Austria: Afghan stabs 17-year-old girl and forces her to claim that she hurt herself

On Sunday, an Afghan man (20 years old) stabbed his 17-year-old girlfriend several times in Linz.. Afterwards he forced the seriously injured woman to take the blame. She claimed to her carer that she had stabbed herself.

For the Linz police, the facts of the case were unclear when she was called to a flat in Linz at around 3 pm on Sunday. The rescue team was already on site and treated the stab wounds of the 17-year-old Romanian woman.

The young woman was initially unresponsive due to her injuries and the traumatic experience. She was admitted to the Kepler Clinic. There the police officers also met the partner of the Romanian woman: a 20-year-old Afghan.

The Afghan man from Linz told the police officers that the Romanian had injured herself with a knife. In the end, he – fortunately – succeeded in freeing the woman from her self-injuring behaviour by knocking the knife out of her hand.

The carer had been able to speak to the Romanian woman before the arrival of the rescue services, he is said to have told the police. She had confirmed to him that she had injured herself.
After medical treatment of the stab wounds, the young woman was able to talk again. She then told the police what really happened. First, she argued with her boyfriend. Then he pulled out his knife and stabbed her savagely.He then intimidated her: she had to claim that the injuries were self-inflicted. The Afghan man, who had been back in the vicinity of the flat, was subsequently arrested by the police and taken to a police detention centre. The investigation is still ongoing.

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