Germany: Only a short time after the murder of the French teacher Samuel Paty committed by a Muslim, Merkel’s party publishes a study in which Islam is portrayed in a trivialised way

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) could not have chosen a worse time to publish its debate paper entitled “United in Faith? It distributed this paper a few days after the – it must be said – slaughter of a French teacher by an eighteen-year-old “Allahu-Akbar” Islamist. The question mark behind the title, which signals balance and neutrality, does not change this timing. Especially since the telephone survey among 3,003 participants conducted by the Berlin Market and Social Research Institute dates from October 15 to February 28, 2019, which means that the results should have been available for a whole year.The summary, which we are quoting literally here, is intended to make people sit up and take notice: “Muslims and Christians, especially Catholics, show many similarities overall. They believe in God and in life after death. In addition, religious traditions such as church baptism, church marriage, burial or fasting are continued by the majority. The respective other religions are highly accepted by Christians and Muslims and contact with people of other faiths is encouraged. And: “Muslims and Christians have similarities, non-denominational ones differ significantly.Well, if you read through the 12 pages, you can already see where things should go: on soft focus. Names and terms like “Jesus”, “Mohammed”, “Bible”, “Koran”, “woman”, “Israel” or even “caliphate”, “Islamism”, “terror”, “circumcision”, “multiple marriage”, “child marriage” and “honour killing” do not occur. Apparently the 3,003 interviewees were not even asked about them. One should have done it!Don’t reveal any differences, don’t be considered “Islamophobic”, this is the intention of the initiators of the survey. Nevertheless, a little help for the questioners and the author of the summary. Perhaps the “experts” of the foundation and the questioners should take a closer look at Islam before they start such surveys. For instance, read Pope Benedict XVI’s Regensburg speech of 2 September 2006, or the books of the renowned Orientalist Basam Tibi, or the 2018 book by the US Jesuit James V. Schall “Islam – Religion of Peace or Danger for the World?Schall argues, for example, that Islam, in contrast to Christianity, does not know a rational order oriented towards truth, but is purely voluntaristic (i.e. oriented towards Allah’s arbitrariness) and – therefore attractive to many – a “simple religion”. Moreover, it is the Islamic idea that Allah is pure will and that there are therefore no natural laws. James Schall also warns against blind pacifism and recalls: “Most wars and uprisings in our present world have a Muslim component”. Above all, he argues, the crucial difference between Christianity and Islam is unacceptable, namely that Islam radically denies Christianity’s doctrine of the Trinity and the Incarnation.In any case, there they are again, also by the Adenauer Foundation, the trivialisation of Islam and its alleged peacefulness in the perception of Christians and Muslims. With this, the Foundation returns to a transfiguration of Islam that seems to be typically German.We do not want to explain here that Nazi leaders up to Hitler and to this day leftists have been fascinated by Islam. They are united by their hatred of the Jews and nowadays of Israel. Against this background, such a “scientific” questioning like the one mentioned above would have required a little more in-depth research.

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