London: BLM Supporters Mob and Seriously Assault People Suspected of Being ‘Far Right’

Black Lives Matter supporters have seriously assaulted a number of people suspected of being “far-right” in London.

The day’s protests saw Black Lives Matter supporters take to the capital’s streets in reduced numbers after some organisers attempted to call off planned demonstrations, along with counter-protesters including veterans, football fans, and some far-right elements, intending to prevent the vandalisation of historic statues and war memorials which has characterised previous BLM demonstrations.Police, who at previous protests were seen kneeling to BLM supporters, fleeing from violent mobs, and failing to protect monuments such as Churchill’s statue and the Cenotaph war memorial, adopted a far more robust approach towards these counter-protesters, manning metal barricades in full riot gear including helmets, shields, and clubs to restrict their movements.


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