Bloomberg’s “Benjamins” buy ballots for Biden in Florida

The recent frightening announcement that Bloomberg will spend over 100 million $$$ to buy Florida for Biden most assuredly had the likes of his Democrat party’s Jew-hating standouts such as Congresspeople Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Hank Johnson, joining with like-minded others, chuckling among themselves and murmuring the words, “another useful Jewish idiot.”

He joins the other “Jewish” billionaire, Soros, in overtly and without an iota of self-shame, bribing voters to cast their ballots for the Progressive Left that sponsors, supports and remains silent while their militant hordes burn, loot and destroy our cities, without them uttering a word of rebuke, caution or call to cease their rampages.

Just look at the number of synagogues vandalized and the verbal and physical violence aimed at Jews during these, repeatedly described by their supporters as, “demonstrations for social justice.” Bloomberg’s actions are scary to all reasonable, responsible and rational observers.

Florida is a key battleground state with 29 Electoral College votes at stake. And strangely enough, Jews, who make up only about 2.2 % of the national population, number 600,000 and are a major voting factor in the swing, Sunshine State.

And they do get out to vote! They reside mainly in the counties of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade. They generally live in gated, well guarded, walled, lily-white communities where photo ID’s and specific invitations are required for all visitors to enter. Not necessarily the Progressive Liberals’ demands at our southern borders.

They and their non-Jewish neighbors are generally not aware that a Biden/Harris win will ensure an end to their current paradise-like life-style. Along with the Democrats taking charge of our land, will come the re-introduction of the 2015 Obama/Biden ruling, the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act” (AFFH) which was starting to be implemented, but died with Hillary’s loss in 2016 to Trump. President Trump killed it last month. This law, when surely pulled out of the Dumpster by Biden, will have all suburban communities, especially in Florida, destroyed by the Fed’s power over mortgages, grants, twisting arms over local zoning and writing and approving civil rights laws for forceful integration purposes.

Under this integration plan the government would take control of small town property taxes, building codes, schools and basically change life in our suburban communities. Be prepared in the event of a Biden win, for high rise, high density, low income, tenement style housing to be built in all suburbs. As well, there are now plans underfoot for the status of “55 and Over Only Communities” to be challenged in court and eventually ruled unconstitutional by means of its “exclusionary to families” makeup.

The Radical Left wants to homogenize America to rid it of its “White Supremacist Values and Culture.” Socialism, or its more fearful follower, Communism is the only end product of this action.

Bloomberg’s showering Florida with his millions will surely have a permanent, negative effect on that state’s residents that they may not be aware of. Their lifestyles will be destroyed. Their property investments will evaporate into forced integration-like thin air. And their own votes will spell the doom of their now Paradise-like-lifestyles. Let them finally come to grips with reality before it’s too late.

Don’t let Bloomberg’s “Benjamins,” Buying Ballots for Biden’s campaign succeed. Let’s all of us….WAKE UP!”

Two illegal migrants arrested for stabbing 20-year-old to death in Lyon, but French media keeps quiet on their foreign background

Two illegal migrants were arrested on suspicion of stabbing a man in his twenties to death in the Stade de Gerland metro station, French Le Progrès online daily reported, but larger television news outlets have kept quiet on their foreign backgrounds.

The tragedy occurred on Sunday, 15 minutes after midnight at the Stade de Gerland metro station in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon.

The young man in his twenties was assaulted by two individuals who stabbed him in the chest and hit him with broken bottles. Despite two witnesses of the incident trying to resuscitate him on the spot, the victim died.

Police officers then arrested the two drunk suspected assailants near the crime scene. They are both foreigners, one is 30 years old, and the other one is in his twenties. They were in possession of a bloodstained knife with a partially broken blade. A part of the blade was found in the victim’s body.

Following television news reports of the deaths, one user on Twitter wrote, “In Lyon, a 20-year-old young man was stabbed to death in the metro. The police arrested the 2 attackers but “curiously” some information is not provided. Should we avoid telling the French that this young man was killed by illegal immigrants?”

The same user pointed to another televized news story from France 3 that also left out the foreign background of the attackers:

“France 3 discusses the murder in the Lyon metro:

  • The age of the victim
  • The weapons used
  • Witnesses
  • The age and intoxicated state of the aggressors

“‘Surprisingly’, important information is missing… The men are migrants!”

Authorities have already opened an investigation for intentional homicide. The Departmental Directorate for Public Security (DDSP) will handle the case.

Fanny Dubot, the mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Lyon, stated on Twitter that she was “horrified” by the murder.

“This violence is unacceptable, I trust the police to shed light on this tragedy,” she wrote.

Étienne Blanc, the former right-wing candidate for mayor of Lyon, also reacted to the incident, criticized the security situation in the city.

“They will tell us again that there is no security problem in Lyon and that there is no shortage of staff police,” he wrote on Twitter.

Stade de Gerland metro station in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon.

Lyon was also recently the scene of the recent death of 23-year-old Axelle Dorier, who was killed in a hit-and-run involving two migrants. She was dragged nearly 800 meters to her death in a case that shocked the French nation

In May, 12 “youths” set up an elaborate ambush for a police officer, brutally beating him so badly that he was forced into the intensive car unit of the hospital for eight days, and suffered from broken teeth, head trauma, and severe lacerations.

Germany: Gang of Iraqi serial rapists went on a nightly women hunt

Men go hunting for humans at night in Berlin in a pack. Dragging young women into an SUV. One after the other pounce on them. Rape them for hours. Now two brothers are accused.

Regional Court, Room B129. Accused: Wisam (33) and Karrar (25) B.B., born in Baghdad, Iraqi citizens. The older brother lives in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg, the younger in the district of Staaken.

They have been behind bars since 25 March 2020.

On March 27, 2018, rape of a 14-year-old girl, accused is the older brother, crime scene his apartment.

On May 6, 2019, rape of a woman, the older brother is charged, the crime scene is again his apartment.

On January 18, 2020, high school graduate Denise T.* (18) from Dahlem leaves the techno club “Mensch Meier” in Storkower Street (Friedrichshain) at 3:30 a.m. and is dragged into a SUV KIA (registered to brother Wisam) by both brothers and a third man. She was raped several times in the back seat and in an apartment. 7.20 a.m. in Charlottenburg, injured, she is thrown out onto the street.

On February 23, 2020, Wisam B.B. is said to have gone out hunting with three men at the techno club “Berghain” (Friedrichshain). Around 3 am the men drag Undine N.* (21) into the SUV. Also she is raped several times. The perpetrators delete all location data on her cell phone before she is released.

The accused remain silent. The women are exposed to hours of interrogation. 20 trial days are scheduled. Attorney Christina Clemm represents the high school graduate. “She was in agony for almost four hours,” she says. The accused have to leave the courtroom when she testifies. They see the young woman via video transmission. The public is excluded.Studies show that only ten percent of rapes are reported and only ten percent of these do not result in a conviction. The high-school graduate was able to memorize parts of the license plate number and details of the crime scene, the perpetrators left genetic fingerprints in the DNA sample. Another perpetrator was only recently arrested.

The verdict will be passed on January 28, 2021.

*Names modified

Turkish Nazis and Islamists are highly welcome in Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU)

Despite the media fuss about his closeness to the Turkish right-wing extremist Grey Wolves, the Duisburg Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has made it clear by constituting its council faction that it will stick to Sevket Avci. If it would have required a final proof that the CDU tolerates Grey Wolves and that the alleged party expulsion proceedings do not take place at all, it would have been proved. Since demands for corresponding incompatibility resolutions in 2014 and 2016 were rejected, Grey Wolves are still allowed to be politically engaged in the CDU today.According to a statement published on Friday by the Duisburg CDU council faction, the party continues to stick to Sevket Avci and he is to represent it in the city council in the future.A few days before the local elections, the TV program “Report Mainz” and the newspaper “Der Westen” had reported on Avci’s closeness to the Turkish right-wing extremist Grey Wolves. The 56-year-old only came in third in his constituency. Via the CDU list, Avci was nevertheless able to gain a seat in the newly elected Duisburg city council.The closeness of Sevket Avci to the Grey Wolves was already known to the public in 2014 and also documented by corresponding photos. The pictures showing Avci at Grey Wolf gatherings were already well known in CDU groups. When asked by the newspaper WAZ, however, the Duisburg CDU declared that they were unaware of any such statements by Sevket Avci, but that they intended to deal with this topic in the next meetings. The Duisburg CDU, however, said nothing about the incriminating photos. When the CDU state chairman Armin Laschet had to comment on this at the request of “Report Mainz”, he claimed that gray wolves were excluded from the CDU. “There are clear rules”, he said.However, Armin Laschet did not mention that claims for a corresponding incompatibility decision had already been rejected by the state executive board in 2014. When a motion was put to the vote at the 2016 CDU federal party conference in Essen, according to which membership in the CDU could no longer be reconciled with membership in the Turkish party AKP, the Islamic Community Milli Görüs (IGMG), the Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD), the Gülen movement, the Turkish right-wing extremist Grey Wolves and the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK, as well as in similarly oriented organizations, it was rejected by the majority of delegates on the recommendation of the amendment committee. Thus Grey Wolves were allowed to continue to be politically engaged in the CDU.

Conclusion: The chutzpah of the CDU is almost astounding. In 2014 the closeness of Sevket Avci to the Grey Wolves became public knowledge. But the Duisburg CDU as well as the state CDU already missed out on this at that time, until the topic disappeared again from the media. Then he was allowed to carry on in the CDU and was even nominated as a council candidate. And after the media coverage of his closeness to the Grey Wolves has now been ignored for the second time, he was allowed to stay again and even run for the city council. If it would have needed a final proof that the CDU tolerates Grey Wolves and that the alleged party expulsion procedures do not exist at all, it might have been proved with it.

Germany: Syrian harasses blind woman on the platform

A 21-year-old Syrian from Essen is said to have molested a blind woman at the main train station in Bochum early last Saturday morning. Federal police took the man, who was intoxicated and presumably under the influence of drugs, in custody.

At about 6 a.m., federal police officers were called to a platform in Bochum’s main train station. According to witnesses, the man from Essen allegedly molested a 30-year-old blind woman there. When federal police officers arrived on the platform, the 21-year-old was just about to argue loudly with other people who had become aware of the situation.According to the woman from Bochum, the 21-year-old is said not to have committed any assault against her. Therefore, the man from Essen was ordered to leave the main train station. Despite repeated requests, the 21-year-old vehemently refused to leave the location. Therefore he was to be taken out of the station. The man resisted, whereupon he was overpowered and taken to the police station.There, after consulting with the judiciary, a blood sample was taken from him and he was later taken into police custody. The federal police started criminal proceedings against the Syrian citizen, who was already known to the police, for resisting enforcement officers.The 30-year-old from Bochum initially stayed at the Federal Police station and was later picked up there by an employee of her residential facility.

Germany: Syrian stabs woman to death

Deadly knife attack on a 36-year-old woman in her apartment in Rastatt!

According to the police, her Syrian husband of the same age injured her so badly with a knife in an argument on Sunday morning that she died, according to the Baden-Baden public prosecutor’s office and the Offenburg police. Another man in the apartment was also seriously injured by the attacker. After the attack, the 36-year-old suspect left the apartment. Roommates called the police. In the morning, he was temporarily arrested by the police at Rastatt train station.

The criminal investigation department is investigating a suspected homicide. Further backgrounds are still unclear. Apparently, the couple had already had an argument over the weekend.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

Antiracism: A new religion

By Robert Dimuro

A major theme in 2020 is the supposed killing of Black Americans on a disproportionate scale by law enforcement across the nation. The death of George Floyd at the hands (or knee) of Derek Chauvin rekindled the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, leaving its mark not only on city streets but also in media and entertainment. In relatively short order, our culture has largely embraced, or at least tolerated, a set of ideas that is based on a false premise and tactics that are inspired by a Marxist revolutionary philosophy.

The details and origins of BLM are easily discoverable online and on its ownwebsite, so I won’t get into them here. Rather, what I want to emphasize is our amazing ability as a nation to pretend and mentally train ourselves to view BLM, including its founding claims and tactics, as completely uncontroversial. This has become such a big echo chamber that our major professional sports leagues have all endorsed the movement, displaying BLM messaging and encouraging athletes to engage in activism during games. It’s as if BLM is as apolitical and unifying as the phrases “support our troops,” or “we fight against breast cancer.”

Clearly, this is not the case. However, the culture of radical antiracism has silenced dissent so thoroughly that any attempt to criticize it is instantly perceived as racist. In fact, this is textbook antiracist strategy — control or define the language, narrative, culture, and intensity surrounding an issue so as to take center stage and indoctrinate the vast majority of the population into accepting its creed.  This strategy targets those who normally wouldn’t endorse an antiracist crusade against White people and the police but are subliminally trained into obedience and implicitly supporting its agenda over time. This is exactly how dictators — even those who are unpopular — brainwash their subjects into accepting their agendas, which is contrary to the American principles of free expression and the rational exchange of ideas.

Unfortunately, the latter are only American principles in spirit. In reality, America has increasingly fallen victim to a toxic brand of politics that Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, in their 2015 monograph Inventing the Future, coined as “folk politics,” which has been on the rise since the 1960s and includes the latest strains of antiracism that now plague our discourse. Folk politics represents a shift away from the politics of policy, planning, and consensus to the politics of identity, victimhood, and oppression.

This strain of politics is also “folk” in its religiosity, and this explains how today’s antiracists, whom linguist John McWhorter calls “third-wave” antiracists, seem to worship their ideology. According to McWhorter, “Third-wave antiracism is a profoundly religious movement in everything but terminology. The idea that Whites are permanently stained by their White privilege, gaining moral absolution only by eternally attesting to it, is the third wave’s version of original sin. The idea of a someday when America will ‘come to terms with race’ is as vaguely specified a guidepost as Judgment Day.”

If the fight against third-wave antiracism is a fight against the de facto establishment of a new religion, I fear that it will be very difficult to stamp out. When movements maintain their following despite being in contradiction to the facts, data, and evidence at hand, they have a very good chance of standing the test of time.

Majority of ‘refugee’ workers in Germany are elderly women

The majority of “refugee” workers in Germany are women a study by the Social Science Institute of the Evangelical Church showed. And it was primarily those over 70 who provided concrete help in the form of German lessons or visits to the authorities.

The migrant aid workers have an above-average level of education and assess their own economic situation as largely positive. According to the representative survey, they also have more confidence in democracy and politically tend towards the CDU, SPD or the Greens.

However, those who advocate limited immigration are also well educated and have a good economic situation according to their own statements, project manager Maria Sinnemann told the epd news agency, during the presentation of the first results of the study “Civil Society Engagement”.

This means that it is not the losers of society who are committed against mass immigration. In addition, it is not a purely East German phenomenon either.

In contrast, the two groups differ in terms of religious affiliation and the type of engagement. While supporters of migrants are more religious and get involved in church parishes or non-profit associations, while immigration opponents tended to be politically active and voted for the AfD or the Union parties.