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Germany: Ali. M. beats and leaves pensioner half dead – Now he complains in a letter about his own heavy fate

The 75-year-old pensioner Detlef L. from Offenburg was on his way home when he encountered Ali M.. The “refugee” beat the defenseless man and kicked him in the head with his feet when he was already lying on the ground. Since then, Detlef L. has been a nursing case.Now, in a letter, the hooligan known to the police complains about his own fate.Since the once sprightly pensioner encountered the rejected asylum seeker Ali M. on May 16, his life and that of his family have changed dramatically. The victim of the African asylum seeker  first fell into a coma and must now be artificially nourished.He is no longer responsive and he is blind in one eye. The victim’s sons currently do not know who will financially pay for the care of their beloved father, who was half beaten to death.The “guest” of Mrs. Merkel is not interested in all this. 
In a letter quoted in parts by the tabloid Bild, he writes that he is not doing well. He allegedly was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the crime and became afraid as a result of drug addiction.That is why he presumably hit the old man, according to the African, who had already beaten a taxi driver in Freiburg before this crime.
Ali M. was under police control several times because he had behaved in a conspicuous manner, the newspaper continued.Ali M. has no word of regret for his victim to say in his letter of lament. 
He tells us in a pompous manner that he is now undergoing therapy and is already “on the mend.”
 In addition, he looks forward that he will get away with probation, because he was under the influence of drugs and is therefore not guilty.Ali M. ends his letter with the information that nobody notices that he is crying.

Germany: Migrant boy threatens to slaughter girl for being a Christian

A high school girl in Halle, Germany took a cell phone video of a Muslim migrant expressing his desire to slaughter her for being a Christian.

The young girl posted her story on Facebook. Instead of the public voicing outrage that a Christian student in school had her life threatened by an islamic migrant, they attacked and smeared her for sharing her story.

Politikstube article below:

A 17-year-old girl from Halle, Germany posts her story on Facebook and gets mobbed by “good” people for just telling the story:

Linda from Halle: I deal with these guys every day. I live in Halle, in a bad neighbourhood, although the area is actually very nice, with many trees. But all you hear is: “A Syrian stabbed someone, the wife of an Afghani was robbed, young children threaten smaller children with knives, or refugee stabs German man.”

Two years ago, at the age of 15, I was almost raped. I have already been spit on, kicked, pushed against the elevator, in my own building. I live in a tower block. My dogs have been spit on and kicked when I wasn’t looking.

Two weeks ago I was sitting in the tram, and a foreigner was standing next to me, pressing his thing against me constantly. The first time I thought to myself, OK, he did it accidentally maybe, but he did it three more times. Then, of course, I told him my opinion.

Here’s the saddest thing: I published a video about it and what kind of reaction did I get? “You’ve started a smear campaign”, “It’s disgusting how you just lump them all together”, “JUST because you’ve had a bad encounter ONCE doesn’t mean every foreigner is like that.”
Despite having clearly stated my point of view in my post, most of the people who commented just twisted my words any which way they wanted.

Article translated by MissPiggy

Video Transcript:

Boy threatens to slaughter girl for being a Christian.
Now you’re afraid to say it because of the camera, right? Go ahead. You just said you slaughter people like me. Say it again. I will. —
Oh, so you’ll slaughter people like me? Don’t touch my phone. Put it away! —You’ll slaughter people. —Drop it! —You’ll slaughter; no.
You said you’ll slaughter people like me? —Yes. —Because you’re Muslim? —Yes. —So Muslims like you slaughter people like me for being Christian?

Video translated by MissPiggy

Tyrol: Special Police Commission for Islamic Perpetrators of Violence Demanded

“Dramatically”, so describes national party chairman Markus Abwerzger the increase with violent offences using stab weapons. “We have imported violence from Islamic countries, now it has become public what has long been concealed,” said the Tyrolean Freedom Party (FPÖ) chairman. Abwerzger locates a long-term strategy of the government in order not to worry the citizens: “What has not been successful, because the numerous incidents prove the failure of integration measures and left-wing integration policy.Meanwhile the FPÖ city councillor and municipal party chairman of Innsbruck, Rudi Federspiel, has called for a police special commission for Islamic perpetrators of violence:
” I fear that it may in fact already be too late”: admonishes Federspiel. He also recalls the demand for a curfew for male asylum seekers at night. “One must not wait passively until more crimes of violence are committed.”

Historic Church of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary vandalised in Herxheim, Germany

An unknown perpetrator damaged the side entrance door of the catholic Church of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary in Herxheim (photo). As it became known via a representative of the Catholic parish of Herxheim, an unknown perpetrator probably kicked the side entrance door of the church from the outside. The copper-fitted wooden door now has a 40 cm long crack. The amount of damage should be about 1000, – Euro. The Landau Police Department will be pleased to accept any hints by calling 06341-2870.

Germany: Brawl between two Iraqi families at school enrolment ceremony, deployment of 18 police car crews, one female police officer slightly injured by stabbing with a knife

Yesterday, Friday morning, the first graders of a primary school in Heidelberg’s Emmertsgrund district celebrated their enrolment. Many of the parents, relatives, acquaintances and children present were not only to celebrate the special day of their children’s enrolment, but also to witness how Arabs can behave “civilized” among themselves. As part of the celebrations, around 11.40 a.m., numerous parents were on the forecourt of the school, while first-graders and other school classes were in their classrooms. When a 35-year-old German-Iraqi child’s father joined the celebrations, there was a verbal argument between him and the 26-year-old German-Iraqi child’s mother, who lived separately from him. When a 33-year-old relative of the child’s mother interfered in the dispute, the 35-year-old is said to have physically tackled him.The police were alerted, a police car crew arrived a short time later. While the officers clarified the facts, suddenly further family members of both parties joined. Five male persons attacked the 35-year-old despite the presence of the police and beat and kicked him. After the 35-year-old had gone down, a 37-year-old man in particular kicked the head of the man lying on the ground. A policewoman rushed in and tried to pull the 35-year-old man away from his attackers.The 35-year-old stabbed the policewoman in the thigh with a small knife.The policewoman suffered a lacerated stab wound. The female officer then had to be driven to a hospital in an ambulance. She was slightly injured, but was unable to continue her work. Relatives of the child’s father and mother clashed in the further process, so that altogether 18 police car crews from the area were called in.The police used pepper spray and had to use physical force against the persons during the temporary arrests. Some people who were not directly involved were sent off.A total of three men were temporarily arrested and released after all police measures had been completed. For the following week, the school management was offered appropriate care for their schoolchildren by specially trained officers from the Heidelberg-Süd police station. The Emmertsgrund police station is now investigating, among other things, bodily harm, dangerous bodily harm and assault against police officers.

Austria: Tunisian tried to stab passers-by randomly

During the night from Thursday to Friday, a Tunisian in Vienna’s Brigittenau district apparently tried to attack randomly selected passers-by. The North African stormed two men with his kitchen knife pulled out – the blade is said to have been almost 20 cm long. 
In the early hours of Friday morning, a 34-year-old Tunisian apparently attacked two men for no reason who were on a pub tour in the Brigittenau district of Vienna. In the street Othmargasse the attacker threateningly approached the two with a barely drawn knife. The police reported in a press release that the victims were able to avoid the knife attack on them and escape. The alarmed police were able to arrest the knife stabber in the course of an immediate search. He had thrown the weapon into a garbage can. It was found and seized. The measures taken by the public prosecutor’s office are still not known.

Germany: “Dark skinned man” caught red-handed having sex with sheep

A breeder caught a man red-handed on the pasture last Saturday morning when the latter raped one of his sheep. The animal had to have an emergency slaughter. The shepherd was on the pasture early Saturday morning to look after his animals. According to police, he then discovered a man kneeling “in an unmistakable posture” behind one of the black-headed sheep. The shepherd was on the pasture early Saturday morning to look after his animals. According to police, he then discovered a man kneeling “in an unmistakable posture” behind one of the black-headed sheep. When the zoophile was spotted, he fled, but first rushed against the electric fence before escaping in an unknown direction. At the scene of the crime a sock and an earphone were left behind.After a veterinarian had examined the sheep, the animal had to be emergency slaughtered because of injuries in the vaginal area – according to police a clear indication of sodomistic action.The police are now looking for the perpetrator. 

Description of the offender:

about 25 years old
slim figure

Witnesses can report to the Vilsbiburg Police Station by calling 08741/96270.