Austria: Turkish-born Social Democratic politician arrested for pimping

In Lower Austria, a high functionary of the Socialist Youth was temporarily arrested. The public prosecutor’s accusation is of pimping. The young politician with Turkish roots is by no means an unknown to the public. For years he kept the public on their toes with dubious tales of racism. He always presented himself as a victim with imaginative narratives. For example, the young people in the forest of his community would be singing in front of a swastika flag. First of all: The suspect confessed according to information of the authorities during the interrogation to a large extent. At least in October and November of this year, he had engaged young women in prostitution in the Amstetten area. The ladies are supposed to belong to the drug scene. When the accusations became public, the young politician resigned from all his positions. “My task is to unite people,” he wrote on Facebook as chairman of his local group of the Socialist Youth in 2017. It can be ruled out that this meant the crime he was accused of.With respectable 76,000 followers he also asks for donations. He presents himself as a peace-loving, liberal man with a great distance to religious atrocities. If you dig a little deeper, you will also find connections to left-wing extremist Antifa.His girlfriend’s parents had criticized him racistally, among other things because he couldn’t even “eat properly with a knife and fork”. And then to admit, yes, he really couldn’t. But he could afford a pizza and share it with the needy. Among his fans on Facebook is a certain Arigona Z., who had become very popular in the media since 2007. (The lady was finally deported with her family after 110 court decisions and has been living happily since 2010 in Austria again at the instigation of Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger (ÖVP)).In 2018, the socialist was quoted by the mainstream media.His municipality would have a racism problem. For example, Freedom Party sympathizers allegedly insulted him with ” fucking Turk, fucking Jew!” In addition, young people from his community would meet in the forest to sing in front of a swastika flag. The village has an “extremely big problem with racists”. No matter how credible the accusations seem, the man was given a platform in the newspapers. The mayor of the municipality was forced to defend his inhabitants. The statements of the SJ functionary would in no way reflect how he would get to know the people in the village on a daily basis. There was further excitement at the turn of the year 2018/2019. Allegedly, the social democrat of Turkish origin had been insulted with racist comments on social media. He invited people to “drink punch against racism” and donated the profit to a regional refugee organisation. Now the personality and legal compliance of the young politician, who staged himself as an endless victim, are on trial. After the interrogation, at which most of the accusations were confessed, the police set him free again. There were no other reasons for his arrest, such as the danger of escape or the danger of collusion.With the indictment to be expected shortly, the political career of the Social Democratic Party’s hopeful is also likely to come to an end. A statement by feminist organizations or by the Social Democrat women is not yet known.

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