Delivery driver who refused to deliver food to Jews in Strasbourg will be expelled

A delivery driver from Deliveroo who refused to handle food from two kosher restaurants in the French city of Starsbourg because he didn’t want to deliver to Jews will be expelled, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said.

The 19-year-old man, of Algerian citizenship and who stays in France illegally, was convicted by a Strasbourg court of anti-Semitic discrimination. He will be deported after he completes his 4-month prison sentence.

The conviction in the city of Strasbourg came two days after a regional Jewish institution, the Israelite Consistory of the Lower-Rhine region, said two kosher restaurants had reported that drivers working for Deliveroo refused to handle their food. They said: ‘’We prepared the order and the delivery man asked uss: “What is your specialty?” The restauratant owner replied: “These are Israeli specialties”, and the delivery man then said: “Oh no, I do not deliver to Jews” and cancelled the delivery.

The Jewish institution and restaurants, as well as the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism,  have lodged a complaint in this case, denouncing an “openly anti-Semitic discrimination.” Only one deliverer was ultimately involved in the court action.

“I have decided to expel from the national territory the food ‘deliverer’ who said he did not want to handle deliveries to Jewish clients,” Darmanin said.

The Strasbourg prosecutor’s office had opened an investigation into “discrimination based on ethnic origin in the framework of providing a service,” according to a prosecutor’s aide.

A Deliveroo spokesman told media that the company thinks “anti-Semitic acts, like all racist or discriminatory acts of all kinds, are unacceptable.”

“We have no tolerance for anti-Semitic words or actions, which constitute a criminal offense and we condemn any act of this nature with the greatest firmness,” the company said. “If the facts as they are reported are proven, we will act and put an end to the contract of the responsible delivery person.”

France’s minister for citizenship issues, Marlene Schiappa, met the management of Deliveroo France in order “to act collectively against the scourge of anti-Semitism”.

Israel’s Ambassador to France came to Strasbourg to meet one of the two restaurants owners.

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