Germany: Dog defends mistress against sexual assault by an Iraqi

Last Friday the Dortmund police arrested a suspect after a sexual assault in the street Schillstraße in Lünen. A 22-year-old woman from Lünen was walking her dog in the street Schillstraße at 10:40 p.m. when she was approached by the unknown man. During the conversation he came closer and closer to the woman and suddenly reached into her genital area. The young woman cried out for help. Her dog apparently recognized the dangerous situation for his mistress and bit the culprit in the hand. The victim fled to her residential address. The suspect, who had chased the woman, was spotted by the father of the young woman from Lünen near the house.When he realized that her parents had alerted the police, he took flight. As part of the search, police officers found the man in question lying on the ground on a connecting road to Seepark Lünen. The 22-year-old Iraqi, who lives in Lünen, seemed to be inebriated and had a bleeding injury on his right hand. The police took him into custody. After the police measures had been completed and he had been sobered up, he was released due to lack of grounds for detention. Investigations into sexual assault continue.

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