Germany: 13-year-old Turk stabs a pupil in classroom

Yesterday at about 10.35 a.m. a knife attack occurred at the Thomas-Morus-Realschule in Östringen in which one pupil (13 years old) was seriously injured.

Due to the 911 call, the police quickly drove to the scene of the crime with several police patrols and were able to arrest the suspect, a 13-year-old boy, who was locked in a room by a teacher. Dieter Werner, police spokesman, stated:

The knife was recovered. The severely injured student was flown by helicopter to a clinic after first aid on site.

Caregivers took care of the pupils and their parents who arrived one by one.

According to the police, the background to the knife attack is, according to current information, months of disputes between the two German-Turkish pupils who are attending different seventh grades of the school.

The assailant is said to have entered the victim’s classroom after the break and “inflicted several stab wounds on the young person’s upper body”, according to the spokesperson.

All students should have left the school by 1 pm. The scene was monitored by several police officers and the school, the schoolyard and the departure points of the school buses were secured. A total of almost 60 police officers are reported to have been on duty, which was declared to be over at around 02.30 pm.

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