At taxpayers’ expense: German Foreign Minister brings back Islamist terrorists from Syrian prisons

In voluntary decision, according to the ideology and in contempt of the German political system, they joined the IS caliphate, accepted the crimes or overlooked the numerous horrific incidents in order to live a “faithful” life. Now, three IS women and their children and several orphans have been brought back from Syria to Germany at taxpayers’ expense, of course for humanitarian reasons. It is very surprising that these IS supporters want to return to the very society that they deeply despise according to their religious beliefs.Actually, these IS women should be held accountable at the crime scene and bear the consequences, as is the international custom, but the German government prefers to hide the numerous IS victims, bring back the caliphate supporters and set them at large in Germany. Here they can then walk around in freedom and possibly practise their religious worldview, and the possible crimes committed abroad might be difficult to prove.While many a citizen is hardly pleased about the repatriation measures, the Kurds in northern Syria are probably relieved: the camps are gradually emptying and the burden is being lifted. reports:

For the first time, the German government has taken action itself and is bringing captured German ISIS members back to Germany from northern Syria. The Federal Foreign Office has chartered a plane for the long-planned return transport of three women and their children as well as several orphans from Kurdish camps, and federal police officers are accompanying the flight.

According to newspaper BILD, the three adults are Leonora M. (21) from Sangerhausen, Merve A. (24) from Hamburg and Yasmin A. from Bonn.

The Federal Foreign Office (AA) is busily repatriating German ISIS women for the first time. The decision was made solely on humanitarian grounds, according to the AA. Several relatives of imprisoned Germans had successfully sued the German government for repatriation, but none of the court decisions have been implemented so far.

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