Switzerland: Arab threatens woman with knife, rapes her in a public toilet and robs her

Last Thursday, between midnight and about 2 a.m., a brutal crime took place in Basel. A woman was sexually assaulted in the street Freiburgerstrasse.

According to the public prosecutor’s office on Monday, the victim had encountered an unknown man on Wiesenplatz square that evening. The alleged perpetrator first threatened the woman with a stabbing weapon and then took her to the toilet facilities in the street Freiburgerstrasse, where he sexually assaulted her.

Before the unknown person made off, he stole all of the abused woman’s cash. The woman then returned home and filed a complaint on Whitsunday.

So far, the perpetrator has not been caught. The man wanted is 25 to 30 years old, about 165 cm tall, dark complexion, possibly a birthmark on his forehead, weighing about 60 to 70 kg, dark brown eyes, striking eyebrows, black hair combed back to his ears, spoke Italian and Arabic, wore sporty black shoes, light-coloured jeans, a black jacket, a black jumper and a cap.

People who can provide any information should report to the relevant authorities.

In Basel, such sexual offences are no longer rare: the last incident occurred in February 2020, when a woman was raped in public in front of her house in the street Elsässerstrasse.

The crime upset the whole city. The day after the crime, there was a rally against sexual violence. Many people then said that the city was no longer safe for women.


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