Germany: Lebanese attempts to stab woman to death

Last Thursday at 11:33 p.m. police officers were called in to the street Akazienstraße in Lippstadt for a bodily injury with a knife. According to initial findings, a dispute between the 43-year-old suspect and his 30-year-old wife in the shared apartment occurred at the time of the crime. Both are Lebanese citizens. In the course of the dispute, the man allegedly injured the woman with a knife and then fled the scene of the crime. Police officers arrested the man as part of the search. The woman was seriously injured and admitted to a hospital where she had to be kept. The attending physicians could not rule out the risk of death. The injured person is no longer in mortal danger, she was discharged from hospital yesterday ( November 3). The suspect was brought before the responsible magistrate on the following day of the crime (Friday, 1th of November), who, as requested, ordered him to be remanded in custody on suspicion of an attempted homicide.

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