Germany: Muslim gang rapists tortured and recorded as they martyred their victims

The knockout drops were apparently in the energy drink. Two women (20, 22 y/o) were anaesthetised, raped and recorded. Five men (24 to 29 y/o) are standing before the Kleve Regional Court because of these crimes.The men had first met the two women in February and March at a Düsseldorf Old Town disco. The public prosecutor’s office is convinced: both were taken to the Krefeld apartment of a defendant within only two weeks and raped there. They were not unconscious, but unable to resist, but could not remember afterwards.In the second case, the crime is said to have lasted over five hours. According to the prosecution, the woman was tortured with a broomstick and a bottle of vodka, had to put a pistol in her mouth and sexually satisfy the men in various ways.The use of cell phones by the perpetrators to record the crime could be used as evidence in the trial.Four defendants refuse to answer. Only Nidal El-Z. (29 y/o) wanted to comment on the charges. The student is accused of involvement in the second case: “I did not realize that something had happened against the will of the woman. Otherwise I would have intervened.” He also filmed the torture carried out with the vodka bottle. He said: “That was a mistake. I want to apologize for that.”
The police report remarks on the perpetrator’s background:
The men are between 24 and 29 years old and of Turkish, Moroccan, Lebanese and Palestinian descent. The suspects live in Moers, Wesel and Krefeld. They are accused of rape committed jointly in several cases.

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