Germany: Small man kicked to death by Turkish right-wing radicals

Asir A., Quelle: Facebook

It took place in Dortmund. Asir A., he beat and kicked to death, out of sheer lust for murder, a man only 1.41 metres (4 ft) tall whom he had previously regularly tormented and harassed. The relatives of the killed Kurd Ibrahim Demir had taken the search into their own hands and identified the murderer, who was well known to the police. I have known about the crime for days, it is typical of a culture in which violence and sadism are the people’s pastime.Asir A. is a sympathizer or member of the Turkish Grey Wolves, the largest right-wing extremist organization in Germany, to which Erdogan also belongs.Addendum: As usual, the media reports speak of a “dispute”. As if the small slim man, who was probably just able to run a household, would start a fight with such a police-known thug. It is an infamy what our mainstream media are doing.

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