The Nigel Farage Show 23 October 2019


WATCH: Street battles in Germany between Turks and Kurds using weapons

The Kurdish-Turkish conflict in the Syrian border region is increasingly dividing the ethnic groups in Germany as well. After several clashes between the two groups in North Rhine-Westphalia, there was a mass brawl between Turks and Kurds in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Herne on Monday evening. A local resident recorded the brawl.

Germany: Africans attack travellers with stone

Three men aged 25-28 years attacked a group of people at Wendlingen station last late Monday evening around 11:50 pm and injured three people. According to current information, there was a verbal dispute between the two groups on the platform. The trigger was apparently the shopping bags of the later injured parties, who were initially regarded as ownerless by the alleged perpetrators. In the further course of the dispute, the two Gambian citizens and the Nigerian citizen apparently beat and kicked three young men in the group. One of the alleged perpetrators is said to have used a stone as a weapon. Several alarmed patrols of the state police and a patrol of the federal police arrested the three men living in the Esslingen district temporarily. Two of the injured suffered facial lacerations as a result of the incident, the third a fracture of the nasal bone. The injured were taken to hospital by paramedics. The federal police are now investigating, among other things, on suspicion of dangerous bodily injury. Witnesses who can provide relevant information on the incident are asked by calling +49711870350.

UN study claims: Only the best have come to us from Africa! So just get to know the best ones, in Naples, for example (VIDEOS)

Germany: African accused of abusing 5-year-old girl

Chidubem M. is the name of the black African from Nigeria who is said to have abducted and abused a five-year-old girl in Munich. He will now be tried before the Munich II Regional Court. The accused remains silent about the accusations. The crime is said to have taken place on May 23. Around 11 am, the asylum seeker approached the little girl in a playground and lured her to his nearby asylum shelter. The accusation accuses the man of having stripped the girl of her clothes and touched her between her legs. Fortunately, the sexual abuse that allegedly took place afterwards was not published in all its details. The accused has so far remained silent about the accusations. The trial, which started on Monday, was interrupted. Next, witnesses will be questioned.

WATCH: German farmers organize mass demonstrations against the Gretas of the world

Thousands of farmers are marching against German agricultural policy in Bonn on Tuesday. The protest was triggered by a series of agricultural regulations recently passed by the federal cabinet to reduce the negative environmental impact. The farmers criticize the climate plans and “farmer bashing”. In Bonn, 8,000 to 10,000 farmers with about 800 tractors from all over Germany are expected.Farmers warned that current policies are endangering family farms. In addition, “farmer bashing” – condescending remarks about farmers – is causing annoyance. In addition to the central rally in Bonn, there will be nationwide rallies in many other cities.

Germany: Syrian with meat cleaver threatens to kill all passengers on train

As early as October 9, a 21-year-old Syrian citizen threatened a railway employee during a ticket inspection on the intercity express (ICE) from Mannheim to Karlsruhe, only recently revealed by the police.The fare dodger threatened to “kill everyone” if he was not allowed to continue his journey on the train to Freiburg. Thereupon, the federal police were called in to check the young man at the station in Karlsruhe. During the search of the man, the officers found a butcher’s hatchet carried on his body.