Bonus for Muslims in German courts ? Syrian refugee deposits homemade explosive device in regional train – suspended sentence

Just imagine if a “right-winger” or “Islam-hater” had done something like that! The republic would have been in an uproar, the government would have spent another billion euros on the fight against racism, there would have been vigils and the perpetrator could have rotted in jail for the rest of his life.

But it was a different perpetrator:

In October last year, a Syrian refugee had placed a non-detonable explosive device in a regional train. Now the judgement was delivered.

According to the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of the Interior, the 22-year-old Syrian is said to have been dissatisfied because the processing of his asylum application did not meet his wishes.

He therefore placed an explosive device in a compartment of the Bergisch regional train. First he chose a rubbish bin to place the explosive device, later he placed it in a more conspicuous place.

Therefore, the investigators agreed that it could not be an attempted act of terrorism. Because the act allegedly had no terrorist motivation, the man is also not to be classified as a dangerous person.

The bomb in the regional train RB 25 is punished with 8 months imprisonment, suspended. “The court did not consider more than this sentence necessary, it said.”

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