The Islamist who was shot wanted to build a “place of prayer for Allah” in the forest in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

According to North Rhine-Westphalia’s Interior Minister Herbert Reul of the Christian Democratic Union, the assailant who was shot was 37 years old, a Turkish citizen, divorced and arrived in Germany in 2002. Reul remained sceptical about the motive because the investigation is still ongoing. However, an Islamist motive is being suggested because twice before, the assailant had already become a ” case for Islamism” at the State Security of the Gelsenkirchen Police. Both times the suspicion of being a violent Islamist could not be confirmed. He was therefore not considered a ” dangerous person”. Reul emphasized that the police authorities initiate about 10,000 such cases annually nationwide, according to indications. The security authorities take even the ” slightest indication at all” seriously, he said. Reul reported that the man first came to suspicion in January 2018, when he cleared an area of wood from an area of forest in Gelsenkirchen and dug around. He wanted to build a “place of prayer for Allah” there, he explained to the called police officers at that time. He is now in the “Islamic state”, and “Nazi Germany” has “destroyed his brain”, he is said to have told them. He seemed mentally confused to the officials, but he also showed them the certificate of a psychiatric clinic where he had apparently been treated and which showed him to be harmless.A year later, in January 2019, the police questioned him again and he declared that he was now completely committed to Islam and was a missionary. Both times, the officials saw no legal means to take further action against him. He also became known to the police for various offences, including assault and resisting police officers. Last year he was sent to prison for two months in the spring. This was a prison sentence in exchange for an unpaid fine for insulting and damaging property.

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