Another savage oriental honor killing in Germany ?

A 33-year-old woman was killed in Mannheim last night on Sunday. The police consider her ex-boyfriend to be an urgent suspect. The murder was preceded by a loud argument at the scene of the crime. While for the ex-girlfriend any medical help failed, there is still hope for her female companion, who was also stabbed savagely. It is taboo to talk about this, but there are cultures in which the supposed honour of the man and his family counts more than the lives of women. Due to the ever-changing demographics in Western Europe, such moral concepts are becoming widespread and innocent women are the victims. In Austria, too, murder was presumed to have taken place for the same reason. Sunday morning, a 29-year-old woman and one of her small children had to die in Kottingbrunn. A few hours earlier, a similar extreme emotional situation was said to have led to an almost double murder in Mannheim, Germany. During the night, a special police detachment was called out due to an emergency call. On site they spotted a 33-year-old woman who died of her fatal stab wounds. All resuscitation measures were in vain. A second woman was also seriously injured and was admitted to hospital with stab wounds. Based on the circumstances, the investigators assumed that the ex-boyfriend of the murdered was urgently suspected. Shortly thereafter, the ex-boyfriend was spotted and arrested by the SEK Special Operations Command. It is not yet known whether he confesses. The man was brought before the magistrate under suspicion of a homicide and an attempted homicide. The police did not provide any information about a possible migration background. In the meantime, current figures from Turkey have also become known. During President Erdogan’s reign, the murder rate against women has risen dramatically. In 2018, 440 women were murdered there. 38 percent of the women see themselves exposed to the violence of their spouse.

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