UNO and the Austrian public broadcaster ORF side with the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood

The Austrian public broadcaster ORF reports completely one-sidedly about the civil war in Libya. And specifically for the wrong party (the Muslim Brotherhood in Tripoli, recognized by the UN as a “unity government”).

When France, Russia and most moderate Arab states are on the side of the lesser evil in Benghazi, and only Turkey and Qatar (300,000 citizens) are on the side of the Islamists in Tripoli, one wonders why the UN, which is mainly financed by Western democratic states, represents the interests of our worst enemies.It is true that the West pays the largest share of the costs of the UN. But Qatar apparently pays for the more efficient agencies and can thus use the UN for its own purposes.Even more absurd is the Qatari Libya propaganda spread by the ORF, which should not be dependent on the money from Doha due to its generous financing by fees.Either the ORF journalists are simply stupid and therefore consider the Qatari narrative to be correct, or they just can’t get enough money and let the Emir pay them decently for their services.The partisanship for the Islamists shows how corrupt and dispensable the allegedly impartial UN-NGO and the allegedly independent public broadcaster ORF are.

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