BREAKING: Islamic jihadist stabs passers-by with knife and shouts “Allahu Akbar” in Hamburg, Germany – The police need to shoot him dead

Was it the act of a mentally ill person or a terrorist attack?

Large scale police operation with fatal outcome at the intersection of Hebebrandstraße and Sengelmannstraße: A man repeatedly runs onto the roadway with a knife, threatens drivers.

He damages vehicles with the weapon, shouts “Allahu Akbar” several times! Then he attacks police officers who have been called to the scene.

The operation begins shortly before 4 pm. First the police try to stop the knife man with pepper spray. But the attacker carries on.

By chance, SEK officers are nearby, they use a Taser. But even the electric shock does not stop the man. He continues to approach the police officers, threatening them with a knife.

A policeman shoots. The knife-man collapses on the pavement, bleeding. An emergency doctor and a paramedic attend to him. But despite resuscitation he dies on the spot.

The homicide squad and the State Security Service have taken over the investigation. The motive has not yet been determined. Police spokeswoman Sandra Levgrün: “We also have to consider a religious motivation.”

The identity of the attacker is also still unclear.

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