Germany: Muslim kills fiancée because she didn’t love him anymore

Nasi A. (†18) was a beautiful young woman. When her mother discovered her dying on the floor, her half-naked body was covered in blood and torn to shreds by knife stabs. Nasi is said to have been killed by her fiancé on July 16 because she no longer desired him. In handcuffs and shackles, Dawood R. (30 years old) was taken to the dock at Halle District Court. The prosecution accuses the Afghan of “murder for base motives”.Nasi died shortly after the knife attack in the hospital. “The coroners counted 34 stings in the victim’s torso, back, buttocks and legs,” accuses prosecutor Klaus Wiechmann (63 years old) the defendant, who had been arrested after the crime in the city of Frankfurt on the Main. Najib A. (52 years old), the mother of the murdered Nasi, said on Friday on the witness stand: “He called me after the crime and asked where I was. Then he said: I killed your daughter. If she survived, I’ll enter the hospital and set fire to her bed.'”

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