Muslim soldier of the German army invents allegedly xenophobic attack on him

In the case of a German soldier of Turkish origin, who was allegedly attacked in the Berlin district of Neukölln, the preliminary proceedings have been discontinued. Instead, the 25 year old corporal is now being investigated, said Martin Steltner, spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor’s office, on Thursday.The investigations had revealed contradictions in the man’s testimony, which could not be clarified, the Attorney General’s Office announced on Twitter. There was a suspicion that the soldier had invented the attack. There is much to suggest that the attack had been made up: “Witnesses were questioned, video recordings evaluated and the injuries examined,” explained Steltner. The motive for pretending to be a victim of a crime is still unclear.The 25-year-old had claimed to have been xenophobically assaulted by two men. According to his own statements, the lance corporal in uniform was on his way to the street Saalestraße on September 2. He allegedly noticed two men following him.They had suddenly struck and stepped on him. One of the attackers had insulted and rant at  him, that only Germans were allowed to wear the uniform of a soldier.Alarmed policemen could not find the alleged perpetrators. The State Security of the Criminal Investigation Department, which is responsible for politically motivated acts, investigated the case.

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