Virologist Steven Hatfill: Virus Origin, Local Government Failure & Guarding Your Health

PePi sent in this video interview of a virologist by The Epoch Times. I have not seen it yet, but PePi explains that this is a really worthy video. The guest is a viral-weapons expert.

Merkel left red faced as Italian MPs mention Nazi reparations in coronavirus support row

Germany  was reminded of its Nazi history in a passionate plea for financial support to help tackle the deadly coronavirus by a group of influential Italian politicians. Angela Merkel was asked to consider the colossal debts racked up by Adolf Hitler’s evil war efforts some 81 years ago today. Rome has become infuriated with the German Chancellor after she helped block the creation of so-called “coronabonds”, a shared Eurozone debt mechanism to help prop up economies worst-affected by the global pandemic. In an open letter to the veteran leader, 12 Italian politicians, including the mayors of Venice and Bergamo, called on Mrs Merkel to reconsider her position.

“Currently the Netherlands are leading a group of countries, though, which resist this strategy, and Germany also seems to want to follow this group,” they wrote.

“The Netherlands are the one state, which has been evading taxes of the important European countries with its tax system for years. Our public budgets and the socially weak in our countries who have to pay the price for this. Those who are most affected by the crisis.

“The Dutch attitude is in every aspect an example of a lack of ethics and solidarity. But it was solidarity which was shown to you Germans after the war and until reunification by many European countries.”

The group were keen to remind Mrs Merkel that Hitler’s war machine run up debts of over €15 billion, in the Germany’s original deutsche mark currency.

They accused her of ignoring the generosity of Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, who have all voiced support for the creation of coronabonds, in halving the German debt in 1953.

“After 1945 the German debt had reached the amount of what was 29.7 billion deutsche mark,” the group wrote.

“Germany would never have been able to pay back the accumulated debt. In 1953 in London, 21 countries allowed for cutting the debt in half and the deferment of payments of the rest of the debt.

“This way German was able to avoid state bankruptcy. Italy is still proud and convinced of the correctness of the decision back then. And we repeat: with the eurobonds for the fight against coronavirus old debts are neither cancelled, nor shared.”

Despite the growing support for a joint Eurozone debt instrument, the single currency bloc’s bailout chief has warned it could take years to set up.

Klaus Reglung, the managing director of the European Stability Mechanism, said any short-term lending programmes would have to come from existing structures.

He said if the goal is to cover short-term lending to bolster healthcare or support businesses “then I think the only way is to use existing institutions with existing instruments”.

He told the Financial Times it was possible to create a new bespoke EU institution if there were political agreement between European capitals.

Austria: Islam lecturer of the University of Vienna calls policemen filthy idiots

The Association of Libertarian Students today issued a press release referring to an incomprehensible scandal. Ali Rami, lecturer for anti-discrimination and religion at the University of Vienna, had insulted local police officers on Facebook in the harshest way. The man had already appeared at an event of the radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood in 2014. The Islamic scholar Ali Rami is supposed to have said about the Austrian police: “If you have nothing to do then stay damned in your holes and crawl out only when you are needed. What a dirty fool you have to be to get off on harassment and fear of kids” This was reported by the Association of Libertarian Students (RFS) in an APA press release.RFS federal chairman Lukas Heim was horrified by this. “Especially the police should be paid a lot of respect in these difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

RFS federal chairman Lukas Heim was horrified by this. “Especially the police should be paid a lot of respect in these difficult times, of the COVID-19 pandemic.” The RFS further pointed out that Ali Rami appeared at an event of the radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood in 2014. In the background of the photo (above) published for this purpose, one can see the Islamist Rabia sign, which is now even banned in Austria. During an ORF television discussion in 2018, he allegedly refused to distance himself from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Clear steps are now expected from the university management. “With such a demasking an immediate dismissal is the only logical consequence , so RFS federal managing director Matthias Kornek. Also Freedom Party city councillor Maximilian Krauss demanded an immediate dismissal of Ali Rami as lecturer. “Ali Rami and his family environment are open sympathizers of the radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and must therefore also be considered a danger to our society. That alone is reason enough to remove this person from the University of Vienna”, emphasizes the Viennese Freedom Party education spokesman.

US expert: Berlin antisemitism center ignores Israel-related antisemitism

The prominent American historian, Dr. Jeffrey Herf, sharply criticized the Berlin Center for Antisemitism Research for failing to address radical left-wing, communist and Islamic Jew-hatred.Herf, one of the world’s leading experts on antisemitism, wrote on Thursday in the German paper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) that, “The Center for Antisemitism Research in Berlin has been noteworthy in recent decades for standing outside this scholarly consensus due to its reluctance to address the Communist/radical leftist, as well as the Islamist strains of antisemitism.“

He added that, “Scholars at the Center for Antisemitism Research, despite being located within a short distance from the key archives of the former DDR [German Democratic Republic], did not write an archivally based history of the East German diplomatic and military assault on the Jewish state. I did. No amount of theoretical gymnastics can avoid the simple truth that those in the Soviet bloc, including the DDR, who used force and falsehoods to attack and defame the state of Israel with the hope of destroying wrote a chapter in the longer history of antisemitism. “In 2016, Cambridge University published the distinguished historian Herf’s monumental work: Undeclared Wars with Israel: East Germany and the West German Far Left, 1967–1989.The highly acclaimed book was published in German by Wallstein publisher in September 2019.

“Three Faces of Antisemitism: A Response to Stephanie Schüler-Springorum,
” was the title of Herf’s FAZ article. Schüler-Springorum is the director of the controversial Berlin Center for Antisemitism Research.Herf teaches German history at the University of Maryland. The scandal-plagued Berlin Center for Antisemitism Research has faced intense criticism over the years for employing a researcher who worked for an organization that promoted an Iranian regime-sponsored rally calling for the destruction of the Jewish state.

The Jerusalem Post reported in 2018 that the center, which is part of the Technical University of Berlin, hired Luis Hernandez Aguilar, who was previously listed as a research officer of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, a main organizer of the Iranian regime-sponsored al-Quds Day march.According to a report in the London-based The Jewish Chronicle at the time, Hezbollah flags were on display at the march in London, where one speaker said Israel should be “wiped from the map.” The founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, created the al-Quds Day in 1979 as world-wide rally to urge the destruction of Israel. The Center defended its hire of Aguilar.The annual al-Quds Day rally in Berlin attracts a mix of neo-Nazis, radical Islamists, BDS activists, secular Palestinians from the US and EU-designated terrorist entity the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and Hezbollah members.BDS is an abbreviation for the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign targeting Israel.Herf wrote that “Over a period of forty years during the Cold War, the Communists and then the radical left in Europe and the United States placed the entire blame for the conflict on Israel but had next to nothing to say about the terrorist campaigns waged by the PLO, and PFLP, and or the refusal to make peace by Iraq and Syria. That silence was due in no small part because they were doing what they could to support those efforts. “Herf cited academics and a civil society group who are focused on addressing the blind spots of the Berlin center. “The Antonio-Amadeu Stiftung in Berlin led by Anetta Kahane, notable for its civic activism against racism towards immigrants and people of color took a lead in Germany in drawing attention to the antisemitism of the former DDR regime,”Herf wrote.He continued that “In Germany, scholars and writers such as Stephan Grigat, Matthias Küntzel, Bassam Tibi and Samuel Schirmbach have made valuable contributions to understanding the origins and consequences of these ideas. Israeli scholars, notably Meir Litvak, Professor of History at the University of Tel Aviv, have published important work on the antisemitism of the Islamic Republic of Iran. These authors and others merit careful attention at the Center for Antisemitism Research and in the German universities. “Herf said that “As readers of the journal Antisemitism Studies will quickly see, scholarship on antisemitism today focuses on all three faces of antisemitism…We examine and oppose BDS advocates who attack academic freedom, repeat falsehoods about Israel as an aggressor and racist state and say not a word about the antisemitic hatreds of those who commit armed aggression and terror against Israel. We also describe and interpret the leaders of Hamas or of the government of Iran who give supposed religious rationale for murderous, even genocidal goals aimed at the Jewish state.

North African with ax, machete wounds man in southern Germany

An assailant armed with an ax and a machete threatened a woman and wounded a man who came to her help in southern Germany on Tuesday, police said.

The suspect, a 27-year-old Tunisian citizen who lives in Augsburg, first broke the windshield of a bus taking bus drivers to their early shift in the Bavarian city, police said.

A few minutes later, at about 4 a.m., he smashed the windshield and side window of a 50-year-old woman’s car and threatened her. Another man tried to overwhelm the assailant, who hit him in the head with a machete, according to a police statement.

The injured 28-year-old was still able to prevent the suspect from attacking anyone else. Police arrested the assailant at the scene and the victim was taken to a hospital.

There was no immediate word on a possible motive. Police said a search of the suspect’s apartment produced no evidence of any danger to residents.