Germany: Why does Chancellor candidate Laschet allow Islamists to influence religious education?

There is new turmoil in the CDU/CSU about the Christian Democratic Union leader and candidate for chancellor Armin Laschet (60)!

The reason is a highly controversial move by the North-Rhine Westphalia state government led by Laschet as prime minister.

The government suddenly wants to let the largest Islamist association in Germany – the so-called Ditib – have a say in religious education in North Rhine-Westphalia (including determining the tasks in school books).

The problem: Ditib is not only co-financed by the notorious Turkish religious authority (Diyanet), it is even MANDATED.

Stunned reactions in the Union. Hamburg’s CDU leader Christoph Ploß (35), who is also a member of the CDU federal executive, told the newspaper BILD: “Ditib is Erdogan’s extended arm. The association is trying to export anti-Semitic and Turkish-nationalist policies to Germany from Ankara.”

Ploß demands: “We must not accept this! I therefore say clearly: no cooperation with Ditib!”

In fact, “Dianyet Deutsch” had recently become notorious on Twitter for anti-Israeli inflammatory tweets (“The baby killer Israel must be stopped as soon as possible”).

Are such slogans now being incorporated into the curricula of North Rhine-Westphalia?

The FDP also has to put up with the question why it allows the Turkish state to sit at the school desk. After all, the FDP is in charge of the NRW school ministry, namely the minister for education, Yvonne Gebauer (54).,view=amp.bildMobile.html

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