Acting ban for Austrian star actress because of not having been vaccinated against Corona

File:Eva Herzig.jpg
Antigo2000 – -This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

“Divide et impera” – “divide and rule” – was the Romans’ recipe for success for centuries. As long as Rome incited the barbarians against each other, its rule was secure. And the more the inhabitants of a country are set against each other, the more relaxed a government can sit back – also in Vienna.

Now it has affected the Austrian actress Eva Herzig. She belongs to the subgroup of the ‘unvaccinated’.

In the 1990s Herzig was impressive at the Vienna Burgtheater, in the 2000s she played in various episodes of the TV series ‘Soko’, but also mastered other roles, such as that of the landlady Romy in the play ‘Bergfried’. Herzig will no longer be able to play the role of Eva Merz in the Styrian rural thriller. Because of a lack of “inoculation”. So that’s how far we’ve come. The occupational ban returns.

It is now time for the viewers to say their piece of mind to the producers of the series.

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