Germany: Power blackout in Munich was the result of a left-wing extremist attack

On the Friday before Whitsun, more than 20,000 Munich households and numerous commercial enterprises were without electricity. Those affected included several supermarkets whose food in need of refrigeration rotted. It was not until Saturday afternoon that technicians managed to repair the damage and bring those affected in the Berg am Laim district back to the power grid. Now it turns out: the power failure was caused by a left-wing extremist attack. This is reported by the newspaper “tz”.

According to the information, the perpetrators set fire to an apparently well-selected cable harness early on Friday morning at around 3:50 am. The “tz” writes about the background of the crime:

“A letter of confession to the incident has now been published anonymously on the internet platform Indymedia. The ‘attack’ is the response ‘to the pathetic city council decision to deforest the forest of Kasten in order to extract gravel there’, extremists write there. The police are taking the letter seriously and investigating.”

If the letter of confession is genuine, it indicates an increasing depoliticisation of left-wing terror. For the perpetrators will have a hard time making a factual connection between the clear-cutting of a piece of forest and an attack on the electricity supply of private households as well as the large-scale destruction of food plausible. This is not a declaration of war on the advocates of an environmentally unfriendly policy – but on the Joe Public.

The absurdity of such an action could only be increased by arson attacks on residential buildings. Those who think and act in this way expose themselves for what they are: an enemy of the people in the classical sense.

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