German conditions like in the Orient: Turk kidnapped and raped German female student

With the ever stronger, promoted and desired Islamization more and more Islamic traditions are being introduced to Germany. This also includes the abduction of women.The victims are above all ” infidel women “, as the reports from Egypt and Pakistan prove. In Turkey, the abduction of women is even part of the Muslim marriage ritual in some areas. In the politically red Lübeck a Turk has now been arrested, who allegedly violently kidnapped, tied up and raped a woman. reports:

Gagged and tied to a bush: So a driver found the 20-year-old at a highway in Lubeck. Now the police could arrest a suspect – he is accused of more crimes. Three weeks after the kidnapping of a Lubeck student, the police have caught a suspect. Officials of a civilian patrol group arrested a 43-year-old in the area of ​​the stadium in Lubeck on Friday morning, as the public prosecutor’s office and the police headquarters jointly announced on Monday. On Friday, the district court issued an arrest warrant. The student was found on 12 October on a lonely dirt road near Monkhagen in Schleswig-Holstein. A 62-year-old motorist had discovered the woman in the morning just before the entrance to Highway 20. She was handcuffed, gagged and tied to a bush. The 20-year-old had participated in a student party in an event center in Lubeck. The prosecution investigates for attempted murder, as spokesman Christian Braunwarth said. The woman was also raped and injured. The arrested 43-year-old of Turkish descent is accused of yet another crime. He is said to have kidnapped on September 26 early in the morning a 25-year-old woman. The woman from  Lubeck had been attacked on her way home from a party. The perpetrator then took her to a small garden lot located there. However, the young woman was able to free herself and escape. The police does not rule out that the detainee has committed further crimes of this kind. The CID asks for clues.

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