Austria: Iraqi man pushed passenger in front of the underground train for no reason, the latter lost a foot and does not get any compensation for pain and suffering

Already in 2019, Zdravko I narrowly escaped death. An Iraqi pushed him in front of the train. It is now known that he will not get a cent in compensation for his pain and suffering.Zdravko I. narrowly escaped death in May 2019. At Vienna’s West Station, a then 21-year-old Iraqi pushed him in front of the arriving train. Miraculously, Zdravko I. (37 years old) survived the attack, but his foot had to be amputated. In the “Heute” interview he said at the time that he was glad to be alive.Now, almost two years after the horrific crime, it is clear that the victim will apparently not get any compensation from the perpetrator for his ordeal. His lawyer Astrid Wagner explains to “Heute” what the reason is: “Basically, this is a problem with the law.

The perpetrator is allegedly ill and therefore not capable of committing a crime. Furthermore, he has zero assets.”

“My brother-in-law is no longer who he used to be,” Zdravko’s sister-in-law Kristina I. explains in despair. “He constantly tries to hide his depressive mood from his family. But I have a close bond with him and see that he has become a completely different person since the incident.”The stroke of fate changed Zdravko I’s life permanently. He used to be very adventurous. “Now he does almost nothing because his foot has been amputated,” says Kristina I.”Although he used to love to go dancing, now he only locks himself in the flat and only goes out of the house when his wife urges him to for hours.”

Almost two years after the dramatic incident at the West Station, Zdravko I. tells the “Heute” talk that he is doing well under the circumstances: “We’re getting by halfway”. With his prosthesis and crutches, he manages to go for a walk now and then. However, he still struggles with pain: “I still have screws in my shoulder and they are very painful. So the next surgery is scheduled for the beginning of February.”After all, the 37-year-old received 8,000 euros from the Social Ministry Service. The ministry also paid for the hospital costs. However, Zdravko I. will apparently not receive a penny from the underground bully himself.

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