Yes, They Really Are Coming For All The Statues

Here we go.

Graffiti vandals have attacked a statue of Robert the Bruce in Scotland and branded him a ‘racist king’.

The monument at the Battle of Bannockburn site near Stirling was today found daubed with white paint which also read ‘BLM’, standing for Black Lives Matter.

Another message defacing the statue’s rotunda read ‘Robert was a racist bring down the statue’.

This leads to futile efforts to reason with the Black Lives Matter bigots.

It should not be necessary to defend the reputation of King Robert but for the record let’s deal with the accusation of racism. It is blindingly self-evident that the Bruce could not have been involved in racist slavery or the suppression of black people because the slave trade did not involve Scotland or the Scots until a few centuries after he died in 1329. 

Most Scots of that time, including the Bruce, had no idea about Africa or indeed any country outside Europe, save for the Holy Land to where King Robert wanted to go on Crusade. There had been what is known as white slavery but by the year 1200 it was no longer extant in the British Isles due mainly to its prohibition by the Church. There was serfdom, but that was a white-on-white imposition.

Whew. That solves that. Meanwhile the growing “official” list in the UK targets Francis Drake, Admiral Nelson, Captain Cook, and Columbus.

Yes, they really are coming for all the statues and all of western history.

They don’t care about the history or the facts. All they want to do is destroy the past to make way for their totalitarian future.

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