Syrian stabs AfD member – German public prosecutor sees no reason for arrest

In Karlsruhe, a landlord was attacked by his tenant with a knife and fatally injured when he tried to hand him his notice of termination of his lease without notice: The coverage in the German media is hardly noticeable. There are two reasons for this; firstly: the perpetrator is Syrian. Secondly, the victim was an AfD party election nominee in the last city council elections and works for the party.

The suspected perpetrator is said to be known to the police. The reason for trying to terminate his lease would have been an alleged sexual harassment against a female resident of the house. There was also a dispute about the rental fee. When the AfD politician, accompanied by two people, tried to give notice of dismissal, the migrant grabbed his weapon and seriously injured him.

Alexander Arpaschi, the attacked landlord, is still in hospital after the knife attack. He had to undergo emergency surgery after the attack. There was acute danger to his life. His artery in the left upper arm was cut, the left biceps muscle was partially severed. On the ring finger of his left hand, the middle finger joint was dislocated. In addition, due to Arpashi’s defensive movements, torn ligaments, various abrasions, bruises and a further cut in the right forearm. Arpaschi is a member of the staff of Joachim Kuhs Member of the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg.Almost superfluous to mention that the perpetrator, who is known to the police, has long since been released: allegedly there is no danger of escape. The media portal “” hides the reporting behind the paywall. This can be seen from the crack: The Karlsruhe police are said to have classified the incident as a “civil dispute”, although it is not clear whether this refers to the tenancy dispute or the knife attack. The suspected perpetrator was released from police custody around the same time that Arpaschi awoke from anaesthesia after his emergency operation. This is how “efficiently” the snuggle justice system in the Black-Green governed Baden-Württemberg protects its citizens from acts of violence. Meanwhile, Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Interior Minister Thomas Strobl has turned his attention to other “danger spots”: he wants to have quarantine violators transferred to closed institutions.

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