The German public broadcaster ZDF simply named Islamist terror ” dispute”

Bild könnte enthalten: eine oder mehrere Personen und Text

Is the Islamist terror for the German television channel ZDF only a “clash of civilizations”? The public broadcaster is criticized for its bizarre headline: In an article on the anniversary of the terror attack on the French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” (January 7, 2015, 12 dead), ZDF lists violent reactions of Islamists to caricatures, writings and films critical of Islam.For example, the article mentions the film “Submission” by Dutch director Theo van Gogh († 47), who was brutally murdered by an Islamist in 2004. Or the cartoons of the Dane Kurt Westergaard (84 years old), who only narrowly escaped an Islamist assassination attempt in 2010. The article also mentions the attacks in concert halls in Paris in 2015 (130 dead) and in Manchester in 2017 (23 dead), which were carried out by the ISIS terrorist militia out of hatred of the Western world. The headline of the article caused outrage: “Almost 30 years of dispute in retrospect”. In a tweet, ZDF also praised the article with the words: “This was the dispute between the Islamic and Christian worlds” (Screenshot above).Cartoons on one side, terrorist attacks on the other. Is this really a “quarrel” for ZDF? Historian Michael Wolffsohn (72 years old) has strongly criticized it. “This is not a dispute between the Islamic and Christian world. This was and is a conflict between intolerance and tolerance, contempt for humanity and human dignity, open and totalitarian society,” Wolffsohn told the tabloid BILD.The historian continues: “In that case, ZDF, like many others and so often in this country, deliberately uses the typical head-in-the-sand language. With its help – unfortunately – existing conflicts are to be played down.”

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