Germany: Body of a woman carried across the city in a suitcase by an Afghan

What began as a cosy evening watching television in Dortmund is said to have become a horrible massacre. While the children were lying in bed, the suspect Mokhtar H. is said to have slaughtered his wife and squeezed her body into a suitcase. 700 metres away, the investigators later found the woman’s boxed body, stored in a garage full of building materials. The defendant is accused of manslaughter. The suspected killer travelled with several aliases from Afghanistan to Germany, where he is a tolerated refugee until 2020. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the Afghan is said to have visited his 21-year-old wife in her girlfriend’s apartment on the 27th of July this year. There, the asylum-seeker took care of the children for a few days. When the boy (9 years old) and his sister (5 years old) were in bed after an evening in front of the television, Mokhtar H. was accused of attacking his wife in the living room. According to forensic doctors, he stabbed the young woman 70 times and also strangled her. The investigators are convinced that the defendant was still trying to cover up the evidence of the crime before he left for the station with his suitcase in the morning. “After his arrest by officers of a special police unit, the suspect himself gave hints as to where the victim had been found.

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