Anti-terrorist unit arrests youth who planned Islamist attacks in Hungary

Officials of Hungary’s anti-terrorist unit TEK have arrested a young Hungarian Muslim who allegedly planned terrorist attacks in Hungary, TEK chief János Hajdu said at a press conference on Wednesday – reports MTI news agency.

According to Hajdu, the 21-year-old suspect had made preparations for attacks such as setting off bombs at mass events or driving into crowds. TEK had launched an investigation into discussions on the internet platforms linked to the Islamic State terrorist organisation, where people “spreading jihadist propaganda” were chatting about preparations for terrorist attacks, Hajdu said.

During the discussions, the suspect agreed to prepare pipe bombs for use at mass events in Hungary and expressed his desire to commit driving attacks, he said, adding that the young man had already bought materials for the bombs. Hajdu said the suspect was a “normal, average” university student in Budapest who had converted to Islam. In response to a question, Hajdu said he could not say whether the suspect had accomplices.

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