Facebook and social scoring

By Bill Rhea

If you’ve been in Facebook Jail more than once it means, more than likely, you’re saying things on the platform the so-called ‘fact checkers’ don’t like. You pissed off a snowflake, a diseased liberal incapable of critical thinking who doesn’t have a humorous bone in “their” frail body and will use any excuse to marginalize you for going against the platform narrative. By the way, the ‘platform’, for all intents and purposes, is an effective operating subsidiary of the DNC. Just like the IRS and now the FBI. They are instruments of the current regime to control free speech and individual behavior.

So let’s have a dose of reality now. We’re all part of a grand experiment to control human behavior writ large. Facebook is merely the laboratory to perfect the techniques.

Unless We The People stand up and take charge soon, Americans will have surrendered their freedoms to big government and the unelected Deep State. We already have a situation where the CIC is a figurehead puppet, installed by rigging election outcomes and controlled by elite leftists. If uninterrupted, they will soon control the money supply (digital currency), energy supplies, the electric grid, the food supply, water supply, other supply chains, healthcare, and access to transportation.

And your access to all the above will be controlled through a social score system.

First offenders will be lightly punished by being denied just enough essentials of food, water, electricity, and transportation to get their attention. Multiple offenders will become isolated in such a way that they increasingly become ‘radioactive,’ wherein no one will dare help them out of fear their own social score will suffer. And multiple offenders will eventually wither and die, relieving big government of any of their Social Security or Medicare benefits.

And all this will be controlled by unelected members of the Deep State. Just like what is happening in China. And Facebook is providing the statistical model to perfect the technique.

Critical thinkers will understand this, no further explanation is necessary. For non-critical thinkers, no explanation is possible.


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