Germany: Afghan brutally kills his wife because she wanted to separate from him

A 38-year-old man in Oldenburg was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife. The accused had committed the crime for base motives, the court ruled on Friday (case no. 5 Ks 13/20). The family with five minor children originates from Afghanistan, the 33-year-old wife had separated from her husband, which he had seen as a violation of honour and tradition.According to the court, the children had not witnessed the crime in July in the woman’s flat, but had overheard it from another room. When an argument escalated, the man hit the woman with a cricket bat and kicked her in the face. Rescue workers found the woman unconscious at the time. She died a few days later in hospital from a craniocerebral trauma.The accused said in the trial that his wife had broken up with him. He could remember the argument, but not the crime and its consequences. The prosecution also pleaded for life imprisonment, but considered the murder criterion of cruelty. The court did not agree. The lawyer pleaded for manslaughter in the heat of passion, but did not call for a specific sentence. The five children have been in the care of the youth welfare office since July.

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