Iranian vandalised synagogue of the Jewish religious community in Essen, Germany

Last Friday, the Jewish religious community on the street Sedanstrasse was damaged when an unknown man threw a stone slab into a window of the synagogue. It was subsequently investigated that another window was damaged by a similar crime on Saturday November the 14th. The suspect was wearing the same clothes. On Monday ( November 23), members of the Jewish religious community gave the State Security officials clues about an unknown man who had already approached the synagogue several times a few days earlier. In addition, the video recordings of November the 14th showed the suspect, unmasked, banging and jolting at the doors and windows of the synagogue. Further investigations finally led to the identification of a 37-year-old Iranian who was already known to the police. After the previous police operations, he was treated in a special clinic. The officers met the man at his home address and arrested him provisionally. During his interrogation he admitted the crimes, but did not name a motive for the crime. In his flat, the officers also discovered his clothes. Today ( November the 24th) it is being determined whether he will be presented to the magistrate.

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