Today’s conservatives are revolutionaries by definition

Today’s conservatives are revolutionaries by necessity, because the progressive spirit globally takes control of everything and suppresses the eternal values ​​he or she believes in and which conservatives everywhere believe are essential to follow.

In the name of order and normality, the conservative rebels against the existing “mess” and global “abnormality”, recreates the old in the circumstances of the present, and seeks to build a present that is worth preserving. If there is or will be an intellectual imprint of the last decade in the history of the Hungarians, then we will find it among the value-creating decisions of the Orbán era and the preservation of the truths of the majority.

In family policy, in the fight against immigration, in strengthening cohesion with Hungarians living abroad, in job creation and in education — because these political decisions are not “merely” visible signs of today’s conservative political action but a rebellion against uniforming progressive political forces striving for violent equality and uniformity.

They say a conservative always complains or laments the present while staring frightened at the idealized past.

And it is true that if a conservative looks around, there are not many things left that could make him happy. There is almost nothing on the surface that is worth preserving. That is why the conservative, when he awakens from his dogmatic slumber, can be nothing else but a revolutionary. After all, in the present state, we are forced to create or recreate values ​​that are worth preserving essentially from scratch.

Join a natural community that makes you feel good! Act according to your own talent for a common and meaningful goal! Retain your uniqueness, values, and virtues, but putting your actions at the service of the common will. The goal should have not only material but also spiritual content that is above historical erasure. Believe in eternal norms and follow them!

A community can be a family, a nation, a religious group, or any association that preserves traditions or values. It is important to have not only a “body” but also a “spirit” and it is also important that you take an active part in it. Happiness is born in an active process, in the cradle of an endowed effort. It doesn’t come by itself, you have to fight for it. This is the lesson of the last decade, the struggle of the Orbán government.

If a person living according to the values ​​of Christian Democracy consciously fights for a commonly defined, meaningful goal, he or she can experience physical and spiritual happiness in many communities. They can establish a family and instill fixed moral norms according to their own talent and faith to the children  they raise.

It is undeniable that the experience and possibility of this expanded in the Orbán era. One of the stakes of the next elections will thus be whether construction and the preservation of the structure can continue, or whether we give up the “Hungarian way” and surrender to the global spread of the progressive spirit. We no longer rebel in the name of normality, but drift together with the mass that has become nihilistic, indifferent, or hedonistic.

A lot of Christian and conservative people think of themselves as realistic these days. That is why they complain about contemplating the present and look to the future with resignation. Yet, this only masks their pessimism and internal struggles. They don’t face themselves honestly.

They should, though. It’s time for the conservative, who has wandered into the past and suffers from the present, to wake up from his “dogmatic slumber” and look to the future with confidence. Don’t just complain about the present decay, but go forward with faith, because that is the only way to build. If this requires a revolutionary attitude, then let conservatives be revolutionary.

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