Brüder Church vandalized in Altenburg, Germany

In the street Brüdergasse in Altenburg, a previously unknown perpetrator violently penetrated the church (photo) from Saturday ( July 20 ) to Sunday ( July 21 ), causing material damage. Fortunately, his apparent goal of breaking open the box of the collection failed, so that the perpetrator fled unrecognized without loot. The Altenburg police have now begun investigations into the burglary and are looking for witnesses who can give relevant information about the perpetrator as well as the events themselves. Witnesses are asked to contact the Altenburg police by calling 03447 / 4710.

Germany: Again! Immigrant spits on mother with child and pushes her onto the railway tracks

Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, a 25-year-old woman from Bergisch Gladbach and a 17-year-old immigrant had a first verbal and then physical argument at the Refrath train station of line 1 on Wickenpfädchen Street. As a result of the dispute, the young man is said to have pressed the woman onto the railway tracks. The victim suffered minor injuries and filed a criminal complaint. Around 04:15 p.m. two youths smoked a joint at the KVB stop Refrath. When a 25-year-old woman with her baby carriage passed the young men, she asked them to refrain from smoking weed so as not to harm her two-year-old daughter. The accused is said to have spat on the woman and blown smoke into the toddler’s face. There was a scuffle in which the 17-year-old allegedly dragged the young mother onto the tracks so that she fell into the track bed behind the train.Two KVB employees finally detained the accused; the other youth fled to the Wickenpfädchen street in the direction of the Bensberg stop. The accused in turn claimed that the woman had attacked him and that he had fallen to the ground. Thereupon he wanted to tackle the woman as well and was held on the shoulder by a KVB employee. While trying to break free, he turned and the victim accidentally fell into the track bed.The investigations are continuing; video evaluations should now bring clarity about the exact course of events.

Germany: Kosovo Albanian pushed young mother in front of an arriving train — she died

In North Rhine-Westphalia, a Kosovo Albanian pushed a young mother in front of an arriving train. The woman and the perpetrator did not know each other. The perpetrator is already known to the police. 
In Voerde, Germany, a 28-year-old Kosovo-Albanian pushed a 34-year-old mother in front of an arriving train out of ” desire to kill”. The woman was run over by the train and died on the spot. According to investigators, the perpetrator and the victim did not know each other.Jackson B. is known among the residents of Brünen, a small village with around 4,000 inhabitants, for outbreaks of violence. “He often stands half-naked at the window, swears. It’s even worse when he’s in front of the house, then you don’t dare go out with children,” says one resident. Both men are said to have invaded the house of a retired couple last March and threatened the senior citizens. In addition, he indiscriminately attacked strangers in front of his house. The woman was married and mother of a 13 year old child. “My wife was murdered today. She was pushed in front of a train by a stranger for no reason,” the husband stated on Facebook.

Jewish historian accuses three German MPs of countering anti-BDS act

Dr. Michael Wolffsohn, a prominent German Jewish historian, alleged in a blistering commentary last week that three German MPs are seeking to sabotage a resolution that classifies BDS as antisemitic campaign. Writing in the daily broadsheet Die Welt, Wolffsohn said, “a minority of members of the Bundestag coalition and opposition wants to prevent” a “financial implementation of the anti-BDS decision of our elected representatives.” He added that a key point of the anti-BDS resolution is, “This should tighten the purse strings of BDS and its German partners.” All of the mainstream parties voted in May to pass a resolution against the BDS campaign targeting the Jewish state. The historian said that the MPs “through public, mainly media pressure, and the budgets committee, seek to delete the removal of these funds” to combat BDS. Wolffsohn wrote his Welt commentary in response to a Der Spiegel article that alleged two tiny pro-Israel NGOs “control” German foreign policy in the Middle East and, with the aid of money and the Mossad, pressured the Bundestag to pass the anti-BDS resolution. German Jews and politicians slammed the article as propagating an anti-Jewish conspiracy theory. Wolffsohn, who is an expert in contemporary German antisemitism, wrote that Norbert Röttgen of the Christian Democratic Union, Jürgen Trittin of the Green Party and Niels Annen of the Social Democratic Party are the leading MPs who are spearheading the campaign to blunt the anti-BDS resolution.Röttgen serves as chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee for German chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party in the Bundestag. Röttgen claimed along with a group of 19 fellow CDU MPs in May that the resolution does not differentiate between legitimate criticism of Israel’s policies and antisemitism. The anti-BDS resolution could also complicate the work with German NGOs, said the MPs.
Wolffsohn said the alleged anti-Israel activity of Röttgen and the other CDU MPs means “Long gone is the uninterrupted pro-Jewish and pro-Israel policy of the CDU of the [Konrad] Adenauer and [Helmut] Kohl era.”
Annen is an undersecretary of state in the German foreign ministry as well as an MP. Annen has faced severe criticism over the last six months for participating in a celebration of Iran’s regime in February at Tehran’s embassy in Berlin.
Annen also rejects a full ban of the Lebanese terrorist entity Hezbollah, whose roughly 1,050 members in Germany raise funds and recruit new members. Hezbollah also spreads jihadi and antisemitic ideologies in the federal republic.
Trittin, along with 15 Green Party MPs, spoke against the May anti-BDS resolution because, they claim, it endangers free speech. The resolution is non-binding.
Trittin praised the far-left antisemite Dieter Kunzelmann after he passed away on May 9. German historians and antisemitism experts strongly suspect Kunezelmann sought to bomb the Jewish community center in Berlin on November 9, 1969 — the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s 1938 Kristallnacht pogroms. Kunzelmann trained in Jordan with Fatah terrorists. He urged the German left to combat the Jewish state, declaring “When are you finally going to begin the battle against the holy cow, Israel?”
Jerusalem Post media queries to the three German MPs were not returned by press time on Sunday.
As a result of the alleged anti-Israel activities of the MPs, Wolffsohn wrote: “The exodus of French Jews is in progress. Soon also from Germany?”

German diplomat is still in service for Palestinian territories after liking anti-Semitic tweet

In trains of the German Railways, agitating against the Allied troops takes place

“Dear passengers. Our train is currently 45 minutes late due to the defusing of a bomb dropped by the Western Allies on the innocent people of Frankfurt.”

Announcement in an Intercity Express train of the German Railways.

“Dirty Dozen”: 12 Oriental men sexually harass young German woman in the street

Once again, a German woman failed to keep the “arm-length distance” demanded by politicians. In Ravensburg, no less than 12 men – probably Arabs in language and appearance – surrounded a young female cyclist and groped her.An almost everyday situation from the most diverse Germany of all times: At lunchtime, a group of 12 dark-haired men confronted the 19-year-old cyclist on a cycle path near the train station at the Ravensburg vocational training centre “Adolf Aich”, as the police announced on Wednesday according to the Internet portal “Tag24”. The woman wanted to avoid them, but was prevented and stopped by the oriental men between the ages of 20 and 25. As a result, some of the men forcibly detained her, while others from the group “indecently touched” her, as the police report describes the obvious attempt at abuse with shame. The young woman panicked and managed to break free and escape by bicycle. The police started the investigation.