Trump should call for an emergency session of Congress

By Earick Ward

There’s an old prop from Aristotle offered to public speakers.

Tell them what you’re going to tell them.

Tell them.

Tell them what you told them.

There is much anticipation that the alternate slate of (GOP) electors sent to Congress will cause a stalemate, causing the electors not to be confirmed.  It is understood that any senator, and Mike Pence himself, can raise an objection to the confirmation of the Electoral College votes.

This would prompt a trigger that would abandon the Electoral College process and send the decision for president to the House of Representatives, and subsequently the choice of vice president back to the Senate.  The House would not vote on president, but would defer by default to the number of states represented, with Republicans holding 26 and Democrats holding 21.  Following this scenario, Donald Trump is rightfully reinstated as president.

It would also trigger the left, who would re-engage their shock troops (BLM, Antifa, LGBTQ, etc), media sycophants, and Big Tech allies to flood the market with propaganda and violence.  There is even “word on the street” that if this option is triggered, Pelosi, Schumer, or Mark Zuckerberg will engage the U.N. (read: China) to invade the U.S. and force the installation of Joe Biden.

Point of note: If Judge (Judas) Roberts thought taking the Texas case would cause riots, wait until Mike Pence and the Senate abandon the Electoral College.

We are at a constitutional crossroads.  If, as President Trump has asserted, and his legal teams have made an effort to argue, the election was tainted, cheating occurred (on a massive scale), and foreign powers played a role in the treason, he and we should fight to defend the integrity of our vote — not (just) for him, but for all of us (even Democrats).  If votes can be manipulated, all are disenfranchised, except those who, as Josef Stalin asserted, “count the votes.”

As a Donald Trump–supporter and staunch conservative, I am prepared to accept Donald Trump’s assertion that his loss was arrived at through massive cheating and foreign interference.  The presentation of facts that I’ve been able to view (in spite of Facebook/Google/Twitter’s efforts) gives me confidence that the president handily won re-election.  My acceptance, though, is not as pertinent as Congress accepting it.  Having one, two, or even a dozen senators challenge the Electoral College process would be seen (and laboriously propagandized) as a handful of “white men” disenfranchising the vote of millions of “people of color.”  (This assertion will be proffered anyway.)

I propose that Donald Trump call an emergency session of Congress prior to January 6.  There he, his legal team, director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, and secretary of state Mike Pompeo should present all of the information that they’ve uncovered as it pertains to illegalities and foreign interference uncovered prior to and during the 2020 presidential election.

Having Congress presented this information would likely not convince the entire Republican caucus, and likely none or few of the Democrat caucus, but it would provide enough cover for a few patriots to do the right thing on the 6th.

No longer could a Mitt Romney claim he hasn’t seen evidence of widespread fraud.  Force him and others to defend the facts presented to them.

Tell them what you’re going to tell them.

Tell them.

Tell them what you told them.

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