Turkey announces it will start another migrant crisis with Greece after coronavirus

Ankara is again openly threatening to try and attempt to asymmetrically invade Greece with illegal immigrants, almost two months after their initial failure.

In an interview with DIM TV in Turkey, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu referred to the migrant issue and argued that after the end of the pandemic, there will be another wave of illegal immigration to Greece.

“There were refugees in the camps who went to the border with Greece. Due to the pandemic, this stopped. I am not saying this as a threat, but after the pandemic, the refugees will definitely want to leave and go there,” he said.

Çavuşoğlu said the refugee issue was a common issue with the EU, adding that the customs union agreement should be updated, the visa requirement for Turkish citizens released, and called for more co-operation in the fight against terrorism.

“We have sent the following message that on the occasion of the pandemic, if you say that we do not need Turkey, then you should know that the pandemic will end, but the refugee issue will continue for many years. Then please don’t knock on our door. Our goal is good cooperation and of course a cooperation that everyone will keep their promises.”

The representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry also took the baton.

“Turkey will not allow Greece to unilaterally redraw the borders with accomplished events, but bilateral technical talks,” a Turkish official said on Saturday.

“After Greece announced to the Turkish Foreign Ministry on April 15 that it was building a fence on their common land borders, the ministry responded on May 11 by asking Athens to give the exact location of the fence and convene a bilateral commission to ensure the border is not violated,” said Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy.

“The issue can be resolved if the meetings we have proposed between the technical delegations of the two countries take place. An accomplished event on our borders will in no case be tolerated,” he added.


Over 100 ‘Islamic State’ fighters return to Germany

Germany’s Interior Ministry said Sunday that over 100 members of the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) terrorist group have returned to the country following the jihadi networks failed incursions in Iraq and Syria.

“Security authorities obtained knowledge that they actively engaged in combat in Syria and Iraq or have completed apprenticeships to this end,” the ministry told the DPA news agency. “These people remain under police and judicial investigation.”

The ministry added that the number of open investigations is in the “two-figure range.”

Authorities believe that 1,060 IS fighters left Germany for Syria or Iraq, of which a third have since returned, the Interior Ministry said.

German authorities are taking a “holistic approach” to the handling of the returnees, which besides criminal prosecution includes deradicalization and reintegration, according to the ministry.

Several suspected German IS members are believed to be in custody in Iraq, Syria or Turkey.

Turkish authorities have called on Germany and other European countries to take back IS suspects, with Turkish Interior Minister Soleyman Solyu saying in November that Turkey is not “a hotel for IS members.”

On Thursday, German authorities arrested two women, one of which was a suspected IS member, upon their arrival at Frankfurt Airport from Ankara after they were deported by Turkey.

According to the Genocide Network, a genocide investigation body backed by the European Union, many returning suspected IS fighters only face domestic terrorism charges in their home countries, which come with a statute of limitations that sets a time limit to prosecution.

The body has called for European authorities to add war crimes and genocide charges, the most serious crimes under international law which could lead to longer sentences.


Europe has sanctioned euthenasia for the elderly ill with corona

by Giulio Meotti,

The scenario is terrifying all over Europe.

More than half of coronavirus victims in Belgium died in nursing homes. “Belgian society has decided that the lives of these confined elders are far less important than the so-called ‘active’ lives”, sociologist Geoffrey Pleyers wrote in Le Soir. Marcus de Brún, appointed by the Irish Ministry of Health to the Medical Council, also explained: “Confining Covid-negative residents within Covid-positive Nursing Homes, is tantamount to state sanctioned Euthanasia”.

There is a country, Sweden, which seems to have made this decision most brutally and today finds itself with the highest per capita number of victims dead from Covid-19 in the world. Sweden, with 10 million inhabitants, is the only Western country that has not imposed a lockdown. “We have failed to protect the most vulnerable, the elderly, despite our best intentions,” admitted Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

It is more than that.

“We were told that we should not send anyone to the hospital, even if they are 65 years old and have many years to live. They told us not to send them”, Latifa Löfvenberg, a nurse who worked in several nursing homes in Gävle, north of Stockholm, told BBC. Löfvenberg currently works in a Covid-19 ward in a large hospital in the Swedish capital, where she says that the patient demographics data provides further evidence that the elderly are being kept out. “We don’t have many seniors. They are many young people born in the 90s, 80s and 70s”.

“Professor of geriatrics: ‘This is active euthanasia’”, headlines Dagens Nyheter, the most prestigious Swedish newspaper. Yngve Gustafson believes that many older people are not treated for Covid-19, directly receiving palliative medicine. “Living in a nursing home is not a diagnosis. By itself it can never be a medical basis for deciding whether to live or die”. Gustafson said that nutrient drip treatment, blood clot prevention, oxygen and bacterial pneumonia treatment with antibiotics would help the elderly. “Instead, giving morphine and midazolam regularly to elderly people with lung infection is active euthanasia, if not something worse. We gave up the elderly who could have had a chance of survival”.

Another doctor and researcher at the university hospital of Karolinska says that in Sweden “euthanasia is being practiced more and more in the guise of palliative care”. The Facebook group “Everyone has the right to oxygen!” was created to protest this treatment.

As I explained here many times before, there seems to be something sinister at work in Europe: a death cult and death wish.

The elderly are just one aspect of what Europe would like to get rid of. There are also disabled people of all kinds, not to mention unwanted children. We often talk about the elimination by the Nazis of the crippled and mentally retarded, of the “lives unworthy of being lived” (Lebensunwertes Leben). The Nordic countries do this because they are traditionally “advanced”. The Spaniards want to do this because they are considered backward and make it a point of honor to overcome it frantically. Belgium not only allows it for incurable seniors, but also to teenagers and people with Alzheimer.

A case was just discussed in the Netherlands. When a woman was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she had made a biological testament to receive euthanasia “when I think it is the right time”. Then she entered into a nursing home for mentally ill. One day, she was sedated with a cup of coffee and given the first of three injections. She awoke and squirmed, perhaps she has thought better of it, and the doctor, helped by her daughter, immobilized her and continued with the deadly treatment. A few minutes and it was over.

Is euthanasia lawful for the mentally ill without their renewed consent? The High Court of the Netherlands has ruled yes. Dutch judges have ruled that the life of a psychiatric patient can be stopped even if the patient can no longer clearly express his or her will. Isn’t that a form of death wish?

“Never before have we expressed with such a calm face that everyone’s life does not have the same value”, French writer Michel Houellebecq has just written with regard to Covid-19.

I greatly fear the West, which obsessively talks about rights, feelings, tolerance and any kind of transgenderism, but at the first massive existential challenge, has put to death so many of our fathers and grandfathers.


Antisemitic BDS activists play IDF soldiers, stage mock hanging in Vienna

Anti-Israel activists who support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign targeting the Jewish state acted as Israeli soldiers and staged a mock execution of an alleged Palestinian man in the heart of Vienna.The Austrian news outlet Heute first reported on the anti-Israel stunt, which took place Saturday on Viktor Adler Square in the Austrian capital.

“Supporters of the antisemitic BDS movement staged a tasteless campaign. They staged an execution disguised as Israeli soldiers.”Heute posted a photograph of two men wearing green uniforms, one of which states IDF, while holding rifles.A man, who is supposed to be Palestinian, is on his knees in front a concrete slab, holding both hands high.“The anti-Israel movement BDS which was originally primarily active in the USA, has also been active in Austria for a long time. The anti-Zionist and antisemitic movement rejects Israel’s right to exist,” wrote Heute.In February, Austria’s parliament declared BDS an antisemitic campaign. Heute wrote that “The BDS movement calls for boycotts and sanctions against Israel, the legitimacy of which is to be denied as a state. The State of Israel and Jews are demonized in demonstrations. For example, by accusing Israel of genocide that defies all facts. Experts therefore classify it as antisemitic. The Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas also rejects the BDS movement.”