Islamists against Islamists: The steadily growing influence of the Gülen movement in Germany

About 400 men and women have gathered in Munich’s Karlsplatz square on this cold October morning. They are refugees belonging to the Gülen movement and have come from Swabia. The network organised by the Muslim preacher Fethullah Gülen has been present in Bavaria for 30 years, but for the first time it is protesting. Barrier fences surround the area with 30 white plastic chairs. The participants hold up signs with messages: “Humanity died in a white plastic chair” – “Stop Erdoğan”. The photo of the dead police commissioner sitting on a chair in a Turkish cell spread all over the world.The organisers of the rally are the associations “Frohsinn Bildungszentrum Augsburg”, “Rumi Augsburg Kulturforum” and the “Initiative für Flüchtlinge Augsburg” (Initiative for Refugees Augsburg), founded by 330 Turkish academics who had been refugees. That they all declare their allegiance to the preacher Gülen is not stated anywhere. “They are Turkish opposition members,” says a passer-by. “It’s terrible what’s happening in Turkey.” Mehmet Badal, managing director of the Frohsinn Bildungszentrum, gives a speech. He does not mention the connection to Gülen. They are presenting themselves as the opposition to Erdoğan.Yet the movement had become a mainstay of the Turkish system over decades, with hundreds of thousands of followers in the bureaucracy, judiciary, military and police. Experts at home and abroad condemned Erdoğan’s mass arrests after the coup attempt in 2016, while being astonished about the now visible spread of the network.Christian Rumpf, a lawyer and expert on Turkish law, notes: “Gülen’s followers reached the structures of a huge community with strong cohesion and loyal networks in all social spheres – an almost secret alliance with greater power than the legendary Illuminati”. Prominent exiled journalist Can Dündar, whose documentary on the coup attempt will be shown on television for the first time this Friday, writes in his announcement that Erdoğan and Gülen are “two political Islamists fighting for power who, after years of cooperation, became enemies and dragged their own followers to their deaths”.Between 2016 and 2020, 32,000 Turkish citizens asked for asylum in Germany, according to figures from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. In Bavaria, there were 3500, including countless Gülen supporters. A lack of transparency is a characteristic of the movement. The network has also been active in Augsburg for 30 years, mostly undetected. Before 2016, it numbered about 150 adults. Besides Frohsinn and Rumi, the Gülen followers founded four kindergartens, a women’s association and three faith-based hostels.Matthias Garte, former integration commissioner of the municipality, explains that there had always been something suspicious about Frohsinn. “We suspected that there was a network behind it. Until I left office in 2015, the people in charge denied that Islam or a network played a role in their affairs,” he reports.The Jettingen Mindeltal School is the showcase project. It connects the local network with Gülen organisations from all over southern Germany. In 2009, Frohsinn, along with sister associations from Munich, Ingolstadt, Neu-Ulm and Ravensburg, founded the girls’ public school with a grammar school, secondary school and boarding school. According to the latest figures from the Bavarian Ministry of Education, 164 students are currently being taught here, and the State of Bavaria contributes 975,000 euros per year. About 90 per cent of the students are of Turkish origin. The school’s catchment area extends to Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland. The Mindeltalschule also conceals its Gülen membership. The school has deleted the supporting organisation and the founding associations from its website. Neither the mission statement nor the new information on the boarding school refer to Fethullah Gülen or his writings. Only the bank account is still in the name of the sponsor: Vision Privatschulen gGmbH.However, the new content on the boarding school gives clues to the leading figure Gülen. As in many associations of the movement, the religious talks (Turkish: “sohpet”) have been renamed “tea time” in order to be suitable for the German public. Once a week, mentors give “values education”. This is the basis for “social coexistence and appropriate manners”, as it says on the website. The aim is to educate the young people to become “morally judging members of society”. The school and the boarding school do not answer questions about what exactly is meant by this.In Gülen’s understanding and practice of Islam, moral guidance is central alongside obligatory prayers and dietary rules. The early days of Islam and the life of the Prophet Muhammad are seen as models. In practice, young people and children are taught by abis (big brothers, overseers) and ablas (big sister), separated by gender. While the discussions in Turkish are conducted under Islamic terms, in German language they are increasingly translated as “democracy” and “values” education.Enisa S. is the only Abla mentor mentioned by name. She organises the ” Working Group Olympics”. Enisa S. graduated from Richmond Park College in Bihac in 2014, a school that also belongs to the Gülen network. She is now studying in Munich. The ” Working Group Olympiad” is the lowest level of the international Turkish and Cultural Olympiads – competitions whose final events are held annually in changing cities on all continents and help to strengthen networking.Realschule and boarding school management at the school Mindeltalschule were given to Fikriye Bedir last year. Social media shows that not only she, but also a newly hired maths teacher are affiliated with the Gülen network. Mehmet Badal of Frohsinn, whose three daughters go to the schools, says he has no information about who runs the boarding school. He also does not want to answer whether teachers belong to the network: “I don’t know what the teachers at the boarding school might or might not think.”The promised transparency by Gülen representatives since 2016 does not exist. The Gülen movement is increasingly seeking publicity in its fight against Erdoğan. But as long as it does not bring light into the darkness of its network, mistrust is justified. Criticism is even coming from within: “There is a black box in the movement,” says one of the refugees in Augsburg, an engineer. “And we have to look into it.” Mehmet Badal, however, is stubborn: “You can say that, but nothing has been proven.

Ongoing killings of women committed by men from the Islamic culture in Germany: Arab stabs 19-year-old girl in her car to death

In the case of the murdered 19-year-old girl Jana D., the district court of Lüneburg has issued a warrant for the arrest of the victim’s boyfriend, Fares A., for murder. “It is true that the accused and the victim had a relationship,” a spokeswoman told the tabloid Bild. Friends close to the victim told the newspaper that the young woman and the suspect had been a couple since 2019.

The suspected murderer did not comment on the accusation or a possible motive to the arresting judge. The victim’s father had found the body in a car near the Lower Saxon city of Lüneburg on Tuesday morning, police said. She had been stabbed to death. Shortly afterwards, the suspect, also 19 years old, had been arrested.

In mid-January, the murder of a 20-year-old girl in Hamburg had raised public awareness. The police arrested a refugee from Libya. According to the tabloid Bild, the 22-year-old man had previously harassed his victim and had already been expelled from his home because of it. The asylum seeker had arrived in Germany in 2016. However, he had only been granted a toleration and would have had to leave the country by April the 6th of this year.

Biden’s order about ‘transgender’ athletes is a great thing

By Andrea Widburg

H.L. Mencken famously said that “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” The Biden-era version of this statement is that “Wokeness is the theory that the self-styled elite know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” Joe Biden is mostly hurting ordinary Americans by destroying jobs and increasing race hatred. But he’s managed to sign one executive order that will ruin life for many of his supporters, and that’s the one about so-called “transgender” athletes. This one’s going to ream the middle- and upper-middle classes who voted for him.

One of the very first executive orders Biden signed is one on “preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.” As I discuss this, keep in mind that the so-called “transgender” crowd – that is, people with severe body dysmorphia who think their actual sex is the opposite of their biological sex – are an infinitely small percentage of the total American population, despite their preeminence on the Democrat side of politics. As written, the order mandates that mentally ill boys and men who think they’re women must be allowed onto girls and women’s sports teams – as well as getting into their locker rooms.

Let me immediately acknowledge that this is going to be hard on athletic girls and women who are conservatives. I am deeply sorry for them.

But think about this: American colleges and universities are a Democrat rite of passage. While normal people are learning to cringe when looking at these leftist nursery schools and loony bins for adults, in Democrat houses, academia is the holy grail.

Starting when they’re two, these kids are groomed for college. That’s what their entire childhood is about. And for many of these Democrat families, college is not affordable. Poorer kids get scholarships, grants, and discounts; richer kids have the wherewithal to pay for it. But for the leftist middle class, the alternatives to draining the family bank account are burdensome loans or . . . athletic scholarships.

I know a lot of talented young female athletes who got into college on these athletic scholarships, only one of whom came from a conservative family. The rest are leftists whose daughters play sports and get liberal arts, or climate studies, social justice degrees. These young women are going to find that they’re getting edged out of athletic scholarships in favor of young men who run and swim faster, jump higher, and kick further than the girls do. Even lousy boys beat good women at sports. Bye-bye, scholarships.

And given the competition for places in college and the expense, I’m willing to bet that enterprising young men and their families might discover the virtues of gender fluidity when it comes to scholarships. The great thing about modern gender fluidity is that you don’t need to have surgery and you don’t even need to give up women. You can just claim to be a lesbian.

And in that regard, I will tell you a true story. A woman I know met up with her father after her mother died. To her surprise, her father was kitted out in women’s clothes. He announced that he was transgender and would soon be having the surgery. She saw her father a year later and was surprised to see that he was back in men’s clothes and clearly hadn’t been sliced, diced, and doused with hormones. He explained that he had realized that he wasn’t just a woman in a man’s body. He was a lesbian in a man’s body – and had better success with women when he looked like a man.

He is not unique. It’s not uncommon for people to announce that they are transgender while continuing with the opposite sex partners they had before their gender epiphanies.

I’ll say what I always on this subject. I’m deeply sorry for people suffering from body dysmorphia and will always treat them with respect (provided that they return the respect). However, a society that buys into people’s delusions is a society in trouble. In this case, that trouble will strongly affect the very same political classes who support this retreat from reality. In other words, leftists are about to see their daughters and their bank accounts get hit good and hard by their wokeness.

WATCH: Riots at Blažuju migrant camp near Sarajevo in Bosnia because the Prophet Mohammed was allegedly insulted

Yesterday there were riots at the Blažuju migrant camp near Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina, around 2,000 migrants were involved, the trigger: abusive words about the Prophet Mohammed.

Several migrants and refugees were arrested after the mass brawl between two groups at the reception centre in Blažuj near Sarajevo. Their conflict soon turned into a mass brawl and attacks on the police, who intervened. Two police officers and an employee of the International Organisation for Migration, which manages the camp, were injured. It was one of the biggest incidents since Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered a migrant crisis. The migrant who caused the incident is awaiting deportation from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Zemmour: France’s new Muslim charter ‘doesn’t mean anything’

French President Emmanuel Macron received on Monday the signatories of the charter of the French Council of Muslim Cults, (CFCM), which he hopes will be instrumental in his offensive against Islamic separatism, but 

But French author and philosopher Eric Zemmour, who is Jewish and well-known for his position against mass immigration, warns that despite whatever their leaders might have signed, Muslims will continue to do whatever they please.

“The charter that the state is signing with the Muslims is absolutely useless. They will still do what they want,” Zemmour said on CNews television’s evening political talk show.

The charter is also supposed to be instrumental in creating a national council of imams in the country,

“With this charter, which looks very good… there are undeniable advances, I don’t want to deny. But as we are under the law of 1905, we will absolutely not be able to impose this charter on Muslims,” Zemmour said.

By the law of 1905, Zemmour was referring to the milestone law passed on Dec. 9, 1905 on the separation of churches and the state, which among others ended government funding of religious groups and nationalized all religious buildings. 

“Seventy percent of the Muslims say in the polls that they do not even know the CFCM and that it is not for the CFCM or the French State to tell them that it is theirs. religion, we start from zero.”, Zemmour said. According to him, France is moving “towards the worst of systems”, with on the one hand “the charter which will not be respected”, and on the other which is “secularism but without assimilation”. The columnist finally considers that the “Castex government does not dare to assume or impose the ban on the veil for little girls in public space”.

The charter contains ten articles. The sixth, probably the most anticipated, is devoted to “the rejection of all forms of interference and the instrumentalization of Islam for political ends”. Places of worship must therefore not be used to disseminate “nationalist speeches defending foreign regimes and supporting foreign policies hostile to France”.

Zemmour is one of the most popular conservative commentators in France and has been active in stance against continued migration, saying that, “Immigration changes the makeup of a people. It is a crime against the European peoples, it will end in bloodshed.”