France: Muslims retaliate against schoolgirl in love with non-Muslim man

The regional president of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Laurent Wauquiez denounced a “very serious” situation and the actions of “Islamist thugs” after the attempted assault on a young girl in her high school in Martinière-Diderot, Lyon, Wednesday June 2. She would have been the victim of a real “punitive expedition” because she wanted to get to meet a young non-Muslim man.

According to information from Actu Lyon, several people went to the school to attack the student. Fortunately, they were repelled by the security services. The girl’s family had also received threats. The victim, who lives in Vénissieux, decided to press charges and should even be placed in a safe place.

According to Laurent Wauquiez, the indications of a ” young schoolgirl falling in love with someone who is not a Muslim” were confirmed. “Obviously this has not been bearable for a gang of Islamist thugs”, he denounced.

He continued: “What is happening here is extremely serious. We are dealing with attempts at intimidation carried out by small groups driven by the desire to impose their Islamist interpretation on our society. It is absolutely crucial that these people do not succeed. We must be clear and the message must be that they have no place here. It is clear what is going on here and that the aim is to put pressure on women to undermine their decision-making. This is absolutely unacceptable.

The president of the region announced a reinforcement of three security officers for this high school, which had already suffered significant security problems this year. Last January, a group of students attacked a teacher by throwing stones at him.

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