Germany: Asylum seeker destroyed liquor department in supermarket

Photo: AfD Regionalverband Landkreis Nordhausen

The incidents like in Nordhausen are becoming more frequent! This chaos was caused today by an asylum seeker in a supermarket in Nordhausen. The market had to be evacuated, the asylum seeker was arrested.Seems that Mrs. Merkel’s guest didn’t like alcohol.

Berlin police are not allowed to track down terrorists on the Internet

Gunnar Schupelius comments in the daily newspaper BZ: 

The Syrian Abdul H. (26) lived in Meraner Street (in the Berlin district of Schöneberg). He was arrested on Monday by the special unit “GSG 9”. According to Federal Attorney General Peter Frank, Abdul H. wanted to detonate a bomb “in order to kill and injure as many people as possible”. He had acquired the necessary components and manuals via the Internet. Interior Senator Geisel ( Social Democrats ) reported that Abdul H. had been observed since the beginning of the year. However, the German investigators did not find his track until they had been informed by a “friendly foreign intelligence service”. This term refers to either the American services (NSA, CIA, FBI) or the British services (MI 5, MI 6, GCHQ) or the Israeli Mossad. In the past three years, the German authorities have prevented eight serious Islamist terrorist attacks, most recently on the 12th of November in Offenbach. The decisive clues always came from the “friendly services”.Why can’t Germany help itself? Do we have worse policemen? No, but worse equipment and high legal hurdles. Abdul H. was caught trying to get the bomb via the news service “Telegram” on his smartphone. The “friendly services” caught him because they routinely monitor Internet hotspots with semantic analysis methods. They use their computers to focus on keywords. If one of these terms appears spoken or written, the sender is traceable.This search without suspicion is not permitted in Germany. Whoever plans a terrorist attack here remains undetected for the time being. And even if a suspicion arises, the hands of the Berlin police are tied.Because then it would have to intercept the messages that the suspect exchanges for example on Whatsapp and which are encrypted there. This is called “source telecommunications surveillance” (“source-TKÜ”). The police would also have to investigate the suspect’s hard drive and cloud. This is called an “online search. Both are regulated in the police laws of the federal states, both are permitted in Bavaria, for example, but not in Berlin. In Brandenburg, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) wanted to implement both in the new police law, but was prevented from doing so by the Leftist Party.The prevention of danger and thus the task of keeping an eye on endangered persons is primarily the task of the federal states. The Berlin police are not provided with the necessary resources. The Leftists and Greens, who have been preventing the Senator of the Interior from passing a new police law for the past two years, make sure of this.”In the capital, of all places, the level of security is lower than in all other federal states because the police have the fewest powers here,” says Rainer Wendt, Federal Chairman of the German Police Union (DPolG). There is nothing more to add.

Austria: “Honour murder” by an Afghan – 37 stab wounds and throat cut

A 32-year-old man, who probably killed his friend in this summer with 37 stab wounds out of jealousy, was unanimously found guilty of murder by a jury in the Leoben Regional Court on Monday afternoon. The Afghan was sentenced to life imprisonment. He asked for three days to consider the verdict. The verdict is therefore not yet final. Before that, prosecutor Viktoria Steinecker had pleaded for the conviction in her plea: she considered the evidence and the interrogation of the accused to justify her accusation: “It was an honor killing, not a manslaughter.” The 32-year-old had exaggerated with his descriptions of his alleged drug use on the day of the crime: “He wanted to fool us and tell us a fairy tale.” The convicted man is said to have killed his friend in June with 37 stab wounds and a throat cut. The accused disputed the intention to kill and told the court that he had defended himself. However, the prosecution considered a “coldly planned murder” out of jealousy.

EU censors access to US info-page containing information about the Syrian terrorist working at a German primary school

According to the FRONTPAGEMAG.COM portal, the tip about the Syrian terrorist who works at a primary school in Berlin came from the US secret service:
“Don’t give Germany too much credit here. The tip seems to have come from the United States.”
If you click on the link, you get the following message:

This is censorship! But here some people get so scared that the background of the Syrian terrorist can be revealed !

Germany: Syrian terrorist suspect was working in German elementary school

On Tuesday, a special unit arrested Abdullah H., a suspected terrorist in the Berlin district of Schöneberg. The man had informed himself on the Internet about the construction of bombs. He is said to have already procured the first necessary materials. His chat messages indicate that he wanted to murder as many people as possible. Explosive: The refugee from Syria worked in a primary school as well. It is currently still unclear where the 26-year-old man wanted to attack. Whether the man had been known to the police before was not revealed. He came to Germany in 2014, was recognised as a refugee and was married. It is certain that he wanted to commit terrorist attacks in Germany. For this purpose he had chat messages with other Islamists. All those involved should have a close connection to the terrorist organisation Islamic State. Special investigators had already been observing the man for three months. The hint that Abdullah H. was dangerous came from a friendly secret service abroad.When the opportunity was good, the police stormed the suspect’s apartment. Further information is to be obtained from the confiscated documents and computers. In their online chats, the Islamists talked about plastic explosives, parcel and magnetic bombs, door traps with explosives, assault rifles and submachine guns, according to the findings of the German magazine Focus. The police report that Abdullah H. was a considerable threat. For weeks it had been hoped that the arrest could take place in time before an attack. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the man was employed as a cleaner in a primary school.

Terrorism: terror suspicion: special unit arrests Syrian in Berlin

The police have taken in Berlin a man suspected of terrorism. The 37-year-old Syrian is said to have informed and exchanged on the Internet about the construction of bombs. The purpose of the chat traffic should have been the preparation of terrorist attacks, said the Attorney General Berlin. A special unit of the Federal Police arrested the man in the morning. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Karlsruhe investigates on suspicion the preparation of a serious state-damaging violence.—terrorism–terror-suspicion–special-unit-arrests-man-in-berlin-.BJMlIAEZnH.html

Germany: 19-year-old girl sexually assaulted in discotheque – photo of the wanted person

POL-K: 191119-4-K Öffentlichkeitsfahndung nach Sexualdelikt

After a suspected sexual offence in downtown Cologne, the police are investigating an unknown man via photos. He is suspected of having grabbed a young woman (19 years old) in a discotheque on the Hohenzollernring under her skirt and panties in the genital area on Tuesday the 16th of July at about 10.30 pm. The 19-year-old later recognized the wanted person on photos of the party on the Internet and reported him to the police. Information on his identity can be obtained from the Criminal Investigation Department 12 by calling 0221 229-0 or sending an e-mail to .

Germany: Dark skinned guy steals two right shoes and wants to exchange one later for a left shoe

A hitherto unknown and obviously drunk shoplifter in Kassel behaved brazenly on Friday afternoon. After the unknown man had stolen two right shoes from a shop shelf and fled, he returned to the shop shortly afterwards and, to the surprise of the employees, wanted to exchange one of the stolen right shoes for a left one. Last but not least, the perpetrator, fleeing from the employees, even grabbed a backpack and fled outside. The police officers in charge of further investigations, the Operational Unit of the Kassel Police, are now looking for witnesses who can give clues to the cheeky shoplifter.The employees of the shoe shop on Leipziger Street had called the police on Friday around 7:45 p.m. when the offender had taken flight with the backpack. The immediately initiated search by police officers at the East Police Station was unsuccessful. According to a report by the police patrol, the unknown man allegedly stole the two right shoes at 6 p.m. according to the employees. All the more astonishing for them that the same man returned around 7:30 p.m. and wanted to exchange one of the two right shoes for a left one, while the other right shoe had already been worn by him.After the employees had taken the shoes off the brazen thief, who is said to have been visibly drunk, the thief took flight at a favourable moment and grabbed the backpack worth 30 euros. For unknown reasons, he left a men’s perfume in its original packaging in the shoe shop, although it is extremely questionable whether he had acquired it legally due to previous events. The investigation is ongoing.The perpetrator is said to have been a man about 1.80 metres tall with dark skin, dark black hair and a laceration at his right eye, dressed in a black cap, a black leather jacket, dark jeans and dark shoes. Witnesses who can tell the investigators of the Operational Unit who the perpetrator is, please contact the Kassel police by calling 0561 – 9100.

Aussie taxpayers to pay for asylum seeker’s botched penis enlargement

An Iranian asylum seeker who tried to enlarge his penis using palm oil while in detention in Papua New Guinea will receive expensive treatment in Australia after he botched the procedure. The man injected the oil into himself in an effort to enlarge his penis but when he developed swelling, discomfort and limited function, a doctor ordered that he be flown to Australia for corrective treatment, reports the Daily Telegraph. The transfer was mandated by the medevac laws which passed through the Australian parliament earlier this year, supported by Labor and independent crossbenchers.The man, in his mid-30s, first arrived in Australia by boat in 2013 before being detained. He was later transferred from Christmas Island to Papua New Guinea. He has a long history of infringements during his time in detention, including throwing boiling water on a guard and punching a security officer who confiscated his pornography. Currently in detention in Queensland, he will receive treatment at a private hospital on the Gold Coast. Genital reconstructive surgery can cost up to $10,000, reports Daily Mail Australia. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who approved the transfer, has previously said that his powers to block such transfers have been dramatically cut.The case has generated fierce debate across the Tasman, with politicians from both sides of the house weighing in. National MP Barnaby Joyce told the Sunrise show: “This individual had a pretty chequered past, he’d been up for assault against one of the guards. “He’s been creating real problems and this brings into focus the Medevac laws and why we’d be bringing this person to Australia.” Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbon said: “Medevac laws have made no change to this situation. “Peter Dutton would have brought this person to Australia pre-Medevac laws because despite the ridiculous nature of the events that lead to it, he would have always been brought here if he self-harmed and faced such serious injuries.”
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Germany: Iranian raped 16-year-old local girl

A 16-year-old girl went home from a private party in Meiningen in the early morning hours of last Saturday.She was pursued by an 31-year-old man whom she had met shortly before at the celebration. In the street Nachtigallenstraße the man, of Iranian origin, tried to harass the girl, which she rejected.However, he did not stop his attempt, attacked her, pushed the girl to the ground and sexually abused her. The young girl screamed for help several times, the 31-year-old let her go and fled. A witness spotted the girl and called the police.The police were able to arrest the man after a short time. Immediately after the arrest, the Criminal Investigation Department took over the investigation and on Sunday the offender was brought before the responsible magistrate, who issued the arrest warrant. The man was sent to a prison in Thuringia. The investigations of the criminal investigation department are continuing.