After further acts of violence committed by migrant soccer players from the Turkish-Arab milieu, officials of the German Football Association are agitating against the AfD party, which is critical of migration.

During the match MSV Groß Miltzow II against SV Motor Süd Neubrandenburg III there are tumultuous situations. Two Syrian soccer players from Neubrandenburg are sent off.Players and spectators went berserk.A spectator is fed up, he shouts in the direction of the Syrians ” Go to Baghdad, you dirty bastards”. For your information – SV Motor Süd Neubrandenburg is a team consisting entirely of Syrian migrants. Until the 76th minute it was a normal game. Then the match came to a head: “First there was a sending-off for a Syrian player, but he didn’t want to leave the pitch. The referee was pushed and verbally attacked.It came to a heavy discussion. The referee then abandoned the game. In doing so he did the best thing.” After that, the security guards, the Groß Miltzower players and the guests’ players tried to calm down some of the angry players from the Syrian team. As this did not succeed at first, the police were called in and seven police patrols appeared on the pitch, calming the situation.Although a soccer player with a Turkish migration background knocked out the referee at another district league match in Münster, the responsible referee chairman does not see any migrant violence on the soccer field. Instead, he uses the WELT newspaper interview to incite hatred against the AfD and blames them for “the social disinhibition”. —

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