The setting up of crosses to remember victims of Islamic violence is a criminal offence in Merkel’s Germany

In Germany, many crimes may be committed if they serve a good cause. For example the closure of the lignite mine or saving a forest from a new motorway route. Leniency is then called for. The police have to de-escalate, the courts should somehow apply juvenile criminal law to 45-year-old environmental heroes. Or at least come to a very lenient sentence. But when it comes to criticising refugee policy, then the fun will be over!Tonight something monstrous happened in Stralsund. The Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Police Department – which is responsible for all crimes investigated by the State Security Service – felt it necessary to publish the following on its website:

In Stralsund, one or more unknown suspects have so far erected twelve wooden crosses as well as grave lights and flowers at the level of the electoral district office of Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, in the street Ossenreyerstraße. The crosses bear the names of victims of homicides as well as the names of suspected foreign perpetrators. On the wooden crosses were pieces of paper which allow conclusions to be drawn about the “Identitarian Movement”.

The criminal investigation department passes the evidence on this matter on to the responsible authorities for further processing of this administrative offence.
Anyone who can provide relevant information about the incident (e.g. suspects during the period mentioned above) should contact the Stralsund Police Headquarters by calling 03831/28900, the Internet Station of the State Police MV at or any other police station.

Names of the victims of homicides as well as the names of foreign suspected perpetrators are only written on wooden crosses and posters by extreme right-wing extremists. All those who love “our democracy” merely commemorate the victims of right-wing violence. Because only people murdered by right-wingers and their relatives deserve our remembrance, have died “in vain”.The others should rather see themselves as collateral damage heroes on the way to a diverse Islamic society. Their willingness to make sacrifices and the strong courage of their relatives will enable us to move faster on the road to a Germany in which Islam does not remain a wallflower, but conducts peaceful dialogue at eye level with Christians and atheists. – Sarcasm off!

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