Germany: Muslim beats his wife to death because she wanted to separate from him

He killed his wife after she told him she wanted to separate from him. For this, Moez S. (43) was sentenced to eight years in prison for manslaughter on Thursday.

The Bonn Regional Court considered it proven that the man, who lives in Euskirchen, first strangled the mother (26) of their common son (3) for over 30 seconds during an argument last September. In the ensuing scuffle, the woman fell onto the edge of a bed and suffered a bleeding head wound.

Afterwards, the trained cook hit his wife’s head so hard against the laminate floor that she suffered most serious injuries and died two days later in a hospital.

At the beginning of the trial, the Tunisian had said via his lawyer Michael Hakner: “I was then no longer able to control myself and regret what I had done”.

Already in 2018, the 43-year-old allegedly beat his wife during an argument. At the time, she reported to the police, but later forgave him for the beatings.

Another jihadist deemed ‘criminally irresponsible’ for professor’s murder

John Dowling, killed by a jihadist in Paris, 2018. Photo private

A former student, of Pakistani origin, had fatally stabbed this teacher in front of the Leonardo da Vinci university in the suburbs of the city of Paris in December 2018.

After the Sarah Halimi affair in France, Ali Hassan Rajput’s judgment will no doubt once again stir up controversy.

On December 5, 2018, a former student of the Leonardo da Vinci university in La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine) had fatally attacked an English teacher, John Dowling, 66 years old, with a meat cleaver. On Thursday, May 6, the court considered that the 37-year-old Pakistani was “criminally irresponsible” for his act, according to French daily Le Figaro. The cause: the individual seemingly suffered from “paranoid psychosis”, according to experts. He therefore will not stand trial. The investigation chamber ordered his “hospitalization, under duress”.

This Pakistani – who speaks only Urdu and English – had been admitted to the Leonardo da Vinci university in 2016, but had not passed his school year. He was excluded from the course in August 2017. At the time, the public prosecutor of Nanterre, Catherine Denis, had described the murderer as “not delusional, but not in tune with the facts”. He allegedly admitted to having “killed his teacher with several stab wounds”.

The images of CCTV cameras, located in front of the university, had confirmed this. Around noon on that day, the English teacher left for lunch. He walked past the students scattered in Mona-Lisa Square. They watched this near-retired teacher walk towards Ali Hassan Rajput, a former student many preferred to avoid. Images showed the suspect chatting “calmly” with the victim before he suddenly attacked him with a meat cleaver he had hidden on his person.

The 37-year-old man appeared, in 2018, “totally obsessed with his eviction from college”. Also, the magistrate had specified that the suspect had been personally angry with his victim. The English teacher John Dowling had “made a drawing that he had distributed in class in 2016”.

The alleged murderer had viewed it as “insulting the prophet” Mohammed. However, “nothing confirmed this version” according to his defence lawyer, because “nobody remembered such an incident”. The individual apparently never exhibited “an element of radicalization” but had been perceived as a Muslim who was “very religious, very pious, very practicing”.

But Rajput himself told investigators that he wanted to avenge the prophet, insulted by Dowling in class. He told the judge that John Dowling was “against Islam” and he had presented “a drawing insulting” the prophet but also “a photo between a man and a woman which is not natural”. According to French tabloid Le Parisien, the day after his act, Rajput told investigators he had no regrets. “I am calm, peaceful. It was a burden for me.” Rajput had demanded “a Muslim lawyer, and not a woman” to represent him. The national anti-terrorism prosecution has never looked into the case.

He was not known to any intelligence service and had no criminal record, at least not in France. Investigators from the Hauts-de-Seine judicial police, however, spoke of a “worrying” profile, expressing “obsessive” resentment. Rajput’s Facebook account (entitled “C’est la Rana”) indeed revealed a personality with extremist ideas, for example openly supporting Khadim Rizvi, founder of a radical and violent Islamist party in Pakistan, in favour of the systematic death penalty for blasphemy.

At the end of November 2018, Ali Hassan Rajput wrote on the social network: “We need an insurrection, a revolution, a complete destruction of the rule of white men and the law of al-Saud” [the reigning dynasty in Saudi Arabia – editor’s note].

He also called for jihad, “battle for the stability of peace, fighting against demons like Israel, America, France and the hypocrites among us” and considered that Muslims “have the right to raise their voice of truth, to preach and even to kill disbelievers who are against Islam”.

The Pakistani had lost his right to be on French soil in September 2017 after his student visa expired. As Le Figaro pointed out on Thursday, May 7, the victim, Dowling, had been teaching in the establishment for twenty years. Of Irish origin, this English teacher was “appreciated by all”, according to his management. The autopsy revealed 23 wounds, including five in the head, three on the neck, six on the thorax and several “defensive lesions” on the arm.

It is interesting to note that the current Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti is distinguished by his hostility towards Marine Le Pen. He appears to be the designated person to fight the president of the National Rally and any criticism of immigration. His focus explains the recent spate of judgements in favour of Islamic killers, some have argued.

Since Dupond-Moretti’s appointment to the government at the head of the Ministry of Justice last summer, the minister of  “anti-racism” with “mixed blood” has spent a significant part of his media interventions to castigate Le Pen.

He had already shown his very marked commitment against the National Rally in the past, going so far as to vote for the outright ban of the former National Front on France Inter in 2015. The Minister of Justice believes the fight against the “racism and xenophobia” of the anti-immigration Le Pen is the most important battle.

German state broadcaster ZDF spreads lies about the conquest of Spain by Muslims 1310 years ago – The broadcaster portrays life in the caliphate as culturally sophisticated and the society as tolerant

The German public broadcaster ZDF, more precisely the ZDFinfo section, commemorated Muslim Spain on Facebook on April 27: “1,310 years ago today, the Moors landed in Gibraltar and established a caliphate on the Iberian peninsula. The battle for Spain between Christians and Muslims lasted over 700 years.” The first thing that stands out is the verb “to land” – superficially a neutral word, but one that raises questions: did the Moors land like Apollo 11 on the moon in 1969 in a deserted land that they could simply claim for themselves? Or did they land like the Western Allies in Normandy in June 1944 to liberate Europe from an inhuman dictatorship? Neither the one nor the other is true. Rather, in 711, the bloody conquest of the Visigothic Empire began.

Under the heading “Spain was Muslim” (Portugal is simply omitted), the crescent moon with star – the symbol of Islam par excellence – is adorned on a red and yellow Iberian Peninsula. Apart from the fact that the colours red and yellow were not chosen for the Spanish flag until 1785, the colour of choice for a “Muslim Spain” would rather be green – so today the official flag of the country of Andalusia is green and white.

But these are trifles compared to the text under the map: “For over 780 years, cities like Cordoba and Granada were centres of art, science and often religious tolerance. After the completion of the Christian reconquest in 1492, Muslims and Jews had to convert or leave the country.”

There we have it again, the cliché that in Muslim “Spain” the three religions lived together wonderfully. It is true that art and science flourished especially during the time of the Caliphate of Córdoba (929-1031). It is true that we only know works of Greek philosophy through translations from Arabic into Latin. But what such a text conceals: The decline of the Muslim heyday on the Iberian Peninsula in the Caliphate of Córdoba was sealed by internal struggles between Arabs and Berbers and by the “landing” of the Almoravids and Almohads from North Africa, who established so-called Taifa empires.

The “often religious tolerance” that is opposed here to the expulsion of Muslims and Jews after 1492 turns out to be another cliché. For the first pogrom on European soil took place in 1066 in Muslim Granada, in which the Jewish population was largely murdered. Muslims were tolerant towards people of other faiths, only as long as they converted to Islam or paid the poll tax (jizya).

Christians were not the first to invent the banishment of people of other faiths: the Almohads were particularly intolerant. Their first caliph ordered the expulsion of those who did not convert to Islam. Even Andalusian Jews who accepted the Islamic faith had to wear a distinctive sign. That such facts are ignored in order to play off “intolerant” Christianity against “tolerant” Islam that is a bit much.;art378,217978

Tightening of asylum law in Japan unleashes vitriol

Refugee and migrant organizations in Japan have responded with outrage to a bill by the government in Tokyo. With the amendment to the immigration law, the liberal democratic government around Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga wants to enable deportations and reduce the long-term imprisonment of foreigners in migration facilities.

The Japanese broadcaster NHK reported that there had been demonstrations and strikes since the parliamentary debates began in mid-April. In addition, the “Solidarity Network for Migrants” submitted a petition with 106 800 signatures calling for the draft law to be abolished. Parliament may pass it on Friday.

One of the new measures provides that authorities are given the opportunity to deport asylum seekers if their refugee status is denied three or more times. They would then be returned from the island nation to their home countries. However, according to the United Nations, this is illegal as international law prohibits deporting asylum seekers to a country where they are likely to face persecution.

Compared to Germany, Japan accepts very few refugees. In the past few years, around one percent of the applications were accepted. In 2020, 47 people were granted refugee status. At the turn of the year, around 83 000 people are said to have been illegally in the country.

In Germany for example, more than 122 000 immigrants applied for asylum in the 2020 reporting year, that is from January to December. Of these, 43 percent were accepted. However, many rejected asylum seekers are also granted tolerance status.

Sweden has been the most welcoming European country with more than 160 000 “refugees”. For Migration Minister Morgan Johansson, Sweden must now return to standards which are those of “most other EU countries” as the current leftist coalition faces stiff opposition ahead of next year’s elections.

Germany: Muslim beats two women completely unknown to him to a pulp because they could not give him a cigarette

He brutally beat up two complete strangers in Düsseldorf’s old town because they did not give him a cigarette: Now the district court sentenced Jamal M. (27) to 16 months in prison.

2.20 a.m., Grabbeplatz square: The women (22 and 21 years old) were on their way home when the perpetrator started begging them.

First he insulted her as a “whore cunt”. Then he pulled out a tuft of hair from the 21-year-old, punched and kicked her hard in the head and stomach when she was already lying on the ground.

When her girlfriend tried to calm him down, he pushed her down a flight of stairs and kicked her so hard that she could not walk for three days. Both women had to go to hospital.

Jamal M. apologised during the trial. He paid each woman 600 euros in compensation for pain and suffering. The defence lawyer pleaded for probation.

The public prosecutor, on the other hand, demanded two years in prison: “The accused has five previous convictions for assault. He treated the women like a punching bag.”,view=amp.bildMobile.html

Austrian Terror Imam preached these theories: It is wrong to claim that Islam is a religion of peace. It is an aggressive religion. Military action should be taken against its enemies and fear and terror should be spread among them

At the Linz jihadist trial, in which three men are in the dock for the crime of anti-state association, the professor of Islamic religious education at the University of Vienna, Ednan Aslan, came to speak as an expert witness on Wednesday.

He examined a total of four of numerous sermons on Friday prayers at the Linz association. He analysed them according to whether they represented a recruitment of fighters for the Jihad in Syria, supported the “Islamic State” and were directed against the Republic of Austria.

His interpretation of the content of the sermons, which was based on the Koran: The law of God was to be enforced. All those who opposed it were enemies and were to be fought against. Anger was also a characteristic of God. It is wrong to present Islam as a religion of peace. It is an aggressive religion. Military action should be taken against its enemies and fear and terror should be spread among them.

The enemies would only hope for weaknesses in the Muslims. They themselves are responsible if they do not live the true faith. According to the expert report, the accused also condemned those leaders who were traitors and deceivers and who, for example, allowed the unveiling of women. He had addressed an urgent warning to Muslim audiences against affection for non-believers, even if they showed goodwill, as well as against Christians and Jews. Westernisation had corrupted these people through alcohol, homosexuality, sexual relations with animals and women allowed to do jobs. An explicit distancing from democracy and the secular constitutional state in Austria had not been expressed, but could be deduced. A clear direct recruitment to participate in the Jihad or a concrete call to terror could not be inferred from the lectures.;art4,3394477