Sweden: Somali rammed group after he was reported for child molestation

The Somali taxi driver in the Swedish town of Borlänge who ran down a group of pedestrians recently, wanted to take revenge on his intended victim because the person had reported him for child molestation.

The immigrant driver is in custody after ramming into pedestrians in Borlänge – he deliberately drove into five people. The criminal classifications of his act are an attempted murder as well as four cases of aggravated assault. The Somali has previously been convicted of violence against an official at a social services office, because he did receive a grant that he thought he was entitled to.

On Friday, July 25, after the Somali drove into a crowd in central Borlänge, five people were more or less seriously injured and had to be taken to hospital.

The police believe that it was not a terrorist act, but that the driver intentionally tried to use the taxi as a weapon against one of the people in the group. That he also drove over other people appears not to have been a problem for him.

The taxi driver, who is a Somali citizen, was quickly arrested by the police, and on Tuesday, July 28, and prosecutor Eva-Lena Jansson requested that he be detained. According to information from Aftonbladet, the Somali taxi driver wanted revenge on a man for reporting him for sexual harassment of a teenage girl.

At first, prosecutor Eva-Lena Jansson did not want to comment to any media on Aftonbladet’s information, but in the press release in which she announced the arrest decision, she confirmed that the Somali had an ongoing conflict with one of the victims. Swedish weekly Nya Tider contacted her about the latest revelations about the motive for the act, but she refused to comment.

Jansson said that she had not yet had time to decide whether to request the suspect’s deportation. “Oh oh oh, I have not come that far yet. It has not even entered in my mind actually.”

The Somali citizen has already served time for other crimes. In 2014, he visited a social services office to apply for income support. It was 10 minutes before closing time and he was therefore told that he could not get help that day, but he refused to accept it. The staff perceived the Somali as threatening and called the police, who sent a patrol with two female police officers.

They tried to explain that the office would close and that he was allowed to return after the weekend, but the Somali refused to leave. When the police tried to oust him, he attacked them violently. The two female officers lost control of the situation. Only when reinforcement in the shape of a male colleague was called in, the Somali calmed down.

When asked if he did not respect female police officers, he tried to pretend that he did not understand that the two women were police officers. The district court dismissed his lie, and sentenced him to a fine of SEK 2 000 for violent resistance against an official.


Daughter of the former chairman of the German Trade Union Federation leaves the Social Democratic Party (SPD) after 40 years of membership because this party is preventing a debate on the dangers of Islamization

Ursula Sarrazin, daughter of the former. Chairman of the German National Trade Union Federation, Ernst Breit, leaves the Social Democratic Party (SPD) after 40 years of membership (due to expulsion of Mr. ThiloSarrazin). She criticizes that the SPD does not allow anybody to discuss “the urgent problems … Migration and Islam cannot be discussed frankly any more. The former large people’s party SPD is mutating into a sect. (see her letter above with her statement of reasons for leaving the party )

Also in Germany: BLM terror against natives

Bundespolizeidirektion München: Öffentlichkeitsfahndung: Zwei Verdächtige von Gewaltdelikten gesucht; 35-Jähriger, der Zivilcourage zeigte, erlitt schwere Sprunggelenksfraktur

Note the dark skinned man’s face mask with the inscription “BLM” and “F*ck the Police”

Bundespolizeidirektion München: Öffentlichkeitsfahndung: Zwei Verdächtige von Gewaltdelikten gesucht; 35-Jähriger, der Zivilcourage zeigte, erlitt schwere Sprunggelenksfraktur
Bundespolizeidirektion München: Öffentlichkeitsfahndung: Zwei Verdächtige von Gewaltdelikten gesucht; 35-Jähriger, der Zivilcourage zeigte, erlitt schwere Sprunggelenksfraktur

On behalf of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Munich I, the Federal Police are searching for two, so far unknown men by order of the Munich District Court with photographs. They are suspected of having physically assaulted suburban train inspectors and an assistant on Sunday evening (July 19) in an suburban train S8 (direction Pasing – Munich Airport). A 35-year-old from Herrsching, who came to the aid of both of them, suffered a severe ankle fracture and has already had to undergo two surgeries.Based on investigations to date, two previously unknown men are suspected of having physically assaulted two members of German Railways (DB) staff and a man who came to their aid at 7:52 p.m. during a ticket inspection on the suburban railway (S8 line) on the way from Pasing in the direction of Munich Airport, before the stop at Donnersbergerbrücke.One of the previously unknown suspects actively approached the ticket inspectors during the ticket inspection and showed his ticket, which was considered valid. When the two inspectors turned to other passengers, the dark-skinned man, who had already been inspected, became very angry in the almost crowded suburban train about the manner of the inspection, which he attributed to his skin colour.He was assisted by an unknown, fair-skinned man. Due to his behaviour, German Rail employees threatened the increasingly violent dark-skinned man with expulsion, which they did at the Donnersbergerbrücke stop.When he was taken out of the suburban train, the dark-skinned man put up a fight and tried to beat the 44-year-old inspector. As a result of the ensuing scuffle, both went down on the platform. At that moment, a passenger, a 35-year-old from Herrsching, rushed to the aid of the railroad inspector who was lying on the ground.Then the light-skinned unknown man intervened in the dispute. Together the two unknown suspects beat and kicked the two of them. In the process, a controller’s cell phone fell to the ground and was damaged. Finally, the two unknown suspects fled together in an unknown direction. While fleeing, the fair-skinned man insulted the German Rail employees as “Fucking racists!”.The 44-year-old German Rail employee suffered a severe shoulder contusion and was initially incapacitated for several days – his 32-year-old colleague remained apparently uninjured. The 35-year-old rescuer suffered a severe ankle fracture, which has already had to be surgically treated twice.The two unknown suspects are being investigated on suspicion of grievous bodily harm, damage to property and insult. Based on video recordings in the suburban train, the investigating authorities have photographs of the two suspects.The Munich Federal Police is asking the population for information on the wanted persons. Anyone who knows them or their whereabouts is requested to contact the Federal Police by calling 089/515550-111.


Seattle considers banning police and replacing them with civilian ‘experts’ in gender and anti-racism issues

Seattle’s city council is considering abolishing the police department for good, replacing it with a “community-led” safety prevention program despite rising crime taking place across the United States, according to internal documents obtained by Christopher Rufo.

The rationale behind this move is that Seattle police officers, according to some members of the City Council, “perpetuate racism and violence” and uphold “white supremacy culture.”

Moves to defund or significantly adjust police forces away from core duties is already have a knock-down effect across the country. For example, after Mayor Bill de Blasio removed over 600 undercover anti-crime officers following Black Lives Matter protests, shootings have surged 120 percent this year.

Even the surge in anti-police rhetoric is being tied to rising crime across the country, with talks of “abolishing” the police the most radical form of this rhetoric.

The Seattle City Council proposes to provide financial support to the civilian-led non-profit Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention.

According to the proposal, police officers would be replaced by “community-led activities” and organizations focused on “housing, food security, and other basic needs” as well as “culturally-relevant expertise.” The draft was posted on the website of Christopher Rufo, Director of Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty.

The condition for gaining funding is that applicants are “well-versed in de-escalation skills” along with “trauma-informed, gender-affirming, anti-racist praxis.”

It is not entirely clear when the proposal will be submitted for voting, but according to media in the U.S., most city legislators have already promised their support. However, attempts to defund the police by 50 percent in Seattle have already run into roadblocks.

Seattle has already had an experience without police when the CHAZ/CHOP autonomous zone in Capitol Hill in Seattle began out of response to George Floyd protests. After police withdrew from the area, crime quickly rose and three individuals were shot and killed, including two black male teenagers. Although city government officials initially lent their support to the autonomous zone, rising crime led them to close it down and ask protesters to disband.

Now, Seattle may be implementing a city-wide abolishment of police that may serious repercussions for the citizens of the city for years to come. 


Swiss municipal swimming pool bans foreigners

The municipality of Porrentruy has authorized the town’s swimming pool to be reserved exclusively for Swiss residents – a decision leading to strong criticism.

A swimming pool reserved for Swiss residents? This was the idea of the municipality of Porrentruy in Switzerland. The town is close to the French border. The latter recently decided to prohibit foreigners from entering the city’s swimming pool.

The measure was taken particularly against “French” bathers. The reason given by municipal authorities is “to ensure public order and health security”. Until the end of the summer, only residents of Switzerland will be able to enter the enclosure of the outdoor swimming pool, showing proof of identity or residence permit.

According to a professor of constitutional law, Etienne Grisel, the ban can be clearly justified “when it concerns public interest”. He told news outlet RTS that “equality is normally guaranteed to everyone, but there are bound to be exceptions”.

As 20Minutes Suisse reported on July 31, this decision unleashed a storm on social media. Some have deplored that the French are all “put in the same category” suggesting that the French felt that they were being discriminated against because of the behaviour of Muslim youths.