BREAKING: Islamist Car Jihad in Linz, Austria – Bosnian waving a Koran dragged a police officer over 50 metres with his vehicle

How omnipresent the danger is on the part of people who have been radicalised by merciless hate preachers was proven to us in an unmistakable way in Linz on Wednesday. Waving a Koran, a fanatical Bosnian (26) dragged a policeman along with his vehicle for over 50 metres. While the Freedom Party demands the deportation of suspected Islamists, leftists continue to eagerly outrage the latest Islam map.

It was Wild West style acting with an oriental touch that took place in the heart of downtown Linz. The problem of a continuing rampant speeding scene, whose protagonists are more and more often of migrant background, apparently met with the offended religious feelings of a radical man. According to the media, he was sitting behind the wheel in “strictly religious” clothing and had already rammed several police cars at greatly excessive speeds.

The Bosnian-born man is said to have lived in Saudi Arabia for four years and studied Islam there. Because the motive is unclear, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is investigating the incident. The most disturbing aspect of the case is, of course, the open question of whether the man also had connections to the Islamist milieu in Linz. In any case, after the incident, city security councillor Michael Raml ( Freedom Party) demands that the residence status of suspected Islamists be “consistently withdrawn”.

Minister of the Interior Nehammer ( Austrian People’s Party) and Minister of Justice Zadic ( Greens) also have a duty to act. This should not be done through symbolic politics: “By action, I do not mean replacing the term ‘political Islam’ with ‘religiously motivated extremism’, but rather tackling the problem and deporting those who refuse to integrate and criminals from Austria,” Raml said firmly.

Speaking of Nehammer and Islamists: After the bloody terrorist attack by an Islamist in Vienna last November, Susanne Fürst ( Freedom Party), a member of the Upper Austrian National Council, put a parliamentary question to the Minister of the Interior asking how many Islamists there were in Linz.

But once again, the latter cited “essential external and internal security interests” and failed to provide any concrete information. And this despite the fact that arrests were also made in Linz after the attack. It was not the only time that Nehammer evaded unpleasant questions regarding the Vienna terror…

The “Documentation Centre for Political Islam”, endowed with a budget of 500,000 euros by Integration Minister Susanne Raab ( Austrian People’s Party), could have shed some more light on the subject. However, even after the presentation of the “Islam Map”, some questions remained unanswered. This is because the map is outdated and incomplete.

In the case of many problematic institutions, their cross-links to radical Islamists are not even recorded.

In order to make these visible, the Graz-based “Freilich” magazine, in cooperation with “Islamist hunter” Irfan Peci and other renowned Islamism experts, now wants to develop its own, independent – and above all more complete – map of Islam. In the process, those responsible are also appealing to readers to support them in the implementation, as the “Tagesstimme”, which belongs to the “Freilich” media house, reported on Friday. Especially in the case of problematic institutions, the necessary information would be missing.

Peci also justifies this move by saying that after the uproar over the card, the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) would probably be careful not to “expose itself again to massive pressure from the left and Muslims”. The Muslim Youth Austria (MJÖ) wants to file a complaint against the project, and Minister Raab and Islamic researcher Ednan Aslan have received vehement threats from relevant groups. Left-wing politicians and journalists were furious on social media and vehemently demanded the immediate cancellation of the project.

This actually happened – at least concerning the search function – temporarily in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. In the meantime, the official reason is that the threats forced a change of IT provider. The original announcement on the homepage left open the interpretation that it was rather a right-wing activist group that was to be blamed for the break in the site.

Because the night before, so far unknown persons had hung up yellow warning signs near five institutions in Vienna known to be Islamist associations, with the inscription “Attention: Political Islam in your neighbourhood”. According to the information available so far, the action was limited exclusively to institutions actually suspected of radicalism. One day later, similar actions followed in St. Pölten and Linz.

In our provincial capital, the right-wing activists targeted three radical mosques with their protest action, with which, according to their own statements, they want to inform the population about the Islamist danger and aim to close down all “Islamist meetings”. One of the institutions is the “Avrasya” association, whose rumoured closeness to the “Grey Wolves” once caused Mayor Klaus Luger, who had contacts with the association, to have to explain himself.

But not only the comrades, but also the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) has long been in dire need of explanation in Linz. As the weekly newspaper Wochenblick reported, the city’s Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) recently had no reservations about the ALIF association on the occasion of a “Diversity Week”. This association is said to be close to the radical Islamic “Milli Görüs” movement. The latter information is missing from the incomplete map presented by Raab.

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