Two churches vandalized in Tyrol

Over the past two days, two churches in the Tyrolean lowlands have become victims of theft and serious damage to property. In St. Johann in Tirol (Kitzbühel district, photo), parts of statues of saints were stolen. In Hopfgarten in the Brixen valley (Kitzbühel district), the parish church was devastated, according to police reports. On Saturday afternoon, unidentified persons in Hopfgarten threw down several statues of saints, candlesticks and the tabernacle cross from the main altar, a side altar and the chapel of the Virgin Mary.In addition, a large copper holy water container was poured out and damaged. The extent of the damage has not yet been quantified. In the parish church of St. John, unknown persons also stole from the statue of John the Baptist, which was attached to the baptismal font, an approximately 70 centimetre large brown wooden cross-staff and from a statue of the Virgin a golden 60 centimetre large wooden sceptre during the period between Friday morning and Saturday afternoon.

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