Salvini’s League party still number one in the polls

In Italy, the opposition of centre right parties will stage a united protest against the Conte government on June 2 at a venue still to be decided, leaders Matteo Salvini, Giorgia Meloni and Silvio Berlusconi said after a summit on Tuesday.

The League party, the Brothers of Italy (FdI) party and the centre-right Forza Italia (FI) party will be taking part in the demonstration.

According to Salvini “it isn’t possible that the recovery decree still hasn’t been published” while Meloni said the protest wanted to “give a voice to the Italy that no longer believes the government’s promises” and former three-time premier and media mogul Berlusconi said the demo had his “full support”.

Berlusconi’s deputy Antonio Tajani said the goal of the protest was to “advance proposals for the country”.

Salvini complained in a tweet: “A week after the government’s announcement, the ‘relaunch decree’ is still a ghost and has not been published in the Official Journal. Do you think it’s normal?” He added that Italy has endured too much already.

The recent analysis carried out by Swg for the La7 news programme revealed the voting intentions of the electoral population. The report confirmed the primacy of Matteo Salvini ‘s League, which however is experiencing a moment of difficulty: the support for the Carroccio has decreased slightly compared to last week with 27 percent of preferences.

The Democratic Party of Nicola Zingaretti, despite growing by 1,1 percent in the last seven days and reaching 20,6 percent of the votes, remains far behind the League.

The government ally, the 5 Star Movement registered 16 percent. Behind them is Fratelli d’Italia, which compared to the positive trend of the last few weeks, has dropped slightly from 14,6 percent to 14 percent. Forza Italia also fell slightly : according to the Swg survey, the party of Silvio Berlusconi went from 6 percent to 5,7 percent.

The possible coalition of the united center-right of the League, Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia would be able to gain 46,7  percent of the votes at the ballot box.

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