Austria: Because she wasn’t wearing a headscarf, Turks beat her up

After the murders of Tugba A. (29 years old) and their children Tuana (23 months old) and Selman (11 months old), relatives came to Bad Vöslau to attend a funeral service. There the scandal occurred. Samet A. (31 y/o) is said to have literally executed first his wife and then his almost two-year-old daughter with a kitchen knife on the 27th of October in his house in Kottingbrunn. Then he is said to have suffocated his son. The Turk is in remand. Tugba A. and her children were laid out on Wednesday in the ATIB mosque in the street Castelligasse for the funeral in Turkey. Afterwards, the funeral service took place in the house of the victim’s mother.Canan K. was also there with two girlfriends. After the 37-year-old had entered the house, she was attacked by a woman, apparently the cousin of the dead. “Go away, you whore, how dare you show up here without a headscarf,” the attacker is said to have said. “The woman hit me savagely. Then a man spat in my face. Almost 20 Turks came along and attacked us. They also hit my car. I went to the police immediately. From there I was taken with the ambulance to the hospital. I have severe bruises and haematomas on my face,” said Canan K. Freedom Party leader Norbert Hofer now demands consequences: “This behaviour at a memorial service, where the remembrance of the victims, but not the question of the headscarf should be in the first place, is scandalous and unacceptable and reveals that we in Austria have a massive integration problem in many areas”, the Freedom Party leader said in a press release. Hofer demands that “immigration in Austria, with the exception of qualified workers, must be stopped until the integration problem has been solved”. In addition, the Freedom Party leader advocates that “all those people who refuse to integrate as a result of incidents such as the recent one should have all social benefits cancelled”.

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