Germany: Arabs try to attack police station to free prisoners

Two 16-year-olds caused a police deployment at Ulm main station at around 00:30 a.m. on yesterday’s early Thursday morning. The two youths with Afghan and Iraqi citizenship were first noticed for their aggressive behavior when a train attendant caught the young men in a regional express from Stuttgart to Ulm without a ticket. When they arrived at Ulm Central Station, they were taken to the police station by a police patrol. Since the parents of the two minors could not be found at first, they were to be transferred to a care institution.The Iraqi citizen then insulted the officers, made video and audio recordings of the Federal Police and, according to the current state of investigation, sent these to an acquaintance. Suddenly, his Afghan companion tried to injure himself and had to be fixed. In doing so, he resisted the police measures by fighting the fixation with blows and kicks. A group of about five to eight people had meanwhile gathered in front of the police station and tried to enter it by force. Only after the arrival of assisting police patrols did the group of people flee towards the city centre and could no longer be spotted at first, despite a local search. One of the Federal Police officers was injured at his knee during the attack. The Afghan citizen, who was known to the police, suffered a abrasion on his lower lip and was treated by paramedics. Due to his self-injury, he was subsequently presented in a specialist clinic. His Iraqi companion could be released again after consultation with his parents. The federal police have now begun investigations into suspected insults, resistance against police officers and attempted liberation of prisoners.

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