Bravo for Poland: denied asylum to Islamist who has beheaded a teacher in France

The Republic of Poland has been the target of a political and media smear campaign for its reluctant policy to welcome Muslim immigration.

What few European politicians and media say is that Poland has been hosting a very high number of Ukrainian immigrants for years, who integrate easily into Polish society, unlike Muslim immigrants, who have created large ghettos in French cities, rejecting the customs of the country and creating a growing security problem. As a result of this migration policy, Poland has hardly been affected by the wave of Islamist terrorism that has caused serious attacks in countries such as France, Belgium and Spain.

In addition, Poland has become one of the safest European countries for women, while other European countries even allow Muslim immigrants to marry and sexually abuse girls, in the face of overwhelming majority and silence from the mainstream media.

Today, the wisdom of Polish immigration policy is once again evident when it was learned that Poland denied asylum to the family of the young Chechen Islamist who beheaded a teacher in France this week. The French journalist Patrick Edery showed yesterday the official documents of the National Court of Asylum Law issued in 2011 in which he realizes the asylum request of Abouyezid Anzorov, father of Abdoullakh, the murderer of the French professor.

The second page of the file states that Abouyezid “went to Poland seeking asylum in vain”, after which he returned to Chechnya.

In his tweet, Patrick Edery comments: “Thanks to its highly criticized policy, Poland has not known any attacks on its territory, its insecurity and rape rates are the lowest in Europe. The state protects above all its citizens.” Edery’s has not been the only discordant voice in the French media. In, Anne van Gelder has referred to this case and has denounced: “Criticized after the Merkel crisis of 2015 for its refusal to “welcome immigrants”, Poland and Hungary protect their peoples while the French government has blood in his hand.”

The French journalist recounts what happened in the case of Abdoullakh Anzorov: “His family left Chechnya in August 2005 and tried to obtain political asylum in Poland, claiming to be persecuted by the pro-Russian Chechen government for harboring armed Islamist militants, in an armed uprising against the power after the second war in Chechnya.” Van Gelder adds: “The Polish authorities, despite sympathizing with the cause of Chechen independence, considered that the story told by the asylum seekers did not justify granting them the status of political refugees.” Therefore, “Abouyezid Anzorov and her family returned home in 2007.”

Van Gelder explains what happened next: “For the new destination and a new asylum application, they chose France, a country led by generous politicians who distribute asylum and refugee status with patches, without looking too much at the merits of the thing.” Once in France, “they were granted refugee status in March 2011, after a first refusal in October 2010.”

“Those who were rejected by Poland were generously and recklessly accepted by France. As a result, a professor was beheaded in the suburbs of Paris, not in the suburbs of Warsaw”, denounces Van Gelder, who points out that when Abdoullakh Anzorov reached the age of majority, on March 4, 2020, the National Antiterrorist Prosecutor’s Office granted him a residence permit valid until March 2030.

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