Migrants stone royal convoy in Brussels

A protest by migrants degenerated in the capitol of the EU and Belgium, Brussels. Protesters stoned a royal convoy.Around 400 protesters had gathered after the death of Ibrahima, who had died in custody after being arrested by the Brussels-North police. The demonstration for Ibrahima then degenerated at around 4 pm in the afternoon in Saint-Josse, place Saint-Lazare, and continued at Place Liedts in Schaerbeek. The demonstrators even attacked the car of the King of Belgium, Philippe, whose convoy was passing by.

King Philippe’s car is recognizable among all by its number plate, which is number one. However, Sudinfo.be could not initially confirm that the king had been in the car surrounded by rioting migrants. But according to the Royal Palace, the king had indeed been inside the car “but never in a dangerous situation”. The rioters carried Black Lives Matter signs, also threw objects and stones at police officers and set fires in the street.

In Belgium, one third of the country’s population is of foreign origin. And in Brussels, Belgians are already in the minority

It is generally called  “diversity” , but may Belgians now believe it is “colonization”. In Brussels-City, where the Coronavirus figures have been skyrocketing, nearly 80 percent of the population is of foreign origin.

This is the first time that Statbel, the Belgian statistics agency, has thus mapped the origin of the Belgian population. The census was taken not only by counting current nationalities, but also those of parents. If the first nationality – with which an individual or at least one of the parents were listed on the national register – was not Belgian, one was not considered to be “Belgian Belgian”.

Ten years ago, 74,9 percent of the inhabitants of all of Belgium were still “Belgian Belgians”. Today it is 67,9 percent, according to Pmagazine.be.

On January 1, 2020, the population of the kingdom consisted of 67,9 percent Belgians of Belgian origin, 19,7 percent of Belgians of foreign origin (i.e. Belgians with one or two parents of foreign nationality or Belgians whose first registered nationality is foreign) and therefore 12,4 percent of non-Belgians. This represents respectively 7 806 078, 2 259 912 and 1 426 651 inhabitants.

RTL Belgium reported that the diversity of origin within the population living in Belgium is increasing because 10 years ago, in 2010, the share of Belgians of Belgian origin was 74,3 percent, that of Belgians of foreign origin 15,5 percent and that of non-Belgians 10,2 percent.

The proportion of Belgians of Belgian origin also increased with age. In Belgium, it is 54,3 percent among 0-17 year olds, 66,3 percent among 18-64 year olds and 87,3 percent among over 65s.


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