Austria: Turkish migrant ran over ex-wife with a BMW car

A 31-year-old migrant allegedly tried to kill his ex-wife last Thursday in the industrial district of Felixdorf, Vienna. After that, he caused an accident. The woman is hospitalized with serious injuries. Apparently, the man tried to run his ex-wife over by car. He passed the 30-year-old woman after work, sped his black BMW car and hit the woman who was thrown to the ground. Then he tried to escape with high speed.According to media reports, the migrant crashed into a tree or a house wall and the vehicle was severely damaged, unimpressed by this, the “Austrian with Turkish roots” simply left the wrecked car behind, jumped into the car of the seriously injured woman and continued to flee. The vehicle used for the crime is said to be registered to the woman as well.A little later he was arrested in Leobersdorf ( municipality of Baden ). According to the press release of the Provincial Police Headquarters of Lower Austria, he did not confess during the interrogation. The woman suffered injuries of indefinite severity and was taken to the Viennese Neustadt Provincial Hospital by ambulance after being cared for on site.

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