Germany: Pierced with a knife — A Somali man stabs firemen almost to death!

The festival Schlossgrabenhock in Ehrenkirchen-Kirchhofen is actually an event for the whole family. It is therefore all the more incomprehensible what happened to two firemen. It was already late, the celebration long ago was over. But the 36-year-old Somali did not want to go home. When he had nothing to drink at 5 am and the firemen politely asked him to leave, he went crazy. In a flash, he pulled out a knife with a blade length of 26.5 centimetres and attacked the two men with it. He was extremely violent. The fireman could only be rescued by an emergency operation and at times his life was in danger.The severely wounded, trained chimney sweep had to be treated for three months before he was fully fit for work again. His colleague, a 58-year-old masseur, was injured by the Somalian with the knife on his right hand, among other things, so that he is still in rehabilitation and not fully fit for work. After the crime the attacker fled before he returned with his African wife and slashed the fire brigade tent several times. The victims suffer from the injuries to this day and are cared for pastorally.The Somali, who has been travelling across Europe for ten years and whose asylum application has been rejected by the authorities, finds the whole trial annoying. He is grumpy enough to let his interpreter claim that he was attacked by the firemen. Why he and his wife are still in Germany is incomprehensible. He has long forfeited his right to hospitality.

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