WATCH: Mass brawl in front of Döner snack bar in Germany because the meat was not halal ?

Three people were slightly injured in a mass brawl in front of a kebab restaurant in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The men, aged 27, 29 and 54, were taken to hospital, according to police.

The evening before, “a large number of people” had first verbally clashed in front of the snack bar. The argument escalated. The participants then beat each other with wooden slats, among other things. The area in front of the snack bar was devastated: Bar tables, flyers and various boxes lay on the floor.

Officials noted the personal data, but there were no arrests. Now they’re investigating for aggravated assault and battery. According to the police, a total of 15 to 20 people were at the scene of the incident.

According to initial investigations, a fight between the 29-year-old snack bar owner and his employees and a group of men had taken place. Investigations into the background are continuing.

Shouldn’t doner kebab stands also be closed due to the corona virus, or are there special permits?

Unbelievable: The dispute is said to have been about meat quality. Wasn’t it halal?

The pandemic brings us closer to the Judeo-Christian culture of life

by Giulio Meotti

“We are told over and over again that 98% of patients affected by coronavirus recover” said to Le Figaro French Jewish philosopher Alain Finkielkraut. “If economic logic reigned supreme, our societies would have chosen to let it go. The majority of the population is said to have been infected and immunized. The oldest, the most vulnerable would be dead, ‘useless mouths’ in short.”

“We didn’t want this natural selection. And if the confinement becomes more and more strict, it is to avoid the congestion of hospitals and to have to sort through the patients: this one no, he is out of breath; that one yes, he is in the prime of his life. Perhaps the war will force us to these practices of prioritization, as we learn to say.” 

“But they horrify us. The life of an old man is worth as much as a person in full possession of his faculties. The affirmation of this egalitarian principle in the turmoil we are going through shows that nihilism has not yet won and that we remain a civilization”.

In Israel, for example, 4200 elderly people are being taken away from Bnei Brak to hotels in order save them and a facility for mentally challenged patients has been opened.

This is the cultural point of this tragedy. Coronavirus brought us closer to the Judeo-Christian culture of life. However, the danger is here.

Nine levels, from “very fit” to “terminally ill”. The seventh also includes those suffering from “cognitive disorders”. These were the first guidelines to help British doctors decide who should receive treatment first during the Covid-19 epidemic. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has been threatened with lawsuits for including patients with autism and other intellectual disabilities. Julie Newcombe, founder of Rightful Lives and with an autistic son, called the guidelines “frightening”.The idea makes its way among bioethicists. Peter Singer, who had previously judged the life of the disabled unworthy of being lived, writes in the Sunday Morning Herald: “What about the quality of life?”. In the New York Times, bioethicist Ezekiel Emanuel, an advisor of Joe Biden for coronavirus, writes that priority should be given to health workers, police and firefighters. A leaked document from Catalan’s health department has just revealed it is advising against sending coronavirus patients aged over 80 to Intensive Care Units in hospitals.

Some US states, says ProPublica, have discriminating guidelines: in Tennessee people with spinal muscular atrophy are left behind; in Minnesota, cirrhosis of the liver, lung disease and heart problems and in the state of Washington, states such as New York, Utah, Colorado and Oregon, “general physical and intellectual ability” is evaluated. In Alabama, reads the document “Scarce Resource Management”, “the mentally disabled are unlikely candidates for breathing support”. And again: “People with severe or profound mental retardation, moderate to severe dementia or catastrophic neurological complications are unlikely candidates for support.”

Professor Michael Bérubé, professor of literature at Pennsylvania State University and with a son with Down syndrome, told me: “I suspect that when the peak reaches the United States and our Healthcare workers will be overwhelmed, medical professionals will have to make heartbreaking decisions and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if people with disabilities become low priority patients. I will be happy to be wrong.”

A few months ago, the Dutch MP of the Greens Corinne Ellemeet proposed to introduce “expectations of quality of life” for access to surgery for those over 70. Now, “doctors in the Netherlands have been advising elderly patients to think twice before agreeing to COVID-19 treatment in hospital intensive-care units, drawing criticism that they are attempting to ration scarce ICU beds”, explains the New York Times.

The abandonment of holiness and equality of life in the West is a form of horrific nihilism. It will lead to the abandonment of the weak and vulnerable. It is already happening. This epidemic will be a great test to understand if the Judeo-Christian vision still has vitality in the West.

The risk is to surreptitiously delegate to the virus the task of euthanasia and eugenics, a virus that has been around for a long time in the West.

Germany: Infected asylum seekers riot

On Thursday, around 40 asylum seekers rioted against accommodation in an initial reception facility, the Bild newspaper reported.

The spokesman for the responsible social authority, Bernd Schneider, then told the newspaper: “There are currently 600 people living in a small space. We are therefore looking for alternatives.”

On Tuesday, the first Corona case in the initial reception facility was registered with the social services. Every immigrant is now being tested, Schneider confirmed. “The person concerned came to Bremen without symptoms. He was quarantined and isolated immediately after the result.”

Bremen, like other federal states, had accepted asylum seekers despite the entry restrictions due to the Corona crisis. According to Bild, there were 73 in Bremen in March.

In other federal states, immigrants had also protested against the Corona measures. In Schneeberg, Saxony, the riot police had to enforce the ban on contact because asylum seekers did not comply with the measures imposed.

The government of Thuringia turned to the Bundeswehr for an asylum-seeker uprising in an accommodation in Suhl with a request for administrative assistance. In Schwerin, the authorities did not take any quarantine measures, even though there were twenty confirmed Corona cases in an asylum seeker home.

“Allahu Akbar”: Muslim Refugee Stabs 2 in France

The coronavirus is not the only threat to our survival. The Wuhan virus will go. The Jihad outbreak will persist.

A Sudanese refugee went on a knife rampage in a town in southeastern France on Saturday, killing two people in what is being treated as a terrorist attack.

Counter-terrorism prosecutors have launched an investigation into “murder linked to a terrorist enterprise” after the rampage in a string of shops in Romans-sur-Isere, a riverside town with a population of about 35,000.

The assailant, identified only as Abdallah A.-O., a refugee in his 30s from Sudan who lives in the town, was arrested without a fight by police.

“He was found on his knees on the pavement praying in Arabic,” the prosecutor’s office said.

According to witnesses cited by local radio station France Bleu Drome Ardeche, he shouted “Allah Akbar!”(God is Greatest) as he stabbed his victims.

Abdallah would mean slave of Allah. This particular slave of Allah was not especially fond of non-Muslims.

During a subsequent search of his home, authorities found handwritten documents that included arguments about religion and a complaint about living in a “country of unbelievers,” officials said.

French media reported that the knifeman first attacked a man who had just left home for a daily walk — slitting his throat in front of the victim’s girlfriend and son.

Next, the assailant went into a tobacco shop, stabbed the tobacconist and two customers, and then went into the local butcher’s shop, according to French news reports.. He grabbed another knife and attacked a customer with the blunt end before entering a supermarket, the media said..

Perhaps there should be fewer unhappy refugees forced to live in countries of unbelievers then.