to this incident.

Germany: North African sexually harasses women in pedestrian precinct

After several reports that a man was harassing various women in the pedestrian zone yesterday evening, an immediate search was started by several patrols in the downtown Trier. Witnesses reported that the man had hold several women against their will, embraced them and kissed them on the mouth in the street Fleischstraße  around 7 pm.The suspect was arrested shortly afterwards by several police patrols in Trier. The perpetrator is a 30-year-old immigrant from North Africa. At the time of the crime he was drunk and accompanied by a second man. In this context, the Trier police are looking for women who have been touched in an indecent manner by the suspect and ask them to report to the responsible Trier police station by calling 0651-9779 3200.

WATCH: "Antifa" desecrates wreath for the fireman murdered in Augsburg, Germany

Petr Bystron, member of the German Parliament for the AfD, wanted to lay down a wreath for the killed fireman in Augsburg on Monday evening. It became a gauntlet run.. The spot where a 17-year-old Turk with a German passport killed the fireman had long been controlled by Antifa. Bystron was insulted, pushed, an Antifa supporter tore the funeral ribbon from the wreath, and the police had nothing better to do than to more or less lead the Bundestag politician away in order to establish his identity.See the whole incident in the video.

Germany: Iraqi arrested for raping 13-year-old girl

The public prosecutor’s office in Tübingen and the criminal investigation department in Tübingen are investigating a 28-year-old man who is suspected of having committed several robberies and sexual crimes to the detriment of minors since December 2018.The suspect is already in custody. According to previous criminal investigations, the suspect had probably lured a 13-year-old girl into his apartment in Tübingen last December. There, he is said to have performed sexual acts on the dressed child. Approximately four weeks later, he is also said to have made alcohol and narcotics available to a 16-year-old girl in his apartment at the time of the crime and then raped her. In addition, the 28-year-old is suspected of having kicked a 14-year-old on the evening of 24.08.2019 in the area of the Blaue Bridge in Tübingen. At the defendant’s demand, the victim handed him his baseball cap. According to the current state of investigations, he is said to have snatched the Bluetooth box from the hands of the teenager’s twelve-year-old companion immediately afterwards. The two boys were only acquainted with the suspect. Both the sexual and robbery offences were not reported to the police by the victims until several weeks later. The subsequent investigations by the criminal investigation department led to an urgent suspicion of the 28-year-old. The public prosecutor’s office in Tübingen then issued an arrest warrant against the accused, who had already left his home address at that time and had apparently been without a fixed address ever since. Last Thursday, however, he was arrested at Rottenburg station. At his current location in Rottenburg, the officers also found and confiscated the 14-year-old boy’s  baseball cap.Last Thursday, however, he was arrested at Rottenburg station. At his current location in Rottenburg, the officers also found and confiscated the 14-year-old boy’s blackmailed baseball cap. The 28 years old, who is an Iraqi citizen, was brought before the magistrate on the same day at the Tübingen district court. The judge issued an arrest warrant and the man was sent to a prison. The criminal investigation continues.

The Commentary: The Murder of Augsburg and Merkel's Failure


Mrs. Merkel, 

what else can one say? A few weeks before the silent night, it has become a fatal fact in Augsburg that a 49-year-old German firefighter can no longer spend Christmas with his loved ones. And again a person dies in your country, is taken from his family, robbed of his future, becomes a victim of so-called environmental violence. This time a fireman, a man who risked his life to serve his fellow citizens, an idealist, a knight in shining armour.In the presence of his wife, he was beaten to death in the bloodlust of perpetrators known to the police. The news of his death is spreading through the media and social networks, hundreds of thousands of people are touched by his fate and have every right to ask why this innocent man died? Because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, is the rather simple answer. Because in December 2019, on his way home from a Christmas market, he walked freely on German streets, felt safe in the streets of your country. According to initial findings, it was a “chance encounter” between the victim and his murderers. Coincidence, Mrs. Merkel, no longer happens in view of the recurring individual cases. How far has your own Germany degenerated in the meantime to the point that as a righteous person one is no longer safe on the streets of your cities? And the perpetrators’ motive? Quite simple: violence, brutality, lack of empathy, cruelty. Perhaps a public prosecutor or an expert of your judicial system will be available who might find verbose a psychological disorder of the perpetrators already known to the police, in order not to have to admit the manifold problems of your immigration and security policy. And what do you do, Mrs. Merkel? You are keeping quiet! And what do you do, Mrs. Merkel? You are keeping quiet! When your minister (Altmaier, Ed.) Humpty Dumpty fell over the stairs, your recovery wishes were sooner in the hospital than the injured patient himself. When one of your fellow countrymen is one of the hundreds of dead in your catastrophic social and security policy, you keep quiet. In lack of empathy and sympathy, you are probably closer to the perpetrators in your stubbornness than you think. You not only fail politically, but also humanly.

Merry Christmas 2019!

Germany: Augsburg's killer is Muslim

The mystery is solved and once again there is no surprise at all – the murder of the Augsburg firefighter was committed by migrants. According to the tabloid Bild, the presumed principal offender has been arrested. He is said to be a 17-year-old with three nationalities: In addition to the German, he also owns the Turkish and Lebanese citizenships, according to the newspaper.

Germany: Visitors to a Christmas market beaten to death by a group of migrants

A married couple visits the Christmas market in Augsburg accompanied by another friendly couple. The four then cross Augsburg’s Königsplatz square late on Friday evening, where they meet a group of seven young men. After this presumably accidental encounter, the 49-year-old husband is dead.

A person who made himself known to us as an eyewitness had come back to the place of terror. He told us what had happened. According to the eyewitness’s testimony, the group of 7 people – from whom the victim was later approached – ran at a late hour from the street Annastrasse to Königsplatz square, shouting. A person who made himself known to us as an eyewitness had come back to the place of terror. He told us what had happened. According to the eyewitness’s testimony, the group of 7 people – from whom the victim was later approached – ran at a late hour from the Annastrasse to Königsplatz, shouting. The 49-year-old fireman and his friend, one year older, are said to have asked the young men to be quieter. Instead of stopping, the young men then kicked around with cans and were admonished again, whereupon parts of the group suddenly beat the two men. When their victim had collapsed, the perpetrators, dressed in black, fled towards the train station.

The arrested perpetrators are a man with a German passport and other nationalities, probably a Turk with a so-called dual passport, and a Southeastern European, thus Albanian, Bosnian, etc.

WATCH: Hatred towards the infidels? African asylum seeker devastates 50 graves in Klagenfurt, Austria

The terrible case of the desecration of graves on a large scale was committed on Friday morning at the Klagenfurt cemetery of St. Ruprecht. According to witnesses, a 34-year-old woman from Cameroon is suspected of the crime. According to the video, the woman caused widespread devastation, and a police patrol arrested the 34-year-old woman at the cemetery. She is reported to the public prosecutor’s office, the newspaper Krone reports.

Two churches vandalized in Tyrol

Over the past two days, two churches in the Tyrolean lowlands have become victims of theft and serious damage to property. In St. Johann in Tirol (Kitzbühel district, photo), parts of statues of saints were stolen. In Hopfgarten in the Brixen valley (Kitzbühel district), the parish church was devastated, according to police reports. On Saturday afternoon, unidentified persons in Hopfgarten threw down several statues of saints, candlesticks and the tabernacle cross from the main altar, a side altar and the chapel of the Virgin Mary.In addition, a large copper holy water container was poured out and damaged. The extent of the damage has not yet been quantified. In the parish church of St. John, unknown persons also stole from the statue of John the Baptist, which was attached to the baptismal font, an approximately 70 centimetre large brown wooden cross-staff and from a statue of the Virgin a golden 60 centimetre large wooden sceptre during the period between Friday morning and Saturday afternoon.

Austria: Turkish migrant ran over ex-wife with a BMW car

A 31-year-old migrant allegedly tried to kill his ex-wife last Thursday in the industrial district of Felixdorf, Vienna. After that, he caused an accident. The woman is hospitalized with serious injuries. Apparently, the man tried to run his ex-wife over by car. He passed the 30-year-old woman after work, sped his black BMW car and hit the woman who was thrown to the ground. Then he tried to escape with high speed.According to media reports, the migrant crashed into a tree or a house wall and the vehicle was severely damaged, unimpressed by this, the “Austrian with Turkish roots” simply left the wrecked car behind, jumped into the car of the seriously injured woman and continued to flee. The vehicle used for the crime is said to be registered to the woman as well.A little later he was arrested in Leobersdorf ( municipality of Baden ). According to the press release of the Provincial Police Headquarters of Lower Austria, he did not confess during the interrogation. The woman suffered injuries of indefinite severity and was taken to the Viennese Neustadt Provincial Hospital by ambulance after being cared for on site.