Trial for gang rape committed by eleven Muslims in Freiburg, Germany – The defendant rages: “Whoever takes my picture will go to hell!”

Not the least bit sorry for his actions. Compassion? A foreign word …
Eleven Muslim refugees are on trial in Freiburg for the gang rape of a young woman (18 years old). But even before the arraignment there was a row!
One of the defendants freaked out, screamed in his mother tongue as he was led into the hall: “If you take a picture of me, you go to hell”. The man hammered his fist on the table, insulted and cried out! Only several police officers ended the rabble-rousing attack and brought the man to the dock.

He was extremely aggressive, showed the trial observers the finger, yelled at the about 20 security officers.The public prosecutor accuses the eleven alleged perpetrators (today 18 to 30 years old) of violent and humiliating behaviour. The indictment (rape and failure to render assistance) is a document of horror: the 18-year-old woman had no chance to defend herself against the rape, said public prosecutor Rainer Schmid. The acts lasted for two and a half hours.
Accordingly, the main accused had lured the woman outside under the pretext of wanting to show her a tattoo on his thigh. When she turned around to go back to the disco, he grabbed her from behind, tore down her skirt, pantyhose and knickers and raped her.
The woman had been completely helpless and defenceless through the consumption of a high-dose ecstasy tablet and a drink presumably prepared with knockout drops, the public prosecutor said. After the first rape, the 22-year-old had gone back to the disco and reported to his friends that there was a woman outside “who could fuck”, Schmid said.The woman, who had been suffering a cramp in the meantime because of the drugs, had tried to defend herself weakly with her fingernails and with the help of small sticks grasped in the bush – in vain. The woman is a joint plaintiff in the lawsuit.


Germany: A dangerous terrorist has been released from deportation prison

It was supposed to be a demonstration of the state’s power. At the beginning of April, armed elite policemen sent the terrorist Ahmet K. (29 years old) to the deportation prison in Langenhagen. The suspected Islamist, who was classified as dangerous, was to be brought to Turkey.Yesterday, Tuesday, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig thwarted the Interior Ministry. A decision was made in summary proceedings: Ahmet K. will remain here. A crashing defeat for Interior Minister Boris Pistorius ( Social Democratic Party of Germany ) !The security authorities based their deportation order on police findings (telephone surveillance, searches). K., on record for violent offences, is said to be a religious fanatic and ISIS sympathizer. In prognostic terms, the man posed a particular threat to the security of the Federal Republic of Germany.Ahmet K. filed a lawsuit against his threatened deportation – successfully!For the judges, the evidence presented so far by the ministry was too poor to justify deportation. According to the court, “there are serious doubts about the legality of the deportation order, which lead to a suspension of the deportation when the conflicting interests are weighed up”.Ahmet K. has meanwhile been released from custody and is at large. There is little consolation: It is a preliminary decision, the main proceedings will follow. But if the authorities do not present compelling evidence against the presumed terrorist threat by then, a failure is likely to be inevitable ….

In Jena and Weitersburg: Churches in Germany vandalized again

LPI-J: Meldungen aus Jena
LPI-J: Meldungen aus Jena
LPI-J: Meldungen aus Jena
Photos: Landespolizeiinspektion Jena

Unknown persons have thrown in several windows of the city church St. Michael in Jena on Tuesday night. The broken windows are at a height of about 4 meters. The amount of damage is not yet known. (Photos above) 

File:Weitersburg 003, St. Marien.jpg,_St._Marien.jpg

Between the 31st of May 2019 and the 2nd of June 2019, an unknown perpetrator damaged a church window of the St. Mary’s Church in Weitersburg. How exactly the window ornaments broke cannot be said. As they are about 4 metres high, it can be assumed that an object was thrown or shot at from the outside.(Photo above)

Germany: “I’ll beat you to death” – Iraqi man known to the police attacks female train attendant

Last Saturday evening, a 26-year-old man became violent in a dispute over his ticket and threatened a female train attendant of the NordWestBahn train  (NWB). He was also wanted by arrest warrant.The incident occurred on Saturday evening, shortly before the arrival of the train at Osnabrück main station, at around 06:30 pm. Due to a discrepancy with the ticket, the train attendant had issued the 26-year-old with a supplementary fare charge for an increased fare. This was the reason for a verbal dispute between the 26-year-old and the train attendant. Finally there were fisticuffs in which the ballpoint pen of the railway employee broke and smeared ink on her arms and her uniform. When he finally threatened her with the words “I’ll beat you to death”, the 59-year-old train attendant fled to the train control station.A called police patrol of the federal police found that the 26-year-old Iraqi is wanted by the public prosecutor’s office in Hanover with an arrest warrant. The man had been sentenced for theft to a fine of 40 daily rates of 15 euros each. From this conviction he still owed the judiciary a remaining fine of 525 euros. Since he had also not accepted the summons to face a 35-days imprisonment, he was now wanted by the public prosecutor’s office by arrest warrant.The 26-year-old was able to pay the outstanding fine and the costs incurred of 87.50 euros to the federal police. After the police measures had been completed and an investigation had been initiated into the dispute with the train attendant, he was released from police custody.

St. Michael’s Church vandalized in Löffingen, Germany

File:Kath. Pfarrkirche St. Michael in Löffingen, Reliquien des Hl. Demetrius.jpg
File:Geschichtstafel 9 in Löffingen Demetriusbrunnen.jpg,_Reliquien_des_Hl._Demetrius.jpg

On Monday the 24th of June 2019, in the time between 04:00 p.m. and 08:30 p.m., the interior of the St. Michael’s Church in Löffingen was devastated by previously unknown perpetrators. Already in the entrance area, various documents laid out there were thrown onto the ground. Inside the church, the Abbot’s crosier of St. Gallus, which hangs under the gallery, was torn down and thrown to the ground. The figure’s fingers were also torn off and found under the pews. Over the spiral staircase the perpetrator or perpetrators reached the gallery. The lattice attached there was surmounted. The mirror on the organ console was torn down. The unknowns carved the sentence “we were here” and “ACAB” into the wooden balustrade. Smoking was also done on the gallery. On the gallery cigarette butts thrown away by the perpetrators could be seized as evidence. Furthermore, the unknowns took from his hand the golden sword of Saint Paul standing next to the high altar. With this sword the Easter candle next to the baptismal font was damaged. The perpetrator or perpetrators also tried to get into the closed sacristy. This attempt failed. Only the door handle was damaged. So far a damage of approx. 1000.- Euro arose. Restoration of the damaged figure of Saint Gallus (14th century), or the necessary financial expenditure cannot be quantified at present. The police station Löffingen has started the investigation. If there are witnesses who can give information that can clarify these crimes, they can contact the Löffingen police station by calling 07654/806060 or the Titisee-Neustadt police station by calling 07651/93360.

Germany: Gang rape by group of Muslims – The number of victims is still unclear

The police arrested four men (24-29 years old) who are said to have committed gang rape after a public search at the end of March/beginning of April. Three of them are in custody. The suspects live in Moers, Wesel and Krefeld and are of Turkish, Moroccan, Lebanese and Palestinian descent. They are accused of rape committed jointly in several cases.The men were to address young women in front of and in discos in Düsseldorf’s old town, introducing themselves as “Jamal”, “Sammy”, “Momo”, “Memo” or “Bilal”. Then they lured their victims into the  apartment of the man from Krefeld  or alternatively into a hotel, whereby the room was booked in the name of the respective victim. There they are said to have brutally offended the women.The victims were in the hands of the perpetrators for several hours, some of the offences were filmed by mobile phone. As the investigation is still ongoing, it cannot be ruled out that there may be other victims. Investigators are looking for victims and witnesses who have had similar incidents since mid-2018 or who can testify to these incidents – and are asking for information by calling 02845 / 3092 1350.

Germany: Life imprisonment for a Turk after a deadly knife attack

About one and a half years after a deadly knife attack in Frankenthal, the regional court has sentenced a  26-year-old man to life imprisonment for murder. On Monday, the judges considered it proven that the accused had stabbed his opponent several times in front of the public swimming pool Ostparkbad in January 2018 and seriously injured him. Despite several emergency surgeries, the victim died five days later in a clinic. After the verdict was pronounced, there were tumultuous scenes in the district court.The judges assumed that the crime had been planned for a long time. At the end of 2017, the Turkish-born defendant wrote in a chat regarding his victim – a boxer -: “You will no longer call him a boxer, but a sieve. According to the court, the murder was the result of an incident in downtown Mannheim. In February 2015, two rival groups had fought a brawl along the market square of Quadratestadt. They beat and stabbed each other, and shots were fired. The defendant and a second man were stabbed. The Mannheim Regional Court later sentenced five active or former members of the rocker-like boxing club ” The Ottomans “.The 26-year-old assumed that his later victim had planned or initiated the attack in Mannheim. “The accused was angry and frustrated, felt betrayed, hurt in his reputation and honor,” said Judge Hütt. “Retribution had become the life content of the accused.After the decision, there were riots in the stairwell of the district court. Relatives of the victim and the defendant yelled at each other and insulted each other loudly. Only judicial officers and several police officers were able to separate the two groups. Already on earlier days of the trial there had been some harsh insults in the courtroom.Among other things, the trial took place under strict safety precautions because of the connection to the 2018 banned boxing club ” Ottomans “. Spectators and journalists were searched and scanned at the entrance to the court. The trial began in October 2018 and was originally scheduled to end in spring. In March, however, the chairman of the chamber fell ill. After a break of ten weeks, the main trial was continued with a substitute judge at the beginning of June.

Germany: Turk stabs woman in the street – victim has life-threatening injuries

The 32-year-old woman, who was fatally injured by a 43-year-old man with several stab wounds on Saturday afternoon in Gelsenkirchen, is still in mortal danger. “The woman is still in serious jeopardy,” said prosecutor Elke Hinterberg of the responsible judicial authority in Essen.The investigators also succeeded in finding out more about the background to the blood crime. The suspect is a Turkish citizen who has been “stalking” the woman since 2018, persistently persecuting her and repeatedly ambushing her. There was no relationship between the two. The divorced woman has two minor children who are now being cared for. They were accommodated within the family.Apparently, however, the man wanted to have a relationship with the 32-year-old, but his courtship was not welcomed. Because the stalking became too much, the woman from Gelsenkirchen has, according to the public prosecutor’s office, repeatedly “initiated criminal charges and legal steps”. Among other things, the accused had obtained a temporary injunction, but the accused did not comply with it.Half an hour before the blood crime, the woman had already sent a call for help to the police. This was confirmed by the public prosecutor’s office. Despite the prohibition of contact, the man had appeared in front of the 32-year-old’s house and walked up and down. The Turk has been in custody since the weekend, the arrest warrant was for ” attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily injury,” said prosecutor Elke Hinterberg. Investigators are still trying to find out whether base motives influenced the armed attack. Should this be the case, the man would be confronted with the accusation of attempted murder in court.

Mary Magdalene church vandalized and Christian cemetery desecrated in Bad Bramstedt, Germany

In the time from the 22nd of June 2019, 8 p.m. to the 23rd of June 2019, 8.45 a.m., hitherto unknown perpetrators tried to break a window in the Mary Magdalene, church in the street Kirchenbleeck in Bad Bramstedt  with a manhole cover. However, the window bars made of solid wood withstood these attempts. Furthermore, two gravestones were knocked over on the cemetery. The police started the investigation and were able to secure traces at the scene of the crime. The appointed head of the historic preservation department of the municipality estimates the damage at about 10,000 EUR. The police in Bad Bramstedt can take clues by calling 04192 – 39 110.

Afghan asylum seeker stabs 17-year-old German girl

A 17-year-old girl was attacked and injured last Thursday by a man with a knife. The man was then identified and arrested. The girl was walking on a dirt road near the street Entenstraße in Allmersbach am Weinberg around 10.40 p.m. when a 21-year-old man approached her. The man had a knife with him and dragged the young woman into an adjacent field. The victim resisted and called for help. During the fisticuffs and the tugging she was injured on her hands by the knife.When a local resident became aware of the cries for help and approached the scene of the crime with a car, the man let go of his victim and fled. The 21-year-old Afghan asylum seeker was later spotted by the police at home. At the request of the public prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart, an arrest warrant was obtained the following day from the Stuttgart district court. The suspect is mentally handicapped, which is why he was admitted to a psychiatric ward to determine his guilt. Investigations into the incident, in particular into the motives for it, are continuing.